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Innovation And Development: Academicians And Experts Gather To Recruit And Achieve Gratifying Achievements In Transformation Of Scientific And Technological Achievements

2022/11/24 18:32:00 0

Shaoxing City; Keqiao

   On November 17, it was sponsored by China Textile Engineering Society, people's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and undertaken by China Light and Textile City Construction Management Committee of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and co sponsored by Zhejiang science and Technology Association, modern textile technology innovation center (Jianhu laboratory), China Textile creative Industry Service Co., Ltd. of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City The "science and technology creates China" academician expert forum and 2022 National Textile Science and technology achievements transformation and cooperation conference supported by Shishi China Textile Research Institute were held in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City.
   Fu Guangwei, President of China Textile Engineering Association, Yin Naidong, executive vice president, Gao Huifang, Secretary General; Jiang Changcai, first-class inspector of Zhejiang Association for science and technology; Wang Yuzhong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering; Ni Qingqing, member of Japanese Academy of engineering; Meng Jiaguang, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Tao Xiaoming, member of international textile society and President of intelligent wearable system Research Institute of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Meng Zhijun, Secretary of the Party group of Shaoxing Association for science and technology, Wang Yanchun, deputy head of the people's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and other leading guests attended the meeting in an online and offline manner. The conference focused on "leaping and upgrading of science and technology empowerment", and more than 300 enterprise representatives from textile and garment industrial clusters in Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other relevant institutions of higher learning participated in the exchange.
   Wang Yanchun mentioned in his speech that Keqiao has anchored the goal of building a world-class modern textile industrial cluster, adhered to the transformation direction of "innovation leading and creativity driven", exerted the advantages of "platform + innovation", deepened the "enterprise + innovation" mode, created the "talent + innovation" ecology, and vigorously promoted the integration of textile technology and design, the upgrading of materials and equipment, and the extension of products and applications, Accelerate the transformation from textile manufacturing to textile creation.
   Jiang Changcai pointed out that Zhejiang Province has actively participated in the construction of the resource sharing platform of the China Association for science and technology, made great efforts to promote the deepening of "science and technology innovation China" in Zhejiang, and repeatedly upgraded the construction of Zhejiang model room of "science and technology innovation China". This year, it has established five science and technology service groups, including digital technology, life and health, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and new energy, modern agriculture and energy conservation and environmental protection, Promote the deep integration of regional science, technology and economy.
   Fu Guangwei proposed that in the process of transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the textile industry, first, we should strengthen the industry's scientific and technological independence, and solve the "neck sticking" technology; The second is to enhance the transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements. At present, there is a serious disjunction between the supply side and the demand side of innovative technology. Only by transforming the scientific and technological innovation achievements into the real driving force to promote the economic and social development can we realize the high-quality development of the textile industry; Third, we should focus on attracting and cultivating talents, provide space for personal development, and give full play to the enthusiasm of talents. The main body of employing personnel should set up a platform, burden and position, so as to make talents have a place to use and let more "Qianlima" shine in the innovation Arena.
   At the opening ceremony of the conference, the awarding ceremony of "Baicao fiber 2022 Textile Scientific and technological achievements transformation Contribution Award" was held. Fan Wei of Xi'an Engineering University, sun Hongyu of Huafang Co., Ltd., Wang Chunhong of Tianjin University of technology, Xu Jigang of China Textile Research Institute Co., Ltd., Yang Yan of Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. and Zhou Liming of Guangdong Yida Textile Co., Ltd. won awards; At the opening ceremony of the conference, the Secretariat of the international silk union and the Secretariat of the China Textile Engineering Association signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will jointly promote strategic cooperation in silk talent training and international exchanges at home and abroad in the future; In addition, the training center of the "belt and road" International Textile Science and technology alliance of the international silk union and Pakistan National Textile University was awarded the title and plaque.
   In the academician expert forum, two foreign academicians, Ni Qingqing of Japanese Academy of engineering and Meng Jiaguang of Russian Academy of natural sciences, respectively made special reports on multidimensional three-dimensional textile composite materials and their industrial application, function and intelligent knitted fabrics and production technology Professor Tao Xiaoming, Dean of the Institute of intelligent wearable systems, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, made online reports on recycling and high value utilization of waste textiles, research and development and application of green health intelligent technology.
   On the afternoon of the 17th, three parallel sub venues of green printing and dyeing processing technology, digital and intelligent textiles and functional textile materials were also held. 16 industry experts from enterprises, universities and research institutes represented by Guangdong Yida Textile Group, Huafang Co., Ltd., Donghua University, baidu group and China Textile Science Research Institute made technical reports.
   At the same time, the conference also set up the "science and technology innovation China" Textile Science and technology achievements exhibition, covering four themes: the textile science and technology achievements transformation contribution award exhibition area, the textile university achievement exhibition area, the Textile Research Institute achievement exhibition area and the military and civil dual-use textile achievement exhibition area. A total of 164 highly mature and highly transformable advanced technological achievements from 26 national units were selected for display.
   (source: textile and clothing weekly)
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