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Innovative Development: Digital Enabling Textile Industry Ushers In A New Development Direction

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Fashion industry circulation is an important hub linking the upstream and downstream of textile and garment industry. To promote the high-quality development of fashion industry circulation is an inevitable choice to adapt to the situation and industrial reality, and is the internal demand to break through the bottleneck and build a strong engine of textile industry. Recently, 2022 China (Keqiao) fashion industry circulation development conference was held in Keqiao. At the meeting, industry experts and scholars from the national key textile and garment professional markets, e-commerce platforms, fashion industry clusters and industrial circulation fields gathered in the form of "Online + offline" to share experience, discuss business opportunities, seek high-quality development of fashion industry circulation, and promote the construction of a new community of industrial circulation destiny.

Digital enabling industry ushers in a new development direction

At present, the great changes in the world that have not happened in a hundred years are accelerating the evolution, the epidemic situation in the century has a far-reaching impact, and the world economic recovery is weak; All kinds of new formats, new models and traditional industries overlap and reconstruct, digital economy, fashion and creative economy and traditional commerce accelerate and deeply blend. The transformation and upgrading of China's textile and clothing professional market is facing serious challenges from a series of new and old topics.

   "Now the world has entered the era of digital economy. The application of a large number of digital technologies and big data is promoting the integration and interactive development of many technologies. Especially, the combination with modern circulation will accelerate the generation of new supply, new services, new industries and new operation modes, as well as new circulation organizations. Therefore, the digital economy era will bring great changes to the circulation. ”Wang Wei, director of the market economy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, focuses on the focus of the construction of modern circulation system, focusing on the need to closely link with new technologies and take digital transformation as the guidance to form innovative circulation channels, supply chain systems and efficient supply-demand matching mechanism, so as to inject new energy into the development of new industries.

Wang Deli, Ph.D. of Donghua University and researcher of industrial Internet research center of Yangtze River Delta Research Institute in Tsinghua, Zhejiang Province, believes that supply chain is an important support behind the rapid development of digital fashion industry. At present, the supply chain presents a global visualization. Among them, overseas warehouse is playing an increasingly important role in the whole digital transformation. In addition to building e-commerce platforms and overseas warehouses, we should pay more attention to the digital operation capability.

Innovation and development to strengthen the professional market platform

As an important circulation hub and information hub of the supply chain of China's textile industry chain, the specialized market of textile and clothing is a typical representative of market resource advantages of textile industry and an active practitioner of Chinese style modernization. How to develop professional market in the new situation?

"One is to consolidate and expand the capacity of commercial circulation; the second is to accelerate the process of digitization; the third is to accelerate the improvement of industrial ecological supply chain." Xie Qing, vice president of circulation branch of China Textile Industry Federation, said.

As a representative of the national professional market, China Textile City has explored a lot of innovative experience in practice. How to take the road of professional market in the future? Wang Baitong, general manager of Zhejiang China Light and Textile City Group Co., Ltd., believes that the professional market should continue to innovate and develop to strengthen the market platform.

Wang Baitong introduced that while the group continued to consolidate the original eight major physical markets, it further strengthened the investment promotion and Longshi, and planned a new development direction of the professional market. "For example, in our professional market, we have planned a lot of fashion space for fashion creativity, fashion development, fashion design, and quick return of small clothing orders."

At the same time, the light and textile city group has also developed and constructed the overall system of the digital market of China Light and textile city. The first phase of the construction covers the functions of all aspects of traditional professional market management, and the second phase of construction is launched this year. In terms of digitalization, in addition to the two traditional e-commerce platforms, online cloud exhibition, smart logistics platform and e-commerce live broadcasting base have also been launched. In addition, the textile city group has further accelerated its integration into the "belt and road initiative", promoted the construction of "Keqiao" of China Europe Express, participated in the development of cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade, and launched the construction of textile digital logistics port.

Linkage between upstream and downstream to build a community of industrial circulation destiny

In April this year, the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on speeding up the construction of a unified national market were officially released, pointing out that the construction of a national unified market is the basic support and internal requirement for the construction of a new development pattern. It is necessary to create and lead demand with high-quality supply, so as to make production, distribution, circulation and consumption more smooth, and improve the efficiency of market operation, We should further consolidate and expand the advantages of market resources, speed up the breakthrough of key blocking points restricting economic circulation, promote the smooth flow of commodity factor resources in a larger scope, and comprehensively promote the transformation of China's market from large to strong. At the meeting, 10 representatives of national key industry associations and professional markets jointly issued the joint action Declaration on accelerating the construction of a unified national market.

On the spot of the event, Ni Junfeng, Secretary of the non-public Party committee of Jiangsu Changshu fashion city management committee, Liu Xinming, business director of Alibaba cloud global ecological development department, Lu Huihua, chairman of Suzhou Huakai Yanran Clothing Co., Ltd., and Tu Jun, one of China's top ten fashion designers, combined with their own practical experience, jointly discussed the feasibility plan for the coordinated development of fashion industry under the unified big market strategy.

   "Practice tells us that all links of the industrial chain and supply chain are a community of shared destiny, and the textile and clothing professional market is an important market resource of China's textile industry. We should comply with the industrial trend of" science and technology, fashion and green ", accelerate the implementation of the strategy of building a unified national market, strengthen the cross chain, cross regional and cross-border resources integration and coordination, and work together to achieve win-win results Development. " Xie Qing called on the upstream and downstream parties to join hands to build a new community of shared destiny for industrial circulation.

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