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Fujian Clothing: Textile Industry Accounts For More Than 60% Of Shishi Industrial Output Value

2022/11/15 1:07:00 0

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According to Shishi City Statistics Bureau "Shishi City Economic Operation from January to September 2022", in the first three quarters of this year, the added value of industries above Designated Size in the city increased by 3.1% year on year; The total output value of industries above Designated Size reached 117.340 billion yuan, up 5.5% year on year. Among them, the textile and clothing industry (including accessories) achieved industrial output value of 70.677 billion yuan (accounting for 60.2%), with a year-on-year increase of 6.5%.

At the same time, Quanzhou Bureau of industry and information technology recently announced that 351 enterprises were the leading enterprises of Quanzhou in 2022. There were 16 Shishi enterprises on the list, 2 more than last year. Among them, there are 8 textile shoes and clothing enterprises, including Quanzhou Pengtai Clothing Co., Ltd., Kabin clothing (China) Co., Ltd., Fujian Qingyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Shishi Jijile garment Weaving Co., Ltd., Shishi Huabao Group Co., Ltd., Shishi Xianghua Group Co., Ltd., Shishi Dadi Group Co., Ltd., and Guanhong Co., Ltd.

Shishi enjoys the reputation of "China's famous leisure clothing city" and "China's leisure fabric trade city". Textile and clothing is the leading industry of Shishi, and it is also Shishi's business card. It has formed a complete textile and clothing industry chain covering textile raw materials, spinning and weaving, bleaching, dyeing and finishing, garment processing, auxiliary material production, research and development design, marketing and other fields.

The implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing in textile and garment industry has injected new energy into Shishi textile and garment industry. Driven by policy and fermentation, Shishi Yongxin CNC increased investment in equipment and technology innovation to make vamp more three-dimensional; Hualian accessories independently developed injection molding equipment to achieve "machine OEM", greatly saving labor costs. Nowadays, most of Shishi textile and garment enterprises have carried out intelligent transformation and upgrading in production equipment, production workshop, operating system and management system. For example, Huafei, Haoyu and other enterprises have realized computer automatic control of cloth drawing and cutting in production workshops, and ERP management has been applied to all orders, purchase, warehouse, production and finance, It has become an intelligent production benchmark for garment enterprises. In addition to upgrading production equipment, many garment enterprises focus on the research and development of intelligent wearable devices, such as Senke intelligent LED flexible screen, luminous fabrics and other products have been recognized by the market.

At the same time, the government issued industrial support policies such as supporting the high-quality development of printing and dyeing, improving the quality and efficiency of hardware accessories, optimizing and upgrading school uniforms, and developing creative design of textile and apparel, so as to guide the children's wear industry to extend to the direction of school uniform, and promote the implementation of the Secretariat of the technical working group on campus clothing standards of China Textile Engineering Society.

Since last year, Shiwang has been focusing on the upgrading of the whole textile and clothing industry. More prominent innovation level, tax per mu, safety and environmental protection and other rigid constraints, start a new round of hierarchical management of printing and dyeing enterprises, encourage leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger through merger and reorganization, and promote the intelligent, intensive and green development of printing and dyeing industry. Relying on "one museum, one institute, two centers" and other scientific research platforms, we will carry out technological breakthroughs, promote the integrated development of industry and trade, and improve the research and development ability of fabrics and the response speed of supply chain. We will vigorously develop new materials such as textile, footwear and clothing polymers, functional differential fibers, and ecological and environmental protection materials. We will promote the integration of R & D, production and sales resources of children's clothing (school uniform) industry, improve the supply chain collaborative ecosystem, and build a national demonstration and leading area for the development of children's clothing (school uniform) industry. Fully connect with the "Internet +", accelerate the digital upgrading of the whole chain of textile shoes and clothing, encourage the development of intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, fast fashion and other modes, and cultivate enterprises that can receive both 10000 orders and 1 order.

In addition, Shishi has comprehensively deepened the cooperation with China Fashion Designers Association and China Textile and clothing education association, vigorously introduced high-level design talents, encouraged the creation of independent design brands, accelerated the incubation of new design forces of "Fujian style clothing", created a strong atmosphere of fashion city, and further promoted the development and transformation of textile and garment enterprises.

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