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From Small To Small Workshop

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In recent years, Yudu County, based on the first textile and garment industry, complied with the new development situation of digital economy, promoted the transformation and upgrading of textile and clothing industry from traditional processing to digital, network and intelligent, and effectively realized the "fission" development of clothing industry. As the core County of "1 + 5 + n" textile and garment industry cluster in Ganzhou City, Yudu county insists on taking textile and clothing as the first industry, actively guides enterprises and scientific research institutes inside and outside the province to carry out collaborative innovation, and flexibly introduces a group of high-level textile and garment talents. By building and making good use of innovation platform, Yudu county provides platform support for gathering innovative talents.

Cohesion: from "small workshop" to "cluster development"

Since 2000, Yudu people, who dare to make breakthroughs, have returned to their hometown to start their own businesses with the help of advanced technology and management experience they have learned in the coastal areas, and initially formed the clothing industry.

At the beginning of 2016, the county Party committee and the county government seized the opportunity to transfer coastal industries to the mainland, combined with the good development foundation of the local textile and clothing industry and rich clothing labor force, met the needs of industry poverty alleviation and employment poverty alleviation, and comprehensively considered solving the three left behind problems of "left behind children", "left behind women" and "left behind elderly", and positioned the textile and clothing industry as the first industry, In terms of development ideas, according to the requirements of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, promote the implementation of intelligent transformation of textile and clothing industry in the county, and vigorously enhance the level of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" in the industry.

At the same time, the county has also issued 116 measures to reduce costs and improve the environment and "ten clothing" policies, and passed the "decision on promoting the high-quality development of the county's first textile and clothing industry" in the form of a resolution of the county's people's Congress. It has effectively promoted the textile and garment industry to become bigger and stronger, transform and upgrade, and constantly enhance the brand influence and competitiveness.

Rise: from "small tailor" to "intelligent manufacturing"

Entering Xingtu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. located in Yudu County Industrial Park, we can not meet the needs of advanced hanging system and CNC cutting machine equipment in the modern standardized workshop

It is understood that through the "intelligent" operation, the "1 + n" unique mode of "central factory + satellite factory" of star path Digital Technology Co., Ltd. came into being, opening the satellite factory at the door of villagers' homes, so that villagers can become office workers. At present, according to the unique mode of "central factory + satellite factory", nearly 3000 small and micro enterprises in the county have been cultivated into specialized and refined satellite factories, forming a complementary ecological chain between core factories and satellite factories, and forming domestic single category processing scale advantages.

In recent years, Yudu county has seized the strategic opportunity and actively introduced and cultivated leading garment manufacturing enterprises with high technology content according to the concept of "Internet +", so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises; Adhere to the leading edge, guide manufacturing enterprises to upgrade intelligently, activate new driving forces for development, improve production efficiency, enhance industrial strength, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy; Introduce relevant policies, guide and encourage enterprises to start new machines and new technologies, and promote a number of enterprises to implement "machine replacement", and improve production efficiency through technological transformation. Up to now, more than 30% of the textile and garment enterprises in the county have automatic or semi-automatic equipment.

(source: Network Information Office of Ganzhou municipal Party committee)

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