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A Successful Ending! The First Season Of Digital Shanghai Fashion Week, The Exclusive Landing Shaking Sound, Set Off A Different Fashion Boom

2022/6/22 12:13:00 83

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June 17 - June 19, first quarter figures Shanghai Fashion Week The exclusive landing tremolo, in the form of online short video, provides a shining online stage for Chinese designers who have devoted their infinite efforts and creativity to release big shows. At the same time, it also injected a shot of tonic into the fashion industry which was temporarily suspended due to the outbreak. For the fashion lovers who have been waiting for a long time, it brings a long lost visual feast.

As the exclusive partner of the official short video of Shanghai Fashion Week, Shuo Yin has created a "cloud show" activity with discussion degree and long tail value in terms of creative topic interaction, content production and traffic support. It has established a comprehensive relationship with fashion core groups, allowing more fashion lovers to participate in and helping the development of China's fashion industry. It not only attracted 100 million fashion enthusiasts and other fashion fans, but also actively participated in the activities.

   Enrich playing methods, enhance the sense of fashion ceremony, and promote the development of China's fashion industry

As a fashion card of Shanghai and even China, Shanghai Fashion Week is not only an important creative exhibition platform for Chinese local designers, but also one of the most important channels for the commercial development of their own brands. The success of the first season of Digital Shanghai Fashion week not only injects new vitality into the industry, but also enables more possibilities of fashion to be presented to the general public through online short video.

Although the event lasted only three days, the cooperation between tremolo and the first digital Shanghai Fashion week also let us see the booming power of Chinese fashion under the theme of "the future of builders". Lu Xianren, Lu Meng Media professionals such as hot fashion celebrities, fashion editor Xiaoxue and other media professionals have participated in the topic activities to promote the warm-up of fashion week. In the new fashion week mode, we can see Nan knits and VII victor Familiar brands such as X Wang, wmwm, etc. also have designer brands such as MTG, doublefailable and Ting Gong, which have made their debut, Feng Chen Wang virtual technology created the meta universe show, they are the most solid participants in Shanghai Fashion week. During the activity, the regular column "editor in chief has something to say" after the release of the last work at 22:30 every day, the chief editors of fashion magazines such as Elle, Zhizu GQ, ellemen Ruishi and other fashion magazines were invited. Together with Yu Shuxin and Zhai Zilu, a "jury" was formed to review and comment on the digital release show on that day, Jointly create a rich and innovative release mode.

Through rich and diversified topic content and flow reward, the activity created a multi angle voice and multi circle touch communication ecology for the first season of Digital Shanghai Fashion week. Advocate and encourage people from all walks of life to express fashion views and spread fashion ideas. With different topics at different stages, more subdivision scenes are extended to make this Shanghai Fashion week which can be watched by the homestead become more ceremonial.

During the activity, Shuo Yin, together with fashion, beauty and beauty bloggers, performed different styles of fashion brand blockbusters through different topics and content emphases. Main topic of the activity ා first season Digital Shanghai Fashion Week The content of topic release should focus on Shanghai Fashion Week itself, release original content, share fashion views and spread fashion ideas. The number of topics broadcast reached 6467.4w times. Miranda Kor, Chen ChenI and others also released their daily cloud watch shows under the topic, showing a different fashion charm. Topic: learn to wear with fashion week When the founders of "Adele" and "epsey" were on the show, a lot of fashion enthusiasts, including aresy, were attracted to participate in the fashion week.

Many designers and media have also made professional comments on the clothing, color matching and popular colors of this fashion week around the show floor and showroom product display chart of this fashion week, so as to create the content field of Shuo Yin fashion week in an all-round way. A series of authoritative content, once released, attracted a large number of fashion lovers to watch, so that the popularity of the event continued to spread.

   Shaking sound becomes a new position of fashion fermentation, breaking the circle and opening up more online business possibilities

As the main marketing position of Digital Shanghai Fashion Week in the first quarter, apart from the fancy playing method of graphic short video and the two-sided joint force of "content + e-commerce" ecology of shaking sound, users can not only fully arouse their interest in the short video content, get entertainment and relaxation, but also extend this discovery to the designer's "mall shelf", by planting grass, browsing and comparing goods, Complete the final consumption decision. Let the designer's business transformation be more centralized and efficient. Truly realize from the content side to the consumer side, the whole link continues to enhance the activity influence.

In this activity, buffeting increases exposure through traffic support to help designers spread design concepts, ideas and brands. At the same time, we should make use of the ability of dithin e-commerce to strengthen the exposure and support for the commercial resources such as self broadcast and reach broadcast of products settled by designers. And for the e-commerce talent and brand live broadcast full link to give certain support designer At the same time, we should accelerate the resumption of industrial production and further promote the development of the industry.

With the attention of users and the gradual gathering of circle interests, tremor not only holds the flow, but also has the advantages of content and e-commerce, which makes the first season of Digital Shanghai Fashion Week show more comprehensively, helping designers and designer brands form a business full link communication from content to shopping mall, from grass planting to transformation.

As a new position for fashion trend fermentation and circle breaking, in the future, Shuo Yin will continue to gather all kinds of advantageous resources, continue to pay attention to the group development of "Chinese independent designers", and actively promote the cooperation between designers and top talent, for designers themselves and head talent Designer brand To provide more imagination and play space to help the development and progress of China's fashion field.

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