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This Summer Super Eye-Catching Basic Piece, Who Wears First Who Is Handsome First!!

2022/6/21 14:49:00 206

Rabbit XiansenClothing MatchingColor Matching

The color is not emphasized in a week, and the freshness is found every day, rabbit house Rabbit xiansen interprets taste with collocation!

Four core advantages, quality assurance:

1: select 100% high cost 200m ² Worsted compact spinning,

The cotton fiber is slender and flexible, and the cloth surface is smooth without nodule, which is close to the skin but does not stick to the body!

This gram weight is very particular Oh: a thick one in this hot summer more

A minute sultry, thin, hey, you know ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ^ - ^.

2: reactive printing and dyeing+ Fabric Washing: the fabric with reactive printing and dyeing is very clean

Purity and dust emission, because of the complex process, high cost of dyes, so many businesses

Retreat, rabbit xiansen all use reactive printing and dyeing fabrics; Additional production

Washing process of front fabric: the garment size is stable, healthy and comfortable;

Create a low saturation color system, softer vision, higher quality.

3: minimalist design + exquisite craftsmanship: discard complexity and respect simplicity, abandon the pile-up of elements,

Simple atmosphere, clear and fresh. Choose a fit collar for elite style,

The shape is restrained. Mass production line sewing in professional large factories: International Standard

The process requires inspection, simple and smooth, and the rate of a product is as high as 95%.

4: Gold pre-sale and after-sales + fast delivery: it can solve all your pre-sale purchases

Do not understand and after-sales wear do not understand: from personal preferences to material size to

   Color matching , quick reply, detailed answer.

Please remember to give different visual suggestions to small people.

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