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Jingdong New Department Store Launched Jingdong 11.11 Clothing Customization Day Together With Yibangren, Baoxiniao, Meishang, Longqingxiang And Other Brands

2022/11/4 15:20:00 355

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On November 4, Jingdong new department store Hand in hand with Yibang people, happy bird, code Shang Long Qingxiang And other clothing customization brands to open "advanced customization" The "quality optimization" clothing customization day activity brings many new customized clothing products, such as shirts, trousers, suit suits, woolen overcoats, to meet with consumers. In addition, there are full and reduced discounts, brand exclusive large ticket and various activities to meet consumers' demand for quality and personalized clothing customization.

With the continuous improvement of consumers' personalized demand, Custom clothing Jingdong new department store takes advantage of the supply chain and helps the brand to enter more consumers with its professional operation mode. The clothing customization day launched by Jingdong new department store focuses on new products of customized men's clothing, providing more focused and centralized opportunities for brands and new products.


In this event, many brands have launched new customized clothing products with new designs, new fabrics and new technologies. Yibangren has launched more than 20 kinds of new products of autumn and winter knitted 2022, which are made of domestic knitting and imported knitting. The rich color selection and various pattern design add diversified choices to the autumn and winter wardrobe of consumers. In addition, yibangren sports light suit suit, which is "top ten categories of textile innovative products in 2022", is sold in Jingdong at the same time.

   The news bird Two new autumn and winter woolen suits made of Italian imported ethomas fabric and reda fabric are introduced. The former is made of 100% wool for comfortable and easy care, while the latter is made of 99% wool and 110's yarn, which brings lightweight texture and elastic comfort.

   Long Qingxiang In order to meet the needs of warmth preservation in autumn and winter, a series of woolen overcoats are launched. The men's overcoats such as high-grade full cashmere overcoat and high-grade thin full cashmere overcoat are made of rare natural cashmere and wool, which have high-level feeling and warmth retention; Women's wear is a mixture of wool and silk, smooth and delicate appearance, bringing elegant and clean feeling. The light luxury and thickened three proofing shirt brought by Dashang in this activity can reduce the trouble of care through the three proofing nano technology, and the thickened warm trousers provide a quality choice for the cold in autumn and winter.


In addition to the introduction of new products in autumn and winter, Jingdong new department store, together with other major brands, brings consumers a discount of 50% for every 299 items, as well as the surprise benefits of ordering one for three items (shirts, socks, ties, etc.) and ordering one for free "shirts" (shirts, T-Shirts, etc.).

Jingdong new department store focuses on consumption changes, through the launch of Clothing customization While meeting the needs of consumers for quality and pragmatism, the activities, relying on JD plus users, have attracted more quality members for the store, which not only improves the brand competitiveness, but also provides assistance for the brand to achieve quality growth. The new clothes can be customized in the department stores of Beijing East.

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