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Pay Close Attention To The Sub Forum Of The 6Th FIS International Footwear Innovation Summit

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Footwear Industry


On the morning of November 3, 2022, every step of the "shoes" line jointly organized by Shandong lianrun and Lanjing group, the future of "carbon" shoes -- Tencel ™ X lianrun low carbon environmental protection shoe material seminar was successfully held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

As the sixth international shoe industry innovation forum, the last summit was highly attended by FIS. During the event, Shandong lianrun and Lanjing group gathered together with supply chain partners and industry experts to deeply discuss topics such as innovative shoe materials, green environmental protection and sustainable development. At the same time, low carbon Tencel was displayed in the product exhibition area outside the venue ™ The application of fiber in various innovative shoe materials attracted many guests.



To overcome the challenges brought about by the epidemic situation, the seminar opened with warm applause from the guests. They are committed to sharing the experience of green and sustainable development of shoe industry from zero carbon to sustainable development.


Entrusted by general manager Dai Fuqiang, Li Qi, marketing director of the textile division of Lanjing fiber China, said that as the global leader of cellulose fiber products, Lanjing group has always adhered to the concept of ecological priority and green development. It is very happy to work with lianrun, a long-term partner, to explore the innovation and application of green materials with shoe experts. She mentioned Tencel, a company owned by Lanjing ™ Since the 30th anniversary of its founding in 1992, the brand has developed many sustainable new products from the aspects of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. In footwear applications, Tencel ™ The brand introduces the concept of "whole shoe", which can be integrated into all parts of shoes through various forms such as powder, fiber and fabric, so as to provide multiple sustainable innovation options for downstream. In the future, Lanjing group will further promote the circular economy mode and promote the transformation of industry development from linear economy to circular economy.


Zhu peidai, general manager assistant and senior brand marketing manager of Shandong lianrun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. Chen Qisheng, chairman of the board of directors, said that lianrun is a professional service provider of differentiated sustainable fashion yarn in the industry, focusing on "specialty, fine, special, new" and differentiated sustainable fashion yarn innovation and application. At the moment of epidemic situation, how to obtain the inspiration of product innovation design and realize the breakthrough is this Tencel ™ X joint run low carbon environmental protection shoe material innovation seminar original intention. Facing the future, we are looking forward to cooperating with Lanjing group to carry out multi-dimensional market education and cultivation, multi scene joint product innovation and application, brand product planning trend and technical support, industrial chain joint marketing and other more comprehensive empowerment.

With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, the green transformation trend of shoe material industry has taken shape. How to realize the coexistence of sustainability and performance improvement from the material end is an industry problem worthy of consideration. Focusing on policy interpretation, fashion trend, shoe material innovation and low carbon Tencel ™ The application of shoe materials was carried out in various aspects. The guests discussed the profound significance of green sustainability for the development of shoe industry from a professional point of view, and combined with relevant cases and innovative research, it brought enlightenment for the development of the industry.


Hu, deputy director of China Textile Industry Association, has participated in China textile industry sustainable development program since 2016, In recent years, the cooperation of professional institutions has brought more professional guidance and help to Chinese garment enterprises, including climate innovation 2030 action, fashion climate innovation special fund, climate training camp, 30.60 China Textile and clothing carbon neutralization and acceleration action, etc. it is emphasized that the carbon footprint label of products will become the standard configuration in the Chinese market. Finally, he stressed that carbon neutral is a marathon, with one-man speed and many people going far. The world's zero carbon goal, China's industrial action, we work together to achieve carbon neutrality.


Zhou Manting, strategic account director of Becquerel Paris trend Consulting Co., Ltd., introduced the color and design trend of shoes in spring and summer 2024 from a professional point of view. From the idea to the landing, from the idea to the impact, she should be driven from the idea to the landing. Combining with cultural factors, social background and fashion trends, she introduced the key elements of future shoe design, such as sustainability, Futurism and popularity. Under the theme of environmental protection and innovation, consumers pay more and more attention to sustainable development and raw material sources. Biodegradable design helps the product not leave any footprints after use and can be composted under appropriate conditions. Natural and biodegradable fibers are the key, and the use of bio based dyes ensures that no chemicals can harm the environment. Such as Tiansi, which comes from nature ™ Fiber is a kind of sustainable environmental protection material, which is taken from recycled wood source and uses Tencel ™ The shoes made of Lyocell fiber can ventilate and expel moisture, protect the skin, keep dry and control the growth of bacteria at the same time.


Xue Jinliang, the director of fiber sales in East China of Lanjing group, had a wonderful share on the sustainable change of Lanjing fiber enabled shoe materials. He said that innovation and sustainable development have been Tencel for 30 years ™ The core of brand fiber. Lanjing group has developed many more sustainable new products from the aspects of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. For example, Yuefei fiber is used ™ Zero carbon Tencel of Technology ™ With the development of seiffer's textile industry, we can not only realize the sustainable development of the textile industry, but also realize the sustainable development of the textile industry ™ Fiber technology increases the recyclability of the industry. Another example is Tencel with indigo color technology ™ Modal fiber, the indigo dye is directly blended into Tencel modal fiber by using the solution coloring technology, which not only saves water and energy, but also has excellent color fastness to dry and wet rubbing. Lanjing is expanding its cooperation with global fashion brands. Through the method of "emission reduction, participation and offset", Lanjing is carrying out innovation in the use of raw materials and technology, so as to bring sustainable development of new fiber products to the textile market and further promote the sustainable development of fashion industry.


Mr. Zhu, general manager of Shandong low carbon materials Co., Ltd ™ Innovative development and application practice of shoe yarn. He said that in order to meet the brand's low-carbon environmental protection gene requirements for running shoes, and ensure the durability, traction, biomechanics, heat dissipation and stability requirements of materials, lianrun and Lanjing have successfully built eco free, a green technology running shoe yarn, which has won the times through nearly four years of continuous optimization and improvement from raw material selection to spinning technology. This kind of yarn is in the leading position in the industry, which not only subverts the industry cognition that short fiber yarn has low strength and can not be used as running shoes, but also has the functions of skin cooling, temperature regulation, bacteriostasis and deodorization. For the running shoe industry with yarn to provide a better solution, more comfortable functionality, help shoe materials towards functional and sustainable fashion.

During the seminar, participants had an interactive discussion on the sustainable dual carbon topic, green material application and shoe material innovation and development, and discussed the unlimited potential of low-carbon footwear application. Off site low carbon Tencel ™ The footwear application area selects all kinds of low-carbon Tencel developed by lianrun and Lanjing ™ The application of fiber products in footwear can be divided into two areas: natural environment protection and recycling, and Tencel is intensively displayed ™ Brand fiber "all shoes" concept.



It is understood that lianrun and Lanjing group Tiansi ™ Lyocell fiber has reached in-depth cooperation with global famous head footwear brands such as allbirds, Anta children, Timberland and so on. It is widely used in outdoor sports, leisure and children's shoes, leading the new fashion of low-carbon and environmental protection consumption in the shoe industry.




The successful holding of this seminar has attracted the attention of many shoe brands and adopted Lanjing Tencel ™ Lyocell fiber. In the future, lanrun group will work together to promote green production, green fashion, green fiber and other industries.

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