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Exhibition, Inheritance And Innovation Of Hani'S Clothing Series "Splendid Neon Clothes"

2022/7/4 12:32:00 0

Hani Costume

   On July 1, Shanghai Polytechnic of Arts and crafts launched the Hani costume inheritance and Innovation Series "colorful colorful clothes" at 2022 China International College Students fashion week.

   In 2020, all the students and teachers of the Hani college have joined hands to explore the fashion design of the Hani ethnic group and the design of the non-ferrous cultural heritage in Shanghai.
   In order to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese crafts, the college takes root in the fertile soil of traditional clothing culture in Yunnan minority areas and deeply cultivates Yi costumes. In 2018, it held the first "splendid Yi clothes - 2018 graduate works conference". Some of the original works were successively selected into 2018 "Splendid China - China Intangible Cultural Heritage clothing show", Shanghai Fashion Week, the 17th and 17th sessions of Shanghai Fashion week The 18th Donghua fashion week, Kunming fashion week and other activities have been highly recognized by all walks of life.
   According to reports, Shanghai Vocational College of Arts and crafts is the only independent art and Design Vocational College in Shanghai. It is also the only higher vocational college in Shanghai to undertake the national education system reform pilot and the only higher vocational college in Shanghai that has been selected into the national "double high" construction plan. The college takes arts and crafts as its educational background and advantages. Over the past 60 years, the college has cultivated more than 30000 industry talents and a large number of well-known design masters, craftsmen, artists and entrepreneurs at home and abroad.

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