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Three Decades Of Vigorous Development, Guangzhou Baima Garment Market Takes The Opportunity To Open Up A New Chapter

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On the 30th anniversary, Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market (hereinafter referred to as "White Horse") has a brilliant development history. On January 8, White Horse celebrated its 30th anniversary. Industry association personage, domestic well-known Fashion Designer Buyers, fashion buyers and other guests from all over the country gathered at the scene to send congratulations on the 30th anniversary of White Horse. On the anniversary day, the scene was crowded, and the positive signal of economic recovery was emerging strongly. Baima launched the New Year Shopping Festival, promoted consumption expansion and promotion by issuing consumption vouchers and gifts, and helped build Guangzhou into an international consumption center city.

Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, as the core member of Yuexiu Group's "wholesale and retail industry chain owner" enterprise, has been developing vigorously for 30 years, seeking breakthroughs in development and opening up a new situation in the changing situation. Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, which opened on January 8, 1993, is not only the incubator of Chinese clothing brands, but also the leader in the development of Chinese clothing market.


  Open up a new path and lead development

The 30-year development process not only reflects the growth and development of Guangzhou Baima clothing market, but also epitomizes the emergence and rapid growth of China's clothing professional market. It is also integrated into the process of a number of small and medium-sized clothing enterprises from the initial establishment of brands in the professional market to occupy the fashion consumer market.

In 1993, Baima, as the first modern clothing professional market operating in China, opened up a new business model for clothing self-employed households. In just one year, it ranked first in the market competition of more than 100 million yuan in Guangzhou. In the past 30 years, Baima has won many honorary titles, such as the Chinese clothing brand incubation base, the national, provincial and municipal civilized market, the top ten clothing wholesale markets in China, the top 50 markets in Guangdong's commodity trading competitiveness, the most competitive market in Guangdong's clothing industry, and Guangdong's leading circulation enterprise. Innovation leads the development of the clothing market, consolidates the position of the benchmarking market in the clothing industry, and Baima continues to lead the development of China's clothing professional market in terms of business model, brand incubation, etc.


  Incubate brands and go global

Since its establishment, Guangzhou Baima Garment Market has always taken the service brand and service industry as its own responsibility. Based on the professional clothing market, it provides services for brand merchants in terms of channel development, model innovation, industrial chain resource integration, information release, etc. According to incomplete statistics, Baima has cultivated 78 on-site clothing brands to become China's clothing growth brands, and 35 merchants to become China's excellent clothing channel suppliers. A large number of excellent clothing brands, such as Caesar, Brother, Goliath, Bienlefen, Oushili and Duoyi, have gone from Baima to the whole country and become well-known brands in China and even the world, enjoying high popularity and reputation in the clothing market at home and abroad. After 30 years of market operation, Baima has created countless wealth creation dreamers and legends in the clothing industry!

  Expand channels and integrate resources

Since the new century, channel expansion has always been a sharp sword in market competition. Baima insists on expanding market channels with an open attitude and the concept of win-win cooperation. In 2009, Baima responded to the call of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Guangdong Provincial People's Government to "move Guangdong goods northward" and innovatively carried out the influence project of "serving China and the world". In 2017, Baima established the first terminal retail store "BM Original Collection Hall" And take the lead in exploring an efficient way for professional market products to directly enter the retail terminal. In 2021, Baima will respond to the call of "Guangdong Trade Nationwide", integrate high-quality Guangzhou goods, build a "Mosaic Guangdong Trade Nationwide" Guangzhou brand center, and establish the "Guangdong Trade National Commercial Real Estate Alliance".

Over the past three decades, Guangzhou Baima Garment Market has adhered to the construction of channel expansion, integrated industry resources, created a multi-dimensional industrial empowerment system, and built a supply and demand docking platform with strong radiation and high efficiency. Cooperate with merchants to carry out a nationwide exhibition tour, and jointly lead the fashion trend. While bringing more business opportunities to merchants and even the surrounding clothing market, it will drive the industry and industrial chain to achieve win-win results and promote the high-quality development of Guangdong fashion industry.

   Digital intelligence development, transformation and upgrading

   online retailers The rise of the industry has brought new development opportunities as well as an impact on the clothing wholesale market. Since 1998, Baima took the lead in launching Baima Clothing Network, the market side has adopted the operation mode of physical market+online e-commerce. Subsequently, Baima opened the clothing e-mall in 2008, independently developed the Baima Yan photo album applet in 2020, and built a BM live broadcast room in 2021. It helped merchants to develop sales channels through online promotion, and also vigorously promoted the process of professional market informatization construction.

In recent years, Yuexiu Commercial Investment has made great efforts to develop digital intelligence economy, and strengthened the traffic communication of its office buildings, shopping malls, professional markets and other commercial formats through the "Joy Club" member platform. Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, as a medium and high-end clothing market under Yuexiu Investment, which focuses on Chinese original design, has expanded nearly 310000 purchasers by means of online shop search live broadcast, offline fan absorption member activities, etc. through measures such as cultivating thousands of anchors and creating an offline shared live broadcast room, enriching the interests of members, improving the stickiness of purchasers, and settling more than 50000 B-end purchasers, More than 770 brand communities were established, and an efficient community service system was established.

In addition to the innovative leadership of the operation mode, Baima has comprehensively upgraded the building's image, supporting facilities, important facilities and other hardware. Since 2000, Baima has successively invested more than 100 million yuan in the market The second major reconstruction project. In the past three years, Baima has completed the renovation and upgrading of the first floor "Fashion Core", the second floor "Qingchuang Space", the eighth floor fashionable men's clothing area and the facade, introduced several catering brands, and opened a food plaza on the first floor of the market, forming an integrated procurement model and supporting convenient procurement services that converge clothing and accessories, to meet the one-stop procurement needs of buyers.

Set the tide bravely and write a new chapter

In 2023, the domestic consumption potential will continue to release and the foreign market will continue to recover. It is understood that Baima will seize new development opportunities and market resources at home and abroad, innovate in mode operation, market channels and brand empowerment mode, take some areas of the venue as a pilot, jointly run new business models with brand designers, increase support for designer brands and growth brands, and carry out large-scale joint order fairs, industry forums The exhibition and other activities will develop targeted promotion of secondary markets and business districts in East China, Central China and Dawan District, promote the sinking of high-quality brand channels, expand brand influence, and cultivate more small and medium-sized clothing enterprises to go out of the white horse and go global.

Transformation and upgrading continue to make efforts, and take advantage of the momentum to open up new chapters. White horses will continue to take root in the future Chinese clothing market , consolidate the leading position in the professional market field, continue to lead the high-quality development of China's textile and clothing circulation field in terms of business model, channel reform, innovative operation, etc., help the construction of Guangzhou City of Fashion, and continue to write a new historical chapter.

  [Yuexiu Commercial Investment]

As the commercial sector of Yuexiu Real Estate, Yuexiu Commercial Investment focuses on the full chain asset management of "development+operation+finance" of commercial real estate projects, covering multiple commercial formats such as office buildings, retail malls, professional markets, hotels and apartments. At present, the overall business operation and management area exceeds 7.3 million square meters, and the total assets exceed 109 billion yuan. In 2022, it will be ranked among the "Top Commercial Real Estate in China" No. 14 of "100", with rich asset management experience and strong capital operation strength.

[Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market]

Guangzhou Baima Garment Market is located in the core area of Guangzhou Liuhua Trade and Convention Zone, known as the famous clothing city in China. It was opened in January 1993. It is the first professional clothing market in the form of modern shopping malls in China. It gathers more than 1000 clothing manufacturers from across the country, such as the Pan Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, and its products radiate to 31 provinces, regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

Guangzhou Baima Garment Market is not only the spot wholesale and distribution center of medium and high-grade clothing, but also Clothing brand The chain franchise center has a variety of transaction modes to choose from, such as wholesale and retail, sample ordering, exclusive agent, chain franchise, etc. After years of cultivation and development, Guangzhou Baima Garment Market has become a banner of the national garment wholesale industry. It has won many honors, such as China's top ten garment professional markets, the China Textile Industry Federation Product Development Promotion Award, the first batch of garment brand incubation bases in China, famous trademarks in Guangdong Province, and leading enterprises in Guangdong modern wholesale market.

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