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Ningxia Light Industry And Textile Industry Construct High Quality Development "Brand Matrix"

2022/9/28 1:30:00 0


On September 21, the staff of Beijing Tongrentang health pharmaceutical (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. were processing organic and clean decoction pieces. The brand effect of the company's high-quality herbal pieces is becoming a "sharp weapon" to expand the market. At present, Ningxia light industry and textile industry is striving to build an important green food processing zone in China, a pharmaceutical industry base with national influence, and a national and even global chemical fiber production highland, so as to build a high-quality development "brand matrix".

"Promote the upgrading and development of the food industry. Focus on the" three products "action of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, we will promote the intensive processing of dairy products, wolfberry products, wine and other special products." Ningxia will focus on the processing of high-end liquid milk, milk powder, cheese, cream, milk protein and other high-value-added products for dairy products, and strive to maximize the benefits of "Ningxia milk"; Chinese wolfberry products focus on fresh fruit pulp, functional drinks, health wine, special food, etc., leading the standard construction and further strengthening the market leading position; Seizing the historical opportunity of building a national comprehensive experimental zone for the opening and development of grape and wine industry, while consolidating and upgrading the leading products such as dry red and dry white, vigorously expand the research and development and production of new varieties such as alcohol free wine and grape distilled wine, and accelerate the pace of building a famous "wine city".

In the pharmaceutical industry, Ningxia has strengthened the cultivation of independent innovation ability and resource integration, made great efforts to extend the chain of chemical raw materials, increased the research and development of new products, and made efforts to extend the industrial chain downward; The traditional Chinese medicine industry should make efforts to strengthen the chain, speed up the development of Chinese medicine extracts and patent medicines, and expand the industrial scale; Chemical preparations should make great efforts to supplement the chain and actively undertake the industrial transfer in the eastern region in combination with the production advantages of raw materials in Ningxia.

In terms of textile industry, Ningxia has implemented three actions: revitalizing cashmere processing, expanding cotton spinning manufacturing and creating chemical fiber highland, strengthening stock, improving increment and increasing total volume, making fine cotton spinning yarn products, strengthening innovation and chain extension, and speeding up the industrialization process of new environmental protection fiber such as polylactic acid. Based on the difference between aramid fiber and aramid fiber industry, we will accelerate the construction of aramid fiber and polyamide fiber industry, and strive to achieve the production value of 20 billion yuan by 2025.

"The development of light industry and textile industry in the region has achieved steady progress." From January to July, 337 light industry and textile enterprises above Designated Size completed an output value of 42.9 billion yuan, up 22.6% year on year. Among them, affected by the increase of Enterprises above Designated Size, the increase of product output and the relative stability of prices, the food industry grew steadily. From January to July, the output value increased by 20.7%, the operating income increased by 7.3%, and the profit increased by 27.9%.

The pharmaceutical industry maintained a rapid growth trend, with output value increasing by 30.8% and profit increasing by 21.7% from January to July. According to reports, the main factors driving the rapid growth of the industry are the increase of enterprises on the scale of chemical raw materials and the growth of production.

Textile industry has been up and down. From January to July, the output value increased by 36.7%, the operating income increased by 17.0%, and the profit decreased by 112%. The commissioning of Xiaoxing (Ningxia) phase I project has increased the output value of chemical fiber manufacturing by more than 1 billion yuan, but the sharp decline in product prices has led to a significant negative growth in the overall profits of the industry.

(source: Ningxia daily)

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