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Industrial Cluster: 12.68 Million Mu Commercial Cotton Harvested By Xinjiang Production And Construction Corps

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Xinjiang production and Construction Corps (XPCC) is an important commodity cotton production base in China, which contributes 1 / 3 of the cotton production by relying on 1 / 4 cotton planting area in China. In November, the cotton harvest in all reclamation areas in the north and south of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps was basically completed. The cotton growers and cities should increase investment in science and technology, continue to promote new varieties, and constantly strengthen field management, so that the harvest of cotton will be a foregone conclusion.

   Both yield and quality are improved, and a good harvest is a foregone conclusion

China Cotton looks at Xinjiang, Xinjiang cotton looks at Corps. The cultivation and production of cotton in XPCC has always attracted much attention.

In the 143rd regiment of the eighth division of the Corps, three cotton pickers finished harvesting 60 mu of cotton fields in less than one hour. "I planted Xinluzao 84, which is a cotton variety mainly promoted by Shishi City. It has the characteristics of high yield and high quality, and the yield per unit area is expected to reach 480KG." Yang Chuanjia, a worker, was very satisfied with the output.

Shihezi city is an important high-quality cotton production base in China. The cotton planting area accounts for about one fourth of the XPCC. The "Yinli" brand cotton has a strong influence in China and is generally recognized by textile enterprises. Last year, the 14th and 3rd regiment set a new record of 476 kg per hectare of cotton seed cotton per hectare.

In the 19th company of the 12th Five regiment of the seventh division, Ma Xiulan, an employee, looked at the cotton bags in the cotton field and felt happy. She planted 170 mu of cotton, seed cotton yield of nearly 530kg, is the highest in recent years. This year, the cotton planting area in huyanghe city of the seventh division has exceeded 1.8 million mu, and the total seed cotton production is expected to exceed 900000 tons, with the unit yield increased by about 9% compared with last year.

The 750000 Mu cotton in Shuanghe city of the Fifth Division has achieved a good harvest. The total output of seed cotton is expected to be 330000 tons, and the highest yield per unit area of seed cotton is more than 610 kg. The planting and management mode of "Party branch + cooperative + staff" has been fully implemented in the city. Lu Yibo, director of the professional cooperative for agricultural planting in Juneng, said that this year, 365 members planted 30000 mu of cotton, an increase of more than 50 kg per mu compared with last year.

   Domestic cotton picker becomes mainstream

Behind the harvest is the investment in science and technology and the improvement of management.

Huyanghe agricultural and rural Bureau of the seventh division introduced that in order to improve the cotton yield, this year, the division city vigorously carried out the activities of creating demonstration areas and 1000 mu demonstration fields of cotton, and more than 160 agricultural technicians went to the front line to guide and help farmers select good varieties, and promote the use of precision sowing, water and fertilizer integration and other technologies in the whole process.

This year, the XPCC's cotton planting area reached 12.68 million mu, a decrease of 700000 Mu compared with last year, and continued to implement the cotton quality improvement action. The cotton variety structure has been further optimized through the comprehensive promotion of the "one group, one product, one main and two auxiliary" mode. Agricultural technical personnel and members of the two committees of the company divided responsibilities and fixed areas, followed up the whole process of spring planting, summer management and autumn harvest, continuously improved the scientific planting level of staff, ensured the implementation of key technologies such as precision on-demand sowing and water saving drip irrigation under film, so as to improve the yield of seed cotton in main cotton planting areas in South and North Xinjiang.

At the same time, the XPCC also strengthened the standardization of cotton pickers. Each cotton planting division and city allocated 3300 cotton pickers, nearly 700 more than last year, and the net picking rate and harvesting quality were further improved.

It is worth mentioning that in this year's cotton picking operation, the figure of "BINGTUAN made" cotton picker appeared. Xinjiang Swan modern agricultural machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Wujiaqu Economic Development Zone of Liushi, has successfully developed a six line self-propelled packing cotton picker. Li Zhantao, the person in charge of the company, introduced that the localization rate of the whole machine was 93%, and the core components were completely localized. Each cotton picker could pick 500 mu of cotton a day, with a net picking rate of 97%.

In recent years, Xinjiang boshiran, modern agricultural clothing, swan shares, Tiejian heavy industry and other enterprises have made breakthroughs in independent innovation. They have overcome many "neck sticking" technologies of cotton pickers, including automatic control system, and have produced domestic high-end cotton pickers with low price and high quality, which has won the recognition of the market and cotton farmers.

This year, more than 80% of the domestic cotton pickers have become the absolute main force of cotton picking in Xinjiang. In particular, the unmanned cotton picker equipped with Beidou navigation system not only saves labor but also improves the net picking rate.

Cotton harvest is basically finished, cotton planting workers seize the time to sell new cotton. At present, more than 200 cotton processing plants of XPCC have been purchased by scale, cotton inspectors and cotton quality public inspectors have all been in place, and the cotton sales work has been carried out steadily.

In the Tamen Town Branch of Lihua cotton industry in Alar City of the eighth regiment of the first division, vehicles loaded with new cotton are lining up to weigh in order. In strict accordance with the procedures of "one trial and five determinations", foreign fiber management and variety grading stacking, the staff do a good job of service.

"This year, we expect to process 13000 tons of lint and 35000 tons of seed cotton. So far, we have completed the acquisition of 30000 tons. In order to achieve the goal of purchasing one batch of processing one batch, all production lines of the enterprise are in full operation, and the daily lint processing capacity reaches 180 tons." Gao Jian, the person in charge of the company, introduced that this year's cotton color grade, fiber length and breaking strength have been greatly improved compared with last year, and the cotton quality is obviously better than last year. The enterprise will seize the golden period of cotton harvest, realize the full collection of accounts receivable, fast harvest and fast rolling.

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