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Design Elements: Color And Yarn Practical Simplicity Design Versatile Knitwear

2022/6/21 15:49:00 1

Knitting Design

Jil Sander

The 2022 / 23 women's wear series combines comfort and elegant design, presenting a versatile knitwear with a variety of ways to wear, from the workplace to dinner. (excerpt from the original report)


The essential T-shirt leads the trend of maturity and emphasizes practical simplicity. Business casual styling is the main trend, but orange and warm earth colors in autumn are refreshing the colors and yarns of this season. Fleece and plush textures are used for more sophisticated pieces and mature suits.

Graphic design is also an important element of the season, using eye-catching geometric graphics to fit the modern academic theme.

Isabel Marant

Office leisure



Jil Sander

Business Casual

Nili Lotan

Graphic pattern

Street look of Paris Fashion Week


Over the past few seasons, knitwear is mostly round neck style, and this season, the popularity of V-neck shirt on the T-stage began to grow.

From the elegant and elegant style of coterie, it can be seen from the elegant style of coterie. Designers maximize the product's potential for day and night by using deep V-neck, off shoulder collar, bra neck, and eye-catching super bright powder highlighted in buyer's Guide.

Exquisite and exquisite


Wide drop shoulder collar


Bra collar


Open collar


Super bright powder


One piece suit

Milan Fashion Week Street look

Lapel shirt

In the autumn and winter of 2022 / 23, both the lapel sweater and the half high collar sweater present a low-key and charming tone. The lapel shirt can be paired with high waist trousers or high waist skirt for a slim fit and refreshing design. It is suitable for business and leisure theme, as well as a restrained Bohemian style. It is also suitable for holiday.

If you want to add new ideas to the design, you can launch the knitted one-piece clothing, which is a new style of fashion and leisure.

Luxury style


One piece suit

Michael Kors

Advanced minimalism

Max Mara

Soft and elastic

Ulla Johnson

Exquisite and exquisite

Street look of Paris Fashion Week

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