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National Youth Work Committee Issued: The New Edition Of "Red Scarf" National Standard Officially Implemented Today

2022/11/3 21:46:00 0

Red Scarf; National Standard

In April 2022, the State Administration of market supervision and administration of the people's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration Commission approved and issued a new version of the national standard for red scarf (GB / t28846-2022), which was formulated by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the National Committee for young people's work in conjunction with relevant units. The new edition of the national standard "red scarf" will be formally implemented on November 1, 2022.

The standard is revised on the basis of the 2012 edition of the national standard for red scarf (GB / T 28846-2012). As a whole, it puts forward specific and detailed indicators in terms of specifications, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, storage and transportation, and marking of red scarf. Compared with the 2012 national standard, it is comprehensively strengthened in terms of safety, color fastness, color difference and practicability, It is clearly proposed that the basic safety items should meet the GB 31701 class B (children's textile products with direct contact with skin) standard, and the requirements for sewing and appearance defects of products are stricter, and the overall quality standard is higher. National standards of the people's Republic of China

(source: National Committee for young workers)


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