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International Observation: China (Ethiopia) Textile Light Industry Enterprise Sustainable Development Alliance Officially Established

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On the afternoon of June 27, the launching ceremony of the establishment of China (Ethiopia) textile light industry enterprise sustainable development alliance (Alliance) was successfully held at the "5th member congress and 1st Executive Council of the 5th council of China Textile Industry Federation". Duan Xiaoping, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, presided over the ceremony. More than 1300 leaders and representatives from all member units of China Textile Federation witnessed the establishment of the alliance.

There is a rich history of spinning and weaving in Ethiopia. Over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Egypt, the political mutual trust between the two countries has been continuously deepened, and the pragmatic cooperation in economic and trade fields has achieved fruitful results. China has become Ethiopia's first source of investment and trading partner. In recent years, Ethiopia's textile industry has attracted the attention of many domestic investors. Nearly half of Ethiopia's foreign textile and garment projects come from China. Chinese enterprises have invested and built factories in Ethiopia, which has provided tens of thousands of local jobs and brought hundreds of millions of US dollars of income. They have made great contributions to the local economic and social development and become the source of strength for China Egypt friendly relations to carry forward the past and open the future. In Ethiopia's "ten year plan: road to prosperity 2021-2030", textile and garment industry including cotton industry is listed as the development focus of manufacturing industry.

Since 2019, China Textile Federation, under the framework of "China Germany Ethiopia" government cooperation, has jointly implemented the project "environmental, social and governance performance of Ethiopian textile and garment enterprises" with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNITA) and Ethiopia Textile Industry Development Research Institute (etidi). At present, the social responsibility Office of China Textile Federation has completed the first stage of the project and is implementing the second stage plan on capacity improvement and industry public service.

At the beginning of 2021, eight Chinese textile and garment and light industry enterprises invested in Ethiopia launched an initiative, hoping to establish the "sustainable development alliance of China (Ethiopia) textile and light industry enterprises" with the support of China Textile Industry Federation, and establish the management and operation mechanism of the alliance relying on China Textile Federation. The alliance advocates that the enterprises hope to unite the Chinese textile light industry enterprises that invest and operate in Ethiopia, discuss good policies, seek common development, tide over difficulties, jointly advocate responsible and sustainable investment and operation, and further provide mechanism support and organizational guarantee for the continuous investment and business development of Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia.

At the launching ceremony of the alliance, Wei Changjun, chairman of Mina Textile Co., Ltd., who has been awarded the annual "gold taxpayer" award in Ethiopia for three consecutive years, introduced the mission and vision of the alliance. He said that under the guidance of China Textile Federation and under the guidance of CSC9000T, the alliance will create a communication platform, action platform and communication platform for Chinese enterprises. Through the alliance, it will win better business environment for Chinese enterprises, establish a better corporate image, promote the sustainable development of Ethiopia's economy, society and environment, and help build a community of shared destiny between China and Africa.

On behalf of China Textile Federation, vice president Duan Xiaoping congratulated the establishment of the alliance and expressed his ardent expectations for the alliance. He hoped that with the strong support of all departments of China Textile Federation, the alliance and its participating enterprises could uphold the concept of Amity and sincerity and the correct concept of righteousness and interests, and enhance the sense of cooperation, risk and social responsibility of Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia; At the same time, we are committed to improving the collective voice and action ability of enterprises, the ability of industry diplomacy and the ability of localized operation, and work together with all parties in Ethiopia to build a high-level community of common destiny for China and Africa!

Attachment: list of alliance sponsors (sorted by phonetic order)

  1. Antai (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd

  2. Huajian International Group

  3. JINDA Holdings Limited

  4. Wuxi Jinmao Foreign Trade Co., Ltd

  5. Zhejiang Mengna socks Co., Ltd

  6. Zhejiang Mina Textile Co., Ltd

  7. Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd

  8. Wuxi Yimian group

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