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One Can Line Industry To Do What Others Do Not Want To Do

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Sewing Thread

When it comes to domestic brands, what do you think?

In the cognition of many people, the brand label of China is "cheap".

With the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, many big countries are trying their best to build and promote their own brand image. For example, the United States mainly promotes "innovation", Japan advocates "quality", Germany advocates "preciseness", France advocates "fashion", and Switzerland advocates "precision".

After 40 years of sustained and rapid growth, China has become the world's second largest economy, the largest industrial producer, the largest exporter, and the world's largest single consumer market. Are domestic products still only about cost performance?

In fact, there is such a brand in the field of sewing thread. Since 2004, it has been benchmarking with the international market and hitting the high-end market. It has become the leader of the international sewing products thread. From a 2-meter shop to a 6000 Square flagship store, it has blazed a path of China's first high-end research and development of sewing thread brand.

(above: Yike line Co., Ltd. has set up the "spot sample center of special thread color" for shoe and clothing proofing design and development, covering an area of 6000 square meters, with a spot reserve of more than 200 varieties and more than 100000 colors, and a distribution service team of nearly 80 people.)

Connect a brand with a string

Kazuo Inamori once said: "all the so-called celebrities and masters in all walks of life have worked hard and assiduously before reaching this level." In Wenzhou, China, there are such a group of people who have only focused on one thing in 36 years: R & D and production of sewing thread.

Yike line industry, which originated in 1986, was the agent of domestic industry benchmark enterprises in the early stage. In 1998, Yike line warehouse was named "Yike line warehouse" and created its own brand "July 7". It was born with the gene of Chinese traditional culture. At that time, Yike line industry was already the positioning of domestic first-line brands. In Wenzhou area, the price of leading products was 10% - 15% higher than that of similar leading products, and the market share of the same industry was also far exceeded.

With the change and upgrading of market demand, Wenzhou has gradually become the centralized production and processing place of high-end men's wear in the world. There are hundreds of international first-class and second-line high-end brands producing OEM products in Wenzhou. More than half of the footwear and clothing products of the top ten luxury brands are OEM processed in Wenzhou. However, the OEM of high-end brands also brought the industry's top production technology and auxiliary materials supply chain. At that time, the brand positioning of "July 7" was still on ordinary products, so a large number of customers were snatched by international high-end sewing thread brands.

In order to expand the market share of the whole country, the price of ordinary products of Yike thread industry has dropped to the same price as the original agent brand sewing thread. The domestic industry benchmark brand originally acting for has also been acquired by foreign enterprises, and the brand influence is becoming weaker and weaker. This makes Yike line industry feel deeply and arouse its desire for the rise of Chinese brand, However, in the face of the sudden emergence of international high-end sewing thread brands, how to break through and seize the market has become the most urgent problem for the sewing industry.

   Determined to change, impact high-end

Talking about sewing thread, many people have a familiar and strange feeling, it seems that we are very close and far away. But our life's shoes and clothing, bags, home textiles are inseparable from a thread of interwoven, truly high-quality sewing products, we should pay attention to every detail, even a thread.

Just like a suit, if you really achieve the extreme, you may need to use more than ten kinds of thread, each part of the line is different, each has its own particular. This kind of sewing products use different thread in different parts. The amount of single color and single variety is less. The quality control is strict and the production cost is high. Therefore, we call this kind of sewing thread high-end sewing thread.

In the early stage, these high-end sewing thread schemes were led by foreign sewing thread brands. Foreign enterprises usually produce according to orders and do not reserve more colors in stock. However, most of China's sewing thread enterprises stay in traditional production with relatively few varieties. If a large number of color spot reserves, then the profit is meager, unable to develop.

In 2004, Yike "7S" brand was born, and "Yike thread warehouse" was renamed "Yike thread industry". It is determined to produce better products with better raw materials and advanced production technology, so as to create the first high-end R & D sewing thread brand in China. In the process of production and sales, the company found that the running down problem of down jacket was the industry pain point, so it began to develop a method to prevent down running by blocking the needle hole with sewing thread, which was the first in the sewing thread industry.

Until 2010, Yike thread Co., Ltd. launched the down jacket anti running wool to the market, and obtained the national invention patent, marking the transformation of China's sewing thread enterprises from learning foreign products to doing ordinary production to independent research and development. With the recognition and attention of more and more clothing brands, down jacket anti running yarn has set off a huge wave in the industry.

A few years later, many foreign high-end sewing thread brands have started to study and develop anti running down suede. Even though the characteristics of the products are different, foreign brands have quickly occupied the market by virtue of brand effect. All this has once puzzled the person in charge of Yike thread industry. How to make China's sewing thread brand really stand up is not only a single product advantage, but also more other advantages for the rise of China's sewing thread industry.

Figure: the elastic yarn produced by Yike thread Co., Ltd. has 500 + colors, the fine thread has 2000 + colors, the super fine thread has 900 + colors, and the super polyester three ply yarn has 1500 + colors

Figure: the application of Yike's elastic thread in the production of sportswear, yoga clothing and other clothing

Do what others don't want to do

As for sewing thread, a small subdivision industry, few enterprises can achieve tens of millions of spot reserves of special thread colors like Yike thread industry. This is another great pioneering work for the sewing thread industry to fight for its dream: to establish the largest and most complete spot reserve of special thread colors in the sewing thread industry. So far, Yike line industry has more than 200 categories, more than 100000 colors of special line color spot. To do what others don't want to do and focus on the last is victory.

In order to better serve customers, Yike sewing line Co., Ltd. has opened the largest sewing thread flagship store with an area of 6000 square meters in Wenzhou. In addition to the distribution stores in various regions, the company now has a sales service team of more than 100 people, which should be the largest direct sales team in the domestic sewing thread industry.

"Losing money to make a friend" is a normal service of the company. Because of such a "super flagship store of shoe and clothing sewing thread detail technology and decorative thread proofing and design", ordering one or several special threads for a garment can meet all the needs of customers from color matching, inquiry and distribution to final delivery. Even if a customer's order only a few yuan or even a few cents profit, not enough labor costs, but there are 70 or 80 people sales service team. All this is to create China's first high-end R & D sewing thread brand dream.

The high-end road of Yike line industry starts from building "7S" brand. In Wenzhou, yikexian has helped hundreds of international first and second-class brands to make high-end shoes and clothing processing lines. 80-90% of Wenzhou's high-end OEM processing enterprises are cooperating with Yike line industry. After accumulating certain fame, they have begun to radiate to high-end footwear, clothing, bags and bags manufacturing enterprises all over the country. Germany boss, Armani, Sacchi, CK and other 100 international first-class and second-class brands have sewing thread for the sewing industry. However, the biggest regret is that they can not be directly designated by foreign brands. Different countries have their own sewing thread supplier barriers.

Fortunately, due to the cooperation with many high-end production enterprises, Yike thread industry has also been recognized by more and more Chinese shoes and clothing brands. Dozens of listed companies and thousands of shoe clothing box and bag sewing products enterprises have established cooperative relations with Yike thread industry.

Break the prejudice, let "China expensive" also can take for granted

"If you can't solve the sewing details of shoes and clothing related to sewing thread, you can have a try if you can't solve them well". For nearly 20 years, a large amount of R & D investment has been recognized by many footwear and clothing brands. Many shoe and clothing enterprises that have already cooperated with international sewing thread brands have found a perfect solution to the problem because the details of the process are still not well solved. Although the price of some solutions is a little higher than that of foreign sewing thread, they are also willing to choose one. In the product exhibition and recommendation, they can also get more customers' favor. Therefore, there is a misunderstanding in the industry that "Yike thread industry" is more expensive than foreign sewing thread brands.

In fact, there is a huge gap between the quality and standard of seemingly identical products. More expensive products bring higher quality service and higher added value of products. The price orientation of Yike line industry will not be more expensive than that of foreign mainstream brands in 5-10 years, and Yike will also be less expensive in terms of service, delivery time and various hidden costs. Yike thread industry first put forward the vision of China's first high-end R & D sewing thread brand: to be the leader of international sewing thread. Detailed process research and development will be a core competitiveness.

Yike has also been invited to participate in many universities, footwear industry forums and benchmarking enterprises to share and discuss the details of footwear and clothing technology, and tell the story of craftsman who started to cultivate high-end quality from one thread. "China's first high-end R & D sewing thread brand" is the evaluation given by many people in the industry after understanding the Yike line industry. The expectation of the industry is that it can really break the existing sales limitations and truly stand on the top international stage.

Now, more and more big brands at home and abroad can see and choose one. One is also committed to changing consumers' inherent impression of sewing thread, guiding consumers to pay attention to textile details, and injecting the craftsmanship spirit of a thread into the product value chain. Lead the international sewing product thread scheme, let "China expensive" become a matter of course, let the world re understand the made in China.

The high end era of Chinese brands is coming

With the upgrading of consumption, the sewing thread brand will face a new challenge in the future -- the high-end brand.

If Chinese brands want to become high-end world brands, they will inevitably encounter the obstruction and encirclement and suppression of competitors. For example, many international top surface and accessories suppliers still have a lot of different treatment when choosing customers - the newly developed products will give priority to their own national shoes and clothing brands. There are also many international brands that recognize their own sewing thread brands. What they can cooperate with are their OEM processing enterprises. The road to the rise of domestic brands is full of challenges.

Let Chinese products have a place, will not be stuck by others, the best way is to dare to stand up, a competition. The positioning of Yike line industry is: no one I have, others have me excellent, and compete with international top peers on the same platform. The same category, better quality, better service, more advantages in price; At the same time, we can also use more high-end products to occupy the high position, solve the pain points and difficulties in the shoe and clothing industry, and let the world customers re understand the Chinese line.

Today, the rise of China's shoes and clothing textile brands, to make "China expensive" a matter of course, needs the rise of all-round, from fabric, to accessories, even if it is a thread, to achieve success. In order to make a Chinese brand that can match or even surpass the international brand, it not only needs an enterprise to be excellent enough, but also needs the iteration and upgrading of the whole industrial chain.

Yike line industry has been adhering to the spirit of craftsman worthy of heart, from the breakthrough of production technology to the improvement of production equipment, continuous innovation, some products have been ahead of the international counterparts, win at the starting point. After 36 years of precipitation and accumulation, relying on its own strong product advantages, Yike thread industry has established its foothold in the flood of shoe and clothing textile market renewal and iteration, and has also walked out a road worthy of reference for domestic brands.

Behind the rapid development of China's first high-end R & D sewing thread brand, Yike thread industry means that the high-end era of Chinese brands has come, which is an opportunity for Chinese brands to enter the global high-end market.

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