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The Younger Generation Has Become The Main Consumer Of Clothing, And Brooks Brothers Booker Brothers See New Trends In Their Retro Fashion

2022/11/15 17:45:00 0

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Nowadays, young people have become the main force in the clothing consumption market. Insight into the consumption demand of young people has become the only way for brands to gain sales growth. In terms of clothing choice, young consumers mostly consider from the aspects of style, price, fabric and brand As an old American fashion brand, brothers is the representative of elegance and fashion. Through the road of brand rejuvenation, brothers is favored by young consumers and becomes the quality choice for them to buy clothes.

  Brooks Brothers Founded in 1818, Booker brothers has a history of more than 200 years. It has been the creator of classic styles, such as ready-made suits, button collar shirts and twill ties, thus becoming the representative of American style. In the face of changes in market purchasing decision-making factors, the younger brand has become Brooks In 2007, Bros. Brooks, an important designer of the Brothers series, was invited to develop the Brooks series Browne worked together to bring Brooks brothers The traditional style of (Booker Brothers) is infused with fashionable and avant-garde elements. The design and tailoring are also in line with the characteristics that consumers like to slim down. The series is sold in more than 30 exclusive stores around the world, and the sales volume is very good. This series has been in 2015. And in 2014 Brooks Brothers launched Red Fleece In the women's wear field, Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) Zac Posen was invited to be the designer, and the trendy designer named Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) brand to do more popular, help the brand deeper reach young consumers.



(Brooks brothers ready to wear suit)

When the deep integration of classic and youth can bring new vitality to the brand, its original high-quality quality will bring tangible benefits to more consumers. Clothing quality requirements are usually reflected in Fabric In terms of workmanship, Brooks Brothers have great advantages. Over the past 200 years, Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) adhering to the brand concept of high quality materials, service first and continuous innovation, has become a senior brand in the fashion industry. In the 1950s, Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) created a classic gentleman image, with a gray flannel suit with Oxford button up shirt and twill tie, which became the fashion template in Madison Street and university campus at that time. Brooks Brothers has been leading the cutting-edge fashion all the way, and has broken the inherent image of people's wearing at many historical turning points, shaping the classic American style (Booker Brothers) brand younger strategy, will bring more surprises for consumption.



(Brooks brothers logo)

  Brooks Brothers ( The Booker brothers )As a veteran Clothes & Accessories Brand, after more than 200 years of history, with the growth of several generations. At that time, the younger generation became the main decision maker of clothing consumption, Brooks Brothers (Booker Brothers) has an insight into consumer demand, takes the road of brand rejuvenation, continues to innovate on the basis of its unique tradition, and moves the hearts of consumers with its unique "style" and brings quality choices for consumers.

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