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Understanding Quanzhou Textile And Clothing To Strengthen Regional Core Competitiveness Is What

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For many years, minpai men's wear has been an important part of Chinese clothing. This was last year's appearance of Fujian style clothing brand in Shanghai Fashion week.

During the period of last year, the exhibition attracted the attention of an enterprise in Quanzhou.

Recently, LiLang and seven wolves have launched a number of new products of black technology in summer. Fengzhu's new factory with 25 intelligent green high-tech manufacturing technologies has been officially put into production. While returning to core products such as jackets, small black pants and light business, Fujian Pai clothing enterprises have been constantly adjusting themselves, transforming and upgrading, and developing high-end fabrics, intelligent production and main brand, At the same time, the government and enterprises work together with the leading enterprises as the engine to plan and strengthen the new regional competitiveness, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of Quanzhou textile and clothing industry.


   Black Technology: driving fabric to be comfortable and high-end

Although the rainy days make Quanzhou's summer come late, from the perspective of clothing industry, the market is national, and what's new in what season is a kind of industry inertia. What's more, many places are ushering in the largest and strongest high temperature warning this year. In order to seize the market high point, many minpai service enterprises have launched a number of "cool" and "black technology" new products.

Recently, LiLang on a new ice pineapple shirt, not only let people experience the magic of instant cool feeling, but also maintain a long time of low temperature and refreshing. It is reported that its delicate and flexible fabric is made of special-shaped cross-section fiber structure, which guides heat to the outer end of the fiber, and injects chitin and zinc elements into the ice oxygen cool yarn structure, which makes people feel cool instantly.

As the leader of Fujian men's wear, seven wolves also know the importance of "technology driven" in the field of high-end fabrics. It is understood that in the first and middle of May this year, seven wolf ice oxygen bar technology and seven wolf ice cool casual pants first came back to the market. "In summer, when choosing clothes and pants, most people will choose fabrics with better air permeability and comfort." One industry source said.

Under the background of industry reform speeding up and high-end fabrics becoming an inevitable trend, the unique technology supported "black technology" has become the foundation of many Fujian clothing enterprises: Federal Sanhe has promoted Taiji stone fiber products and garment dyeing technology in recent years, focusing on cold comfort and rapid heat dissipation; Jinnuo Zhongyuan mainly promotes graphene composite fiber functional fabrics that can disinfect, inhibit bacteria, keep warm and remove moisture, and resist ultraviolet rays, as well as high-end light luxury products Sorona knitted fabrics.

It is worth mentioning that the Fengzhu textile Anton new factory project located in Jinjiang has just been completed and put into operation recently, with an estimated annual output of 150000 tons of fabrics. It will mainly produce high-end knitted printed and dyed fabrics, with an annual output of 100000 tons of knitted printed and dyed fabrics and 50000 tons of high-end knitted fabrics. "It is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of national environmental protection policies, and has introduced intelligent and green high-tech manufacturing technology." Fengzhu related person in charge said that the project will promote Quanzhou textile and dyeing and finishing field of high-end breakthrough.


   Robot: promoting intelligent and efficient production

As a leading enterprise in the upstream of Fujian men's wear, Fengzhu textile also leads the new trend of intelligence.

In Fengzhu Antong new factory in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, the three-dimensional warehouse located in the production line linkage is full of science and technology. The mechanical arm swings back and forth, and bundles of cloth are accurately put into different baskets; AGV unmanned forklift truck is constantly running to send the basket full of cloth to the automatic storage system. "With the cooperation of AGV robot (automatic guided transport vehicle), RGV robot (rail shuttle car) and stacker, the production line linkage is realized, and the operation of Fengzhu textile stereoscopic warehouse is more efficient." At present, the chairman of Anton bamboo Co., Ltd. can realize the seamless storage system of the textile industry. "The whole process is connected by intelligent robots. The operation of the manipulator not only reduces the labor intensity of manual handling, but also controls the data of incoming and outgoing materials through a high-precision code scanning system at the front and rear ends."

Not only in the textile and dyeing and finishing links, but also in the Fujian men's clothing section, intelligent reconstruction and the use of high-precision robots are also common. In Qipai's cutting workshop, 5g AGV (automatic handling robot) car will transport the newly cut fabric to the sewing workshop on the third floor of another building. In the process of transportation, the AGV car goes up and down the elevator and in and out of the rolling shutter door by itself, spanning different production areas, and traverses smoothly. The person in charge of Qipai suit production center said: "the delivery time of men's personal customization in our enterprise is generally short, and the construction period is very fast. After accessing 5g + AGV, it realizes the cutting and batching in the first time and sends it to the designated workshop and assembly line, which greatly improves the speed and reduces the labor cost."

In the production workshop of Shishi Kabin clothing (China) Co., Ltd., we can see a complete set of intelligent garment production line, and the workers in the workshop are busy to rush for orders. According to Shi Yaling, the relevant person in charge of carbine, after the new intelligent hanging system is put into use, the enterprise has broken through the problems such as the connection and waiting between processes, the lag of inspection, the restriction of repair, etc., which reduces the handling capacity, reduces the labor intensity, and greatly improves the production efficiency. Since 2020, the intelligent production workshop of the enterprise has undertaken the production task of nearly 1.5 million pieces of large, small and small, and the delivery rate is 100%.


   Re positioning: brand return to core competitiveness

From textile, dyeing and finishing to fabrics and ready-made clothes, the key point of textile and garment industry is how to sell products to consumers. At this time, whether consumers are willing to pay depends not only on the quality, price and convenience of shopping, but also on the positioning of the brand.

With the development of consumption upgrading and national trend in recent years, more and more young consumers hope to see the self transformation of Chinese traditional men's wear brands. Therefore, highlighting brand differences and returning to core competitiveness has become a key step for many Fujian men's wear.

After seven wolves signed with Su Bingtian in August last year, Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of the board of directors, said that the company would re-examine and focus on its core business, return to product and cultural competitiveness, explore potential market opportunities with reform and innovation, open a deep cooperation strategy with the Ministry of ecology and environment, China Fashion Designers Association, etc., and focus on the core categories of jacket.

In recent years, jiumuwang has launched a series of popular items such as "little black pants", comprehensively promoting the "men's pants Festival" and popularizing the new style of pants. To this end, the company has once again sorted out and established the brand mission of "creating the best pants in the world", and the brand vision of "leading Chinese men's trousers and becoming the world's king of trousers".

After the launch of LiLang's L2 brand, due to the impact of the industry downturn, the development was not very smooth. Therefore, the management decided to shrink the front line from the autumn of 2017 and return to the main brand lilanz with great success. It is reported that LiLang's annual performance in 2021 shows that its total revenue is about 3.38 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 26.1%, and its gross profit is 1.415 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 17.5%. The main products of molianro are still main series and light business series.


   Looking to the future: government and enterprises work together to promote upgrading and development

Although Fujian men's clothing brands are mainly concentrated in Quanzhou, for the entire textile and clothing industry in Quanzhou, the textile and clothing industry chain based on ready-made clothing brands is an important pillar industry of Quanzhou economy, and is also one of the most competitive and potential traditional industries in Quanzhou.

After more than 40 years of development since the reform and opening up, Quanzhou has built a very perfect textile and clothing industrial chain covering cotton spinning, chemical fiber, weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment processing, auxiliary material production, marketing, brand management and other fields, forming a textile and clothing industry cluster with an output value of more than 200 billion yuan (including footwear and sportswear), It has become the cradle of China's private economy.

Looking at the whole province, it is understood that the proportion of Fujian's clothing industry's revenue in the national clothing industry's revenue shows an upward trend from 2016 to 2021. In 2021, the revenue of Enterprises above Designated Size in Fujian garment industry will reach 272.168 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 5.0%; The total profit of Enterprises above Designated Size reached 18.170 billion yuan, up 5.6% year on year. In 2021, the total profit of Fujian clothing industry accounts for 23.67% of the total profit of the whole industry, and the profit level is still relatively high, occupying an important position in the whole country.

It is reported that modern textile and clothing industry is one of the four leading manufacturing industries in Fujian in the future. The reporter learned from Quanzhou textile, footwear and clothing industry development group that in order to earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, vigorously carry forward the "Jinjiang experience", do a good job in "two articles" of new industrialization and new urbanization, and achieve the goal of being a good all-round high-quality development and surpassing the main force, Quanzhou City has screened 184 investment projects in textile, footwear and clothing industry with a total investment of 36.28 billion yuan and an expected increase of output value of 27.2 billion yuan, involving production digital promotion, intelligent transformation, high-end materials and other fields.

According to the 14th five year plan of Fujian Province, the scale of modern textile and garment industry in Fujian Province will reach 1.4 trillion yuan by 2025. Next, Quanzhou will further implement six major projects, including "functional fiber material project", "advanced textile production project", "green printing and dyeing technology project", "fashion clothing manufacturing project", "high-end medical textile engineering" and "intelligent manufacturing equipment engineering", so as to continuously improve, improve and strengthen all aspects of the industrial chain and strengthen the regional core competitiveness, Boost the high-quality development of modern textile shoes and clothing industry in the province.

(source: Quanzhou Evening News)

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