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The Game Strategies Announced By The Double 11 E-Commerce Platform Have Their Own Merits

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It's a double 11 again.

On October 24, tmall and Jingdong held a double 11 press conference respectively to announce their playing methods, playing methods and business rules. Meanwhile, pinduoduo, vipshop, Suning e-buy, station B, xiaohongshu and other platforms were also exposed.

What are the new changes of these e-commerce platforms on the double 11 this year?

  01、 The pre-sale period of tmall is shortened Jingdong and Suning

The pre-sale time of tmall double 11 this year is 4 days later than that of last year and officially opened at 8:00 tonight.

Jingdong double 11 continued the practice of opening at 8:00 p.m. last year, and opened the pre-sale at 8:00 p.m. on October 20, and started the balance payment at 8:00 p.m. on October 31. Suning double 11 opened the first round of pre-sale on October 24 and lasted until the same day.

In fact, the time of double 11 is constantly lengthening, and many platforms are locking inventory in advance through pre-sale. The main purpose of adding multiple pre-sale periods is to flatten the sales peak and valley, reduce the pressure of logistics, and promote the performance compensation.

In terms of time, Jingdong and Suning started earlier, continuing the previous trend. In the view of Mo daiqing, director of online retail department and senior analyst of the e-commerce research center of Netcom, Jingdong and other ways to advance the "double 11" promotion period occupy a favorable position and "rush" to achieve "card position".

The benefits of pre-sale are self-evident. First of all, e-commerce can obtain most of the sales volume in advance through pre-sale, and use the pre-sale data to better guide the production capacity and avoid overstocking. Second, consumers advance deposit in advance, which will lock in consumers. After all, most consumers will pay the balance later. In addition, for businesses, it is natural that the pressure has been reduced. They can withdraw funds in advance and reduce unnecessary losses. And for consumers, they can also arrange shopping time reasonably.

  02、 You can refund the price difference if you buy it Tmall, Jingdong and Suning focus on "price protection"

In terms of price protection, the price protection cycle of tmall for double 11 products has been extended from 15 days in previous years to 27 days, and the difference will be refunded by one click. Jingdong has more than 500 million kinds of products to support 30 days of ultra long price protection, buy expensive one button refund price difference. Compared with the past, the biggest difference of this year's Jingdong double 11 price protection service is that it can apply for "multiple times" during the price protection period.

Suning e-buy also made a "30 day price protection" commitment. During the period from October 24 to November 13, users can enjoy the 30 day price protection service if they purchase products with the "30 day price protection" logo in Suning E-mart. It is worth noting that "30 days" starts from the time users receive the goods, which means that Suning E-mart's price protection service can be extended to December at most.

In fact, the insured price is an important factor for consumers to decide whether to buy goods or not. According to the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, consumers have the right to know the true situation of the services they receive, and operators should not make false or misleading publicity.

In the view of Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission, the purpose of price protection is to improve the consumption experience, make consumers feel at ease before the promotion, and ensure the sales volume of businesses before the promotion. Generally speaking, the prices of products marked by the merchants on various e-commerce platforms will not fluctuate too much. The realization of various kinds of discounts mainly depends on the activities such as issuing coupons and reducing prices within limited time. If these activities are excluded from the scope of price protection, then "price protection" is of little significance.

If the insured price is not blind or impulsive, first confirm whether the insured price of the business is a store commitment or a platform activity, understand the insurance rules and claim settlement process of the business, calculate the insurance time, and keep the above information in a timely manner. After purchasing the goods, you can pay close attention to the price fluctuation of the products. If you find that the merchants reduce the price, pay attention to the screenshots, communicate with the merchants and solve the problems. If you find that the merchants maliciously evade the price protection rules, you should complain to the platform in time.

  03、 Reduced complexity of full discount coupon Over 300 minus 50 is the mainstream

From the perspective of discount strength, this year's double 11, tmall launched the "triple discount" superimposed use: 17 million commodities are collectively discounted, the whole cross store 300 full is reduced by 50, and 88 VIP members receive 820 yuan of large coupons.

Jingdong reduced 50 yuan per 299 yuan and 100 yuan per 1000 yuan respectively. At the same time, there are two waves of "red envelope rain" in Jingdong, and each member of Jingdong plus can receive super subsidy of more than 1000 yuan.

Suning launched the activities of full reduction of cross store cover purchase and single brand cross category cover purchase. When the price of over 49999 yuan was purchased, the iPhone 14 was given as a gift, and 500 yuan for every 10000 yuan of home appliances and household appliances.

In the past, the complicated promotion methods and complicated rules were difficult to damage the "balance payer". However, from the current play method, the complexity of promotion is gradually reducing, but for many consumers, the concept of consumption has changed. In the post epidemic era, consumer attitudes are becoming calm.

  04、 Pinduoduo, vipshop Buddhism promotion No routine

This year's double 11, vipshop emphasizes that "consumers don't need to make a bill", while pinduoduo does not engage in pre-sale and no final payment.

Specifically, vipshop double 11 will open at 8:00 p.m. on October 20, the same time as Jingdong, and will last until 10:00 a.m. on November 14.

Vipshop's relevant person in charge introduced that the principle of simplifying the preferential rules was implemented, and consumers could enjoy the super value discount without collecting a single item. In terms of full discount, vipshop still has a discount for some brand products on the basis of 30% discount.

Pinduoduo double 11 was launched in a low-key manner on October 20 and lasted until 24:00 on November 13. This year's double 11 pinduoduo will continue to adhere to the direct subsidy policy of no pre-sale and no final payment. The platform will also provide users with 100 minus 50 spot coupons at the hour of every day. In addition, pinduoduo will continue to launch "super brand day" special activities during the promotion period with domestic and foreign brands.

  05、 Tencent's "e-commerce dream" continues, and station B is coming

On the eve of double 11, in addition to continue to increase the number of double-11, and successively launched the "mall" channel, station B also participated in the double-11 campaign, launched the online shopping zone, and fully released the "small yellow cars". Tencent's "e-commerce dream" continues.

According to tech planet, following the in-house test of the "little yellow cart" function at the end of December last year, station B officially launched the shopping zone in the live broadcast zone on October 14. The live broadcasting room in the zone has fully released the "little yellow cart" function, and almost all the up owners have added "little yellow cart" shopping links.

At present, the live broadcast room of station B supports the addition and display of Taobao, Jingdong, member purchase, personalized dress up, digital collection and other commodities. That is, except for the self operated member purchase goods of station B, other commodities are from third-party platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong. Users need to jump to the third-party platform to complete the purchase when they purchase goods in the live room of station B's up main (video creator).

On October 23, Tencent Huiju officially launched double 11, with 30% off for every 199, and launched two major channels, "select" and "welfare". It is worth noting that Tencent Huiju app links to direct stores of various brands, similar to the B2C model of tmall.

  06、 New changes in live E-commerce, Four Heavenly Kings gather together

This year's double 11, live e-commerce competition is fierce. Yu Minhong and Luo Yonghao joined the Taobao live broadcast. Together with Li Jiaqi and Weiya's "bee surprise club", the four heavenly kings of the live broadcasting industry gathered at Taobao live.

In addition, MCN mechanism is also coming. This year's double 11, the head of the live broadcast agency Yuanwang technology announced the high-profile settlement of Taobao live.

From Mo daiqing's point of view, cross platform delivery of big anchor is one of the highlights of this year's live e-commerce double 11.

   "On the eve of double 11, Luo Yonghao and Yu Minhong announced to join Taobao live broadcast one after another. Since then, Yuanwang network has also announced to enter Taobao live broadcast. From their actions, we can see that the company behind the big anchor has begun to consider putting" eggs in multiple baskets "to avoid relying too much on one platform. In addition, with Weiya's exit, Li Jiaqi has just returned, which has changed Continue to have super head anchor to enter, so it is super IP live broadcast is a good choice for Taobao live broadcast. At the same time, it is not impossible for Taobao anchor to go live on Taobao in the future. It will be a trend for big anchors to carry goods across platforms. He said.

"Today's Taobao live broadcast is more beneficial to the majority of ordinary anchors and waist anchors." Internet analyst Ding Daoshi believes that Taobao will no longer tilt traffic and resources to individual head anchors, but as far as possible to distribute to a larger number of anchors, so that more market players enjoy the market dividend.

However, it will take some time for Luo Yonghao to single out Li Jiaqi. On the one hand, Taobao's talent, head and waist anchors have long been at the front end of the flow. Most of the products sold are cosmetics and women's wear, which are more in line with the needs of Taobao's audience. On the other hand, Luo Yonghao focuses on digital products, clothing products and personal care products. The unit price per customer is lower than that of Li Jiaqi's studio. If you want to impact on Taobao, you still need to adjust the category and layout.

  07、 More business friendly and consumer friendly?

This double 11, more changes are reflected in the service.

For example, in order to make it more convenient for consumers to collect orders, this year, Taobao added the function of "multi address order", that is, when consumers pay for an order, they can send the goods in it to different addresses. In addition, on the eve of double 11, the upper limit of the number of babies that can be loaded in Taobao shopping cart was upgraded from 120 to 300, more than twice the capacity.

In terms of logistics, JD logistics will ensure door-to-door delivery across the country. Through the layout of front warehouse, more than 200 cities in China have the opportunity to experience the fastest minute level receiving experience.

Suning is also relying on more than 10000 offline physical stores, and will open 48 stores to promote the recovery of physical stores through 10 times of pre storage, 100% return of single products and replacement of old for new subsidies.

In addition, in terms of business experience, not only tmall, but also the major platforms are further simplifying the rules, lowering the threshold, reducing the operating costs of businesses, and helping more small and medium-sized entities participate.

At the launch of tmall's double 11 in 2022, Dai Shan, President of Alibaba Group's domestic digital commerce sector, said that this year's double-11 was more about how to overcome difficulties with businesses and how to make consumers more confident. However, the actual effect still needs to be tested after the end of double 11.


This year is the fourteenth year of the double 11. From the perspective of the game strategies announced by major e-commerce platforms, "Minimalism" has become the trend of the times, abandoning the complex process and cumbersome playing method, and turning into a "simple and crude" direct reduction, or even automatic deduction without the need to collect coupons.

Industry insiders believe that the fundamental reason for this change lies in the weakness of consumers to e-commerce platform activities and the return of consumption rationality. No matter double 11 or 618, all kinds of e-commerce platform promotion activities have gone through several years, and consumers have accumulated a lot of how to shop according to their own needs and consumption ability in the promotion activities of e-commerce, rather than being coerced into shopping by various promotion and marketing activities. The platform also realizes that all kinds of marketing activities may not achieve the expected marketing effect, but will cause the customers' disgust.

It can be found that, compared with thinking about preferential play, more platforms this year focus on "services" to provide a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience, trying to gain extra points in the minds of consumers. For example, tmall launched a multi address single order function to provide convenience for the "chop hands party" that spell orders; Jingdong also relies on its advantages in logistics, making a nationwide commitment to ensure door-to-door delivery

It is obvious that when price war and traffic support touch the ceiling, these services become the winners and losers in the promotion.

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