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Jingdong New Department Store'S 11.11 "Winter Warm Autumn Pants Festival" Starts Warm

2022/11/7 13:43:00 293

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Recently, Jingdong new department store To actively practice the real concept of Jingdong 11.11, we will join hands with langzi, yinman, JNBY, marisfrolg, and curiosity miss to open the "green clothing" special session of Jingdong new department store with the promotion of sustainable green consumption as the core, and bring discount and discount benefits, and accumulate green points to exchange for green medals brand We should create environmental protection products and low-carbon service with low-carbon price.


According to the green label of green products launched by Jingdong during this year, green products will be put into practice. During the period of 11.11 of Jingdong, the plan was upgraded again. The joint brand of Jingdong selects 3 million green products, and the purchase of relevant products can also get "carbon energy" gift.

With the improvement of the concept of environmental protection, the clothing industry is also actively playing its own strength to help environmental protection with practical actions. Langzi, a women's clothing brand, attaches great importance to the concept of green development. Most of the clothing uses environmental protection technology fabrics, which are extracted from straw, starch, sugarcane and other crops. It is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also in line with the concept of "carbon neutralization"; MUJI recycles the recycled PET bottles and converts them into PET materials for spinning, which not only reduces plastic waste, but also saves the use of crude oil for producing PET materials, thus reducing carbon emissions, reducing pollution to the earth and being more environmentally friendly; Curiosity Miss brand is rooted in the concept of environmental protection in product design, the brand's self-love Club environmental series is a sustainable design around the earth and you. It is not only a comfortable and fashionable bra, but also a reflection on environment and environmental protection. Curious miss has explored 100% sustainable raw materials, body, hardware and accessories across three continents, all of which meet the requirements of global recycling standard GRS. With environmental friendly materials and sustainable thinking, the baton of environmental protection clothing will be better handed over to the future.

The implementation of Jingdong's "Green Plan" and the launch of Jingdong new department store's "green clothing" special show have provided more practical help for environmental protection and carbon reduction, and also provided effective assistance for more brand businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises' sustainable development. As ye Mengting, founder of curiosity Miss brand, said: "compared with the past, curious miss and Jingdong clothing We are working more closely together. Relying on Jingdong plus users, it has attracted more high-quality members for the store. At the same time, based on the in-depth insight of plus user group, curious Miss provides more JD users with better goods and services. In the special period, JD gives full play to the advantages of the supply chain to help the brand achieve sales and give consumers a better experience. Moreover, the open ecological mode of Jingdong new department store has created a new scene for consumers, brought a new experience, and created new growth space for businesses. With a more active and cooperative attitude, curious miss will participate in more projects and create more brilliant achievements together with JD

At present, with the theme of "give more reality to life" JD.COM As one of the core businesses of "real" and "real" in jd.11, the "real" is also providing consumers with "new" and "hot" business. 11.11, Jingdong will help Jingdong green.

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