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Local Industry: Pay Attention To The Textile Project Construction In Qianfeng District Of Guang'An City

2022/11/24 18:43:00 0

Qianfeng DistrictGuang'An City; Spin; Cardigan

Recently, in the hall on the second floor of the innovation and entrepreneurship center of Qianfeng District Industrial Park in Guang'an City, the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Sichuan Muzhi Digital Technology Co., Ltd., more than 20 engineers debugged the equipment in the workshop, which is the first batch of 200 first-line forming computerized flat knitting machines.

"The project was officially launched in early November, and the first phase of the project was commissioned and produced at the end of this month. After the second batch of 300 sets of equipment entered the site in mid December, the installation and commissioning will be accelerated, and all the equipment will be put into production during the spring Festival." According to Lei Guangchun, general manager of Sichuan Muzhi Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the company's main partners are Jinba, Qipai, baoxiniao, etc.

It is understood that on June 29, this year, Qianfeng district held a light and textile industry development promotion meeting and project signing ceremony, and Zhejiang Muzhi Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Qianfeng district signed the investment and cooperation agreement on Muzhi textile production project of Qianfeng first-line molding technology demonstration base. The total investment of the project is 500 million yuan. The new knitting production line of 500 first-line computer forming machines is expected to achieve an annual output value of more than 200 million yuan and an annual output of 4 million sweaters.

Standing in front of a line forming computerized knitting flat knitting machine, Lei Guangchun pointed to the zhipao yarn mouth on the equipment and introduced, "this is the most advanced equipment in the domestic knitting industry. The yarn mouth can sense the yarn ends and joints, and a yarn can directly run out of a garment. One equipment can make 15 to 25 pieces of clothes a day."

Now, the preparations for putting into production are in full swing, and recruitment is an important part. It is understood that the project is expected to recruit more than 200 workers. At present, more than 20 workers have been recruited, such as equipment management personnel, mending lines and OEM. LAN kaiyong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Qianfeng Industrial Park, said that the Park held an on-site job fair on the 15th of each month to provide sites for Contracted Enterprises and help them recruit workers.

In order to promote the early commissioning of the project, Qianfeng district has also set up a special team to track the progress of the project and coordinate to solve the difficulties in project promotion.

"This year, there are 19 Enterprises under construction in our park, and up to 10 enterprises can be put into production before the Spring Festival. We will fully guarantee that the contracted enterprises will land early, the landing enterprises will start early, and the start-up enterprises will put into production early. We will strive to achieve the target output value of 2.07 billion yuan in the fourth quarter of the year." LAN kaiyong introduced that at present, Qianfeng textile and garment industry has basically formed an industrial chain of "spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment making and water washing".

(source: Publicity Department of Qianfeng District Committee)

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