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The 24Th Cuba War Is Rekindled! Quasi Sports For China'S Basketball Continued To Help!

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On June 26, the 24th Cuba competition was on fire again. After three months, Cuba, which was interrupted by the epidemic, finally came back! As China's campus basketball games, wanqianqingqing students and basketball lovers have been looking forward to the return of Cuba. Those young people who have worked hard for several years for the game also have the honor of being ready to attack the golden rebounds.

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In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the events, Cuba has adopted a new division of events and a more compact schedule. The original southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest four major competition areas, were divided into South and north two areas, each with 32 teams. The final national competition will be held in Haikou, Hainan Province (6.26-7.2) and Mianyang (7.5-7.11), Sichuan Province. No matter from the competition system or schedule, we can feel that this Cuba competition will be unprecedented fierce.

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   Prospective Sports As one of the brands in the professional field of basketball equipment in China, it has always been committed to building Chinese basketball brand. In 2019, it signed an official strategic partner and designated sports equipment sponsor with Cuba. In 2022, ZhuoZhi sports will sponsor the 24th Cuba successively, which will continue to help Chinese basketball. In April 2022, prospective sports signed a contract with NBA star Austin Reeves to become the brand spokesperson and vigorously developed campus basketball. A number of CBA and Cuba star players, including Freddie, Li Yiyang, Wang Lanqin, he Zhaojie, fan Wenbo and Guo Zixuan, formed a team Rigorer, with the meaning of "quasi Star Group", is to build a Chinese campus basketball ecosystem.

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In May 2022, it joined hands with Altman IP to promote cross-border marketing of children's wear market and open up the trend of children's sports. On the track, prospective sports believes that it can give children more professional experience with the strength and richness of products.

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The team of sports candidates will also participate in the operation of the event. Candidates will also provide professional training for players, coaches and referees gym shoes , jerseys, clothes. The same basketball shoes of Cuba players on the court are also favored by many players. Inspired by the aircraft carrier slanting into the runway, Sniper 2 is equipped with airsac tritium technology, with a rebound rate of 60%. Longji carbon board and wear-resistant rubber sole have the performance of light, elastic and stability. The optimal configuration of the game level is to protect the players from splashing on the court.

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There will be players graduating from each Cuba, or it's time to hit a higher stage. This year, there are also many familiar names: Wang Lanqin from Tsinghua University, Hong Xin from Shanghai Jiaotong University, sun Fuguan from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Cao song from Zhejiang University, Jiang Shuai from Hunan Normal University, fan Huiliu from Ningbo University, etc.

Before the second round, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 19 players announced to participate in this year's CBA Draft, and these CUBA Players on the field performance, is their best resume.

The team in the Southern District only has less than one month from receiving the notice of the second round to the official start of the game. The whole tournament lasted 25 days, which also means high-intensity competition. In addition, there are only 4 places for each of the South and North regions to enter the national competition, and only one of every eight teams will be able to popularize and will be eliminated if there is any carelessness.

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On July 2, the 24th Cuba South District final was successfully concluded, and the trip of 32 teams to Haikou will also come to an end. Guangdong University of technology finally defeated Zhejiang University by 106:70 and became the champion of Southern District! At the same time, Guangdong University of technology, Zhejiang University, Ningbo University, Chongqing University of Arts and science entered the national top eight! Looking back on the war situation in the Southern District, there are thrilling risks and regrets, the rise of new players and the retirement of veteran generals The burning youth basketball dream is full of this summer. On July 5, the North District competition will also start!

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At the same time, another large-scale event sponsored by prospective sports, Guangdong Provincial League, also entered the opening stage.

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At present, China's basketball is entering a stage of rapid development and growing, and the attention of campus basketball and local league is gradually increasing. Meanwhile, Zhuozi sports will seize the opportunity to sponsor China's major basketball leagues and help more and more excellent players to move forward to higher levels. To make contributions to the new development of basketball in Guangdong. "To build China's first basketball brand" is the future goal of candidates.

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