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Pop Gallery: Fashion Analysis Of Women'S Dresses Recommended By Designers In Autumn And Winter

2023/1/19 18:27:00 34

Women'S Dress

Slim fitting dress

The loose style was favored in previous seasons, and now the slim silhouette is constantly sought after. Strapless design (including bra design and off the shelf collar design) continues to grow in popularity on the recent runway.

Fine knitting and skin tight bottoming, combined with supporting skin tight clothing items, such as tight sports pants, to echo our sexy space theme, is the best choice for leisure parties.  

Consider comfortable texture and complex colors such as dark cherry red or brown. At the same time, for fashion avant-garde styles, we can consider the printing inspired by the universe.


The wrap dress is the most popular dress on the runway in autumn and winter 2022. The adjustable tailoring can meet the needs of different shapes and sizes.

Adding hollows and asymmetrical ties to a wrap dress can give the piece a new look.

As mentioned in the swamp element and space desert trend, you can focus on the abstract earth color printing to update the classic tie dyeing. At the same time, we can also explore the deformation design according to our re establishment trend.

Woolen one-piece dress

Woolen skirt continuously demonstrates its versatility. This item on the runway in autumn and winter 2022 has increased by 10%, which is an ideal choice for exploring soft tactile fabrics.

The hat design can meet the outdoor wear needs; The addition of casual buckle and collar design can make the piece more gender inclusive and business casual.

Explore expressionist art prints or three-dimensional landscape textures to refresh classic silhouettes such as rib long dresses or fashionable mini dresses.


With the return of attention to the elegant style, the shirt dress can also be reinterpreted with the cold season style, using tactile RWS certified wool and worsted yarn, as well as GRS renewable wool blend to create a luxurious and practical business and leisure style.

The characteristics of overcoat and dress can be integrated in the design to achieve multiple purposes, improve the value and meet the neutral needs.

Use bright color matching to echo the trend of dopamine minimalism, or update with flowers on a dark background, echoing the Twilight Garden theme in our twin prediction trend.

Straight dress

The straight dress is not only easy to wear and match, but also its simple characteristics perfectly match the trend theme of this season. Try a gentle light metallic color on the environmentally friendly pleated fabric to blend into our space desert theme.

The style of the new classic box type loose coat echoes our neutral dynamic workplace trend, and can be presented with textured silk and GOTS or GRS certified cotton.

The length of the skirt is getting shorter, please make sure to add the element of mini skirt into the design. Update the floral pattern with a more earthy color.

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