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Brooks Brothers Burke Brothers American Light Luxury Clothing, Leading Consumption To Upgrade The Choice Of Quality

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With the development of economy and the increase of national income, people invest more and more in the field of clothing. 44.19% of young people have certain expenditure on clothing every month, and the relevant data show that they buy clothes at least once in three months clothes In terms of clothing consumption power, the post-85-90 generation has the strongest consumption power. Nearly four adults say that they can accept clothes with single product price of over 1000. Personalized and comfortable light luxury clothing brands are favored by the market Brothers, with its unique classic American style and high cost performance, has become the quality choice of young consumers.

  Brooks Brothers ( The Booker brothers )Founded in 1818, over 200 years, Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) adhere to the American tradition and value unchanged, and have created many miracles about dressing, becoming the representative of American style. Brooks Brothers (Booker Brothers) adhering to the brand concept of "high quality materials", "service first" and "innovative design", it has become the synonym of elegance and fashion. In the era of diversified consumer demand, Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) through continuous innovation, on the basis of inheriting the tradition, integrating popular elements, burst out a strong brand vitality. Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) has more than 700 stores in 39 countries, and its products sell well all over the world.



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  Brooks Brothers (Booker Brothers) is the first American classic brand to provide ready-made clothing, and has continuously launched a variety of iconic products, including seersucker, Madras Plaid, easy to wear shirts and button down collar shirts. Brooks, which is currently sold in China, is one of the most famous brands in the world Brothers have Men's Business and sportswear Clothes & Accessories Among them, easy on shirts have become Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) word of mouth products. And Brooks brothers (Booker Brothers) will also provide consumers with clothing guidance according to their understanding of the dress. It can bring a lot of clothing inspiration to the consumers when they are renewed every quarter. Its characteristics of comfort and appropriateness can help consumers boost their confidence, calmly deal with important moments and embrace a better life. Brooks Brothers has become a necessary wardrobe for light luxury lovers through high-quality fabrics, exquisite tailoring and innovative design.



(Brooks brothers shirt)

At the moment of consumption upgrading, consumers' requirements for commodities are becoming more and more diversified. The comprehensive effects of brand, quality, design, technology, function, cost performance and other factors pose a great challenge to the products and services of clothing brands. Brooks Brothers (Booker Brothers), as a senior clothing brand, has an active insight into consumers' demands, creates high-quality products in line with consumer demand with the concept of light luxury, and occupies consumers' minds with classic and extraordinary "such style". The brand has actively opened up domestic online purchase channels, and now both tmall and Jingdong platforms have Brooks The official store of brothers (Booker Brothers) and opened offline stores to reach consumers in a multi-dimensional way online and offline, and strive to provide more convenient services.

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