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Qinghe Cashmere Town In Xingtai, Hebei Province Was Selected Into The National Textile And Clothing Creative Design Demonstration Park

2022/11/24 18:25:00 35

Qinghe Cashmere

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of the second batch of textile and garment creative design demonstration parks (platforms). A total of 7 parks (platforms) were selected, including Qinghe cashmere town in Xingtai, Hebei Province.

Qinghe cashmere in Xingtai is one of 107 key characteristic industrial clusters in Hebei Province, and is also the largest cashmere processing and distribution center in China. In 2021, the revenue will reach 31.78 billion yuan and the tax revenue will be 240 million yuan. Qinghe cashmere town focuses on building core functional platforms such as design and Exhibition Center, fashion trend exhibition base, creative design incubation base, innovative talent apartment, new product release center, etc., attracting innovative design institutions and talents such as large fashion design enterprises, well-known designer studios, and demonstration bases of scientific research institutions, Become the top cashmere products creative design center in China.

Textile and garment creative design demonstration park (platform) refers to the carrier and platform registered in China, gathering entrepreneurial and innovative service resources, engaging in textile and garment R & D and product development, and providing creative design support for textile and garment enterprises. Up to now, Hebei Province has one national pilot park (Langfang Yongqing yunshang town) and one national demonstration park (Qinghe cashmere town in Xingtai).

(source: Hebei Daily)

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