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Internet + Customs: Aksu Customs Promotes High Quality Development Of Regional Textile And Garment Industry

2022/11/22 18:11:00 0


After being examined and confirmed by Aksu customs, Xinjiang Sanchang Fengshou Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. recently printed out the tax guarantee notice of tax reduction and exemption through "Internet + customs", which is the fourth tax guarantee notice applied by the enterprise this year. It is expected that the tariff of imported machine-made long staple cotton production line will be reduced by 37.68 million yuan.

Aksu customs has advanced its service, optimized its working mode, changed from waiting for application to active service, through the linkage mode of "Online + offline", popularized the knowledge and policies of tax reduction and exemption to textile and garment enterprises under its jurisdiction, conducted regular investigation and visits, and ensured that enterprises knew and enjoyed the policies. At the same time, a special post liaison mechanism should be established. For enterprises that need to handle tax reduction and exemption, they should actively send personnel to the enterprises to study the production process and product production process in detail, do a good job in commodity pre classification, and carry out the full factor audit of enterprise tax reduction and exemption application, improve the standard declaration level, and comprehensively answer the hot spots, convenience measures and customs clearance process of enterprises, The implementation of tax reduction and exemption procedures paperless, effectively reducing the cost of enterprises. Since this year, tax reduction and exemption procedures have been handled for 1024 sets of textile equipment. The total value of goods is 348 million yuan, with a total tariff reduction of 25.5862 million yuan and vat of 3.3262 million yuan.

   "We earnestly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue to work hard to promote the stability and quality of foreign trade, fully support the textile industry to import advanced production equipment and technology through the tax reduction and exemption policy, focus on supporting the development of new functional textile materials and industrial textiles, and do a good job in the" booster "of high-quality development of the textile industry, and promote the textile industry cluster in Aksu region Group and industry extension, set foot on the fast lane of high-quality development as soon as possible. " Said Zhang Jun, deputy director of Aksu customs.

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