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Industrial Cluster: Lixian County Passed The Evaluation Of "China Textile City" Pilot Cluster

2022/11/23 18:39:00 0

Lixian County; Woolen Cloth

On November 17, Lixian County passed the cluster evaluation of "China woolen city" organized by China Wool Textile Association. This indicates that our county textile industry will usher in new development opportunities and step into a new track of high-quality development.

The review meeting shall be conducted on site and online. Liu Jiaqiang, President of China Wool Textile Association, and Liu Yan, vice president of China Wool Textile Association, made a special trip to Li county to attend the evaluation meeting.

Before the meeting, Chen Wei, Secretary of the county Party committee, had in-depth exchanges with Liu Jiaqiang. Wu Sujie, director of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, di Wei, deputy county magistrate, comrades in charge of the Bureau of industry and information technology of the county and Lixian Textile Association attended the meeting.

Wu Sujie delivered a speech at the review meeting. He pointed out that in recent years, Lixian County has taken the textile and garment industry as the first industrial cluster for current development, concentrating on transformation and upgrading to support industrial development. The county's wool textile industry cluster involves 13 industries, such as cashmere, double-sided cloth, wool textile, towel, cotton clothing, etc. there are 48 Enterprises above the designated size, 8 high-tech enterprises, 159 small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, and 3 specialized and special new enterprises. In 2019, it was rated as "famous county of textile industry in Hebei Province", and in 2021 it was named "famous county of cotton clothing in Hebei Province".

Liu Jiaqiang put forward guiding opinions on increasing investment in research and development, brand cultivation, going out and introducing to develop market and improving competitiveness of Lixian textile industry.

Di Wei introduced the overall situation of the county's textile industry at the meeting.

After comprehensive evaluation, the expert group agreed that the wool textile industry in Lixian County has a good foundation, and the production and processing system of woolen yarn and woolen cloth is relatively perfect. It has formulated policies and measures to promote the development of cluster industry, and has established the coordination mechanism of cluster industry under the guidance of the government. The market share occupies an important position in similar clusters and industries in China, and the industrial characteristics are outstanding. After scoring by experts, Li county was approved to apply for "China's Woolen city".

At the meeting, the county government and the China Wool Textile Association signed the "China wool textile industry cluster pilot area co construction agreement".

(source: Baoding Municipal People's Government)

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