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Chinese Fashion Retail Brands Have Ushered In A New Stage Of Development

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With the continuous change of the consumer market, the fashion retail industry ushered in new changes. Recently, Wu Ruiling, vice president of China chain operation association, analyzed the key indicators of top 100 fashion retail enterprises in 2022. The results show that although the industry is facing difficult challenges, four of the selected 63 enterprises have a half year revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, and nearly 40% of them have a half year revenue of 1-2 billion yuan.
This is a positive signal, indicating that although consumer spending habits are constantly changing, foreign brands are constantly targeting the Chinese market, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Chinese retail brand groups have found a way to deal with it.
In fact, looking back on 2022, China's fashion retail brands have made great achievements in product innovation and brand building. On the policy side, the national development and Reform Commission and other seven departments jointly issued the "guidance on promoting brand building in the new era", which is also promoting the industry to a higher level quality development.
Obviously, Chinese fashion retail brands have ushered in a new stage of development.

  01 Industry status

Among the top 100 samples of Chinese fashion retail brands selected by China chain operation association, they cover a number of industries, including clothing and apparel, shoes and hats, sportswear and articles, home textiles, gold and silver jewelry, skin care and beauty, fashion, bookstore, etc.
"China Business Daily" reporter found that among the above-mentioned industry tracks, there are enterprises popular with young consumers in recent years, such as bosden, Tebu, Hailan home, Lin Qingxuan, etc.
From the distribution of top 100 enterprises in the past four years, the number of enterprises of fashion, daily necessities, books, culture and education, and 3C digital categories will be added to the top 100 in 2021, and the number of enterprises in clothing and apparel categories will be reduced.
According to Wu Ruiling, although affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the growth rate of top 100 sales scale of fashion retail is still surprising. In 2021, the sales scale of top 100 fashion retail enterprises will reach 929.4 billion yuan, nearly one trillion yuan. It is estimated that the sales scale of top 100 enterprises will reach trillion yuan or even exceed trillion yuan this year, and there are still many excellent enterprises in the industry that have achieved adverse growth.
On the one hand, the development momentum is strong; On the other hand, it is the change of mainstream consumer groups and the change of consumption habits.
"At present, the lifestyle of consumers is changing, and they are redefining cost performance. Consumers pay attention to self investment and please themselves. Social media has also brought about a circle economy. Taking clothing as an example, more and more consumers want to get an emotional identity, and they can interpret their different moods at different times." Evli group vice president Dong Jun said.
In this case, enterprises are required to change the products and services they provide to consumers.
Zhou lichen, chairman of Hailan group, said that at present, China's society has entered a period of high-quality development. People's pursuit of clothing has developed from seeking public value in the past to satisfying the stage of personalized self-expression. In this situation, Hailan group also put forward a new brand value proposition. With the product value as the carrier, the future Hailan home will take the four design principles as the direction to create a unique humanized clothing experience of the brand.
In addition, enterprises choose to provide different products for consumers in different scenarios. Dong juntan said: "in terms of consumption demand upgrading, we have found that the scene is more appropriate. For example, we have a variety of scenes, such as work, life, camping, vacation, etc., which are matched according to the needs of the scene life, rather than the simple concept of formal dress to casual wear, which is more and more subdivided."
It is understood that as consumers' lifestyle and consumption attributes are changing, the brand matrix also needs to be built in an all-round way, and Evely timely makes all sub brands supplement; In addition, through the diversification strategy, everie extends its products from clothing to perfume, skin care, office supplies, furniture, etc.
   Dong juntan believes that when fashion is integrated into life, the brand should bring the fashion of life to consumers and make everyone become the creator and disseminator of fashion.

  02 The trend of digital transformation

"Digital capability is the basic ability of brand innovation and development, and also the cornerstone and gene for enterprises to face the future." Bosden group board chairman and President Gao Dekang said so.
He believes that for fashion retail brands, digitalization is not simply to open online channels, but to open up frontier retail to realize online customer, employee, commodity and store online. "Now we are accelerating the whole process of enterprise operation and management of digital landing application, focusing on users, retail and commodities, and finally realizing office mobility, business online, operation digitization and decision-making Intellectualization The goal. "
We can find that this is the common action of fashion retail brands. According to Chang Shengen, head of Weimeng intelligent retail integrated operation, "Retail enterprises have formed a consensus. In this uncertain environment, digital solutions have become the deterministic choice of many brands, and 70% of the retail industry has chosen digital solutions. At the same time, on the basis of informatization, more than 100000 yuan will be invested in the construction of informatization and digitization every year, and 95% of retail enterprises have changed from 1.0 informatization The construction of the project has entered the road of transformation to 2.0 or even 3.0. "
For example, Tebu announced its new five-year plan in September 2021. It is specially emphasized that digital operation will be strengthened through three links of customer line, product line and supply chain, so as to bring new consumption experience to customers. Before that, relying on the construction of Zhongtai, some progress has been made in products and supply chain. After the completion of channel integration, the next step of Tebu digital operation is the customer data platform based on its own membership system.
Another example is bosden. According to Gao Dekang, bosden integrates the new generation of digital technology with the traditional business model of down jacket, and integrates big data, big data and traditional down jacket business model Intelligent manufacturing Integrated into the enterprise design, production, logistics, sales, service and other key links, independent research and development has its own intellectual property right The software system and big data center are used to open up the process of front-end sales, terminal inventory and back-end supply chain production. Bosden has built a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and an industry-leading central intelligent distribution center, and built a modern garment manufacturing system with the largest scale, the most advanced technology and the most mature industrial chain in the down garment industry.
However, whether it is shoes and clothing, beauty or jewelry, most of them are made in traditional way. Some enterprises still have resistance in digital transformation.
   "First of all, it is difficult to start. How to adapt the business and tools to a high degree. Secondly, it is difficult to recruit. How to pull the relevant practitioners of digital operation together with the brand position of the headquarters. In addition, it is difficult to promote. In the process of exploration, we should constantly find effective operation standards or methods, and continue to iterate and promote the action. Finally, it is difficult to achieve results. Many of the above operation standards are useless in the whole body There are some sticking points on the system. " Changsheng en said.
According to Changsheng en, based on the digital business landing card points and business essence of retail enterprises, Weimeng has extracted the implementation blueprint of smart retail business with the goal of effectiveness, and has helped the implementation of brand smart retail business through Weimeng SaaS system and smart retail solutions.

Zhou Ting, the co-founder and CEO of VIP group, also believes that "today's retail efficiency is reflected in whether we can build our own e-commerce system and private domain system, and whether we can connect the two lines to the store and home at the same time. In particular, we should enable our digital to enable the existing stores, rather than let the digital e-commerce rob our offline business and realize the organic combination."

  03  Towards brand and high end

Growth is the general trend, but competition has always existed.
According to Zhou Ting, up to now, more than 6000 international brands have come to China. In 2020 alone, 3000 brands will enter the Chinese market. In the next three to five years, no less than 2000 high-end niche customized brands, designer brands and luxury brands will enter China through cross-border e-commerce or e-commerce platforms. The competition among Chinese enterprises will intensify.
"At present, we must rethink what kind of customers we are facing in the market and who are our customers." Zhou Ting believes that if Chinese brands want to grasp high-quality consumption, it is necessary to brand and high-end development.
actually, Enterprises are also moving towards branding and high-end.
Sun Laichun, founder of Lin Qingxuan, said that to be a brand, one should be a Changhong brand. China needs a number of brands that can be made for decades or even hundreds of years, so that the country can have real domestic products.
  “ made in China As a leading brand in the world, we will continue to invest in China's manufacturing industry and make high-quality manufacturing the mainstream of the times. " Zhou lichen said.
Taking Tebu as an example, it released its new product strategy as "world class Chinese running shoes", "For example, we launched the brand positioning of world-class Chinese running shoes, which is not only a press conference, but also an improvement of the overall ability of the whole company, including products, brands, channels, e-commerce, terminals, commodities, organizations, etc." Tian Zhong, CEO of Tebu (China) Co., Ltd., said.
According to Gao Dekang, "Only brands that create user value can achieve sustainable growth. The development of each brand is iterative progress in the interaction with young consumers of the times. Young people are the trend of the times and the main force of embracing fashion. The development of fashion retail brand must follow the social progress and the change of consumer value concept, constantly iterate, innovate and innovate Self change. The market service of brand must be formed in the communication and interaction between the market and consumers. "
According to Wang Zhentao, chairman of Aokang Group, the code of enterprise upgrading is the backbone of the industry + the ambition of the brand + the confidence of products. All of these come from the enterprise's confidence in market insight, firm determination of self-improvement of domestic products and the original intention of building a brand.
As a matter of fact, safety lies in the policy side. The national development and Reform Commission and other seven departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting brand building in the new era, encouraging the consumer goods industry to develop personalized customization and scale customization, and cultivate a number of high-end brands and "specialized and innovative" enterprises in the fields of automobile, textile and clothing, consumer electronics, household appliances, food and cosmetics.
Specialization and innovation means that small and medium-sized enterprises have the characteristics of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty. The "specialty, specialty and innovation" enterprises are the important support of the future industrial chain and the main force of strengthening and supplementing the chain. It is understood that Lin Qingxuan, one of the top 100 fashion retail brands in China, is recognized as a "specialized and special new" enterprise. "To achieve high-quality development of enterprises, at the national policy level, is a very good dividend period." Wu Ruiling believes.

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