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Four Times Landing On The Official Agenda Of Milan Fashion Week, Jinba Men'S Wear Speaks For "Made In China"

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   How should Chinese brands express Chinese culture and oriental aesthetics and endow them with modernity? How can Chinese brands and textile intangible cultural heritage promote each other to radiate new impetus and show cultural confidence? The leading brand of China's high-end business casual men's wear, Jinba Men's Wear, has found a unique path suitable for brand development in 43 years of development. At the same time, Jinba has grasped the new demand of consumers for fashion clothes and is injecting new cultural connotation into the brand from the outside to the inside. It has also made its voice heard for "China Creation" and demonstrated cultural confidence through four times of landing on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week.
   On January 16, 2023, Milan time, Jinba Men's Wear will be on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week for the fourth time. At the Design Museum of Milan Triennial, Italy, the leading brand of Chinese high-end business casual men's wear, Jinba Men's Wear, with the high-end series KB HONG, with the elegant posture, modest attitude and courtesy of "jade and ritual", returned to the global vision again in the form of offline show with Chinese intangible cultural heritage, This is the first international show of Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men's Wear, after winning the "Golden Summit Award" for Chinese fashion design in September 2022.


   It is reported that after three years of repeated delays in the epidemic situation and two years of online video release, Powerful Men's Wear will return to Milan offline show again in 2023, becoming one of the first Chinese brands to go abroad after the adjustment of epidemic prevention policy in 2023, reflecting the strength of perseverance. Hong Boming, the leader of "Powerful Three Generations" and CEO and creative director of Powerful Men's Wear, said, "In the face of the full liberalization in China, we can already feel the vitality and the spirit of renewal when the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, and the future is foreseeable. I think this is the spirit of the Chinese people's self-improvement, the Chinese people's' dragon horse spirit '."
   Liu Kan, Consul General of China in Milan, congratulated by video, "I sincerely hope that as a Chinese high-end men's wear brand, Jinba Men's Wear will tell Chinese stories with Chinese brands, show the world the design strength and high-end quality of Chinese men's wear brands, and show the beauty of oriental aesthetics and Chinese humanities."
   Taking Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage to the World
   Chinese fashion brands radiate cultural confidence
   How should Chinese brands express Chinese culture and oriental aesthetics and endow them with modernity? Hong Bomingtong, CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men's Wear, brought some thoughts back to daily dress design, and gradually explored and practiced, The answer to Jinba Men's Wear: "The design and embodiment of Oriental Aesthetics in clothing should be refined and transformed after deep thinking and excavation, focusing on shape, but more on spirit and meaning. The 43 years of long-term adherence to quality has enabled Jinba Men's Wear to have confidence and confidence to become a Chinese high-end men's wear brand with real oriental cultural and aesthetic heritage."
   One of the highlights of this show is the cooperation between KB HONG, the high-end series of Jinba men's wear, and "horsetail embroidery", China's intangible cultural heritage, which is an ingenious integration and contemporary application of intangible cultural heritage. It is worth noting that textile intangible heritage is not only conducive to continuously strengthening the identity and emotional cohesion of cohabitants, forming a unique aesthetic identity, but also can complete the inheritance and innovation of textile civilization and build the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation.
   Jinba Men's Wear has been thinking about how to give new vitality to intangible cultural heritage and technology through the transformation and expression of clothing design. Through continuous excavation, sorting and integration, KB HONG started from the "living fossil" of embroidery - horsetail embroidery, an intangible cultural heritage handicraft handed down by Shui people for thousands of years, to explore its cultural genes and essence in a multi-dimensional way. Hong Boming believes that "what I see in horsetail embroidery is the beauty of flowing life, the wisdom of coexistence between human beings and nature, and the upward attitude towards life. The so-called" dragon horse spirit ", we really put the spirit of thousands of years into our bodies and took it to the world. I believe that this is just the beginning of inheritance for powerful tyrants..."
   The totem patterns of fish, dragon and other aquatic animals with strong styles excavated from ancient classics blend with the traditional hand woven Chinese knot, classic dragon pattern and smart tassel, which symbolize auspiciousness and eternal unity, and blend the elegant Chinese overlapping collar... The high-end series of Jinba men's wear KB HONG 2023 autumn and winter show is full of sincerity, connecting the East and the West through one stitch, It can also show the innovative and modern expression of Chinese clothing culture in the international context from multiple dimensions, such as texture fabric, cutting silhouette, color application, embroidery technology, etc. The cooperation between Jinba men's clothing and intangible cultural heritage can be said to achieve more at one stroke.

Song Shuixian, the representative inheritor of Shui nationality horsetail embroidery
   Inherit the oriental culture, three highlights reveal the high-end fashion power of Jinba men's wear
   The Powerba Men's 2023 F/W Milan Fashion Week show is an important measure to make a voice for Chinese culture, oriental aesthetics and create a voice for China. The theme of the release show is "Jade Ritual in Four Directions". The powerful high-end series KB HONG reconstructs the oriental totem spanning thousands of years with contemporary design -- the jade dragon pattern has been sublimated again. The application of more modern design language in contemporary men's clothing is a presentation of Chinese men's modest, elegant, stand out, vigorous and powerful style, combining the color beauty, color beauty and other characteristics of Chinese ancient jade, It maximizes the ultimate experience of visual senses to express the high recognition and inheritance of oriental culture.
   This season, the high-end series KB HONG 2023 Autumn and Winter Masterpieces of Jinba Men's Wear recreates the "Chinese symbol" from thousands of aesthetic images of China. With different elements of grand oriental characteristics as the carrier, it refines the modern expression of oriental aesthetics through multiple dimensions such as texture fabrics, cutting silhouettes, color application, embroidery technology, etc.
   Highlight 1:
   Traditional Future Symphony: Collision between Oriental Totem and Modern Pluralism
   The horsetail embroidery of Shui nationality, an intangible cultural heritage of China, is a kind of ancient pattern totem of fish, flower, dragon and other exquisite handicrafts handed down from generation to generation, which is used for contemporary design deconstruction, and radiates a style pattern that combines tradition and future. The collision and resonance between the ancient and the modern, the East and the West are like an art experiment in this season's show, which is just right without losing the balance of aesthetic feeling, with a sense of reality and future foresight.  
   Highlight 2:
   The wind comes from the east: not limited to the traditional cutting silhouette
   This season, KB HONG combines two seemingly different styles of the East and the West into one through tailoring and sewing. It also draws abundant inspiration from Chinese traditional clothing, gives more innovative details and silhouettes to the style of classic men's clothing, and at the same time, it is supplemented by the change of texture and material, the contrast of stitching and color contrast, and the application of overlapping and wearing doctrine, showing a trend attitude of men who pay attention to the trend, respect the origin, are not confined to the tradition, and are only loyal to themselves.  

   Highlight 3:

   Aesthetic coexistence and integration of East and West: the first choice of texture fabrics and color styles
   This season, KB HONG insists on using fabrics and advanced materials imported from Italy, such as cashmere, silk and wool, fur fabrics with comfortable touch, abstract texture fabrics, unique jacquard fabrics and functional fabrics; The use of color is also more bold. The jade color that echoes the theme of "Jade Ritual Quartet", ivory white, purple gray, fog gray, azure extracted from Chinese traditional color aesthetics, from light beige to firm and warm saddle brown, and the decoration of classic bright colors such as Jinba red and blue-green show the multifaceted nature and internal emotions of contemporary men, This is Jinba's redefinition of the new aesthetics of Chinese men's clothing color.  

   Four trips to the sea to tell the "Chinese story"

   High end new domestic products sound "China created"
   Jinba Men's Wear is one of the few Chinese brands that has been on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week for four consecutive years.
   It is reported that from the debut of the "door to see everything" in 2020, to the confident "rising voice" of Chinese brands in 2021, to the warm "rising voice" of "looking at the east and the world" in 2022, and to the generous and modest "reciprocity" agreement of "jade and etiquette" in 2023, the continuous voice of "strong hegemony" men's clothing is an international fashion Chinese consumers highly approve of Jinba Men's Wear.
   The confidence behind it stems from the fact that Jinba Men's Wear has always maintained high quality and high taste in creative design, pattern technology, pattern research and development for 43 years, tamping the soft and hard strength of Chinese jackets, and meeting the new demands of Chinese men's spiritual style from inside to outside in the diversified business leisure scene.
   Chinese brand is an important window for the world to understand China. It is one of the important tasks for enterprises in the textile and clothing industry to tell Chinese stories and convey Chinese spirit. For 43 years, Jinba Men's Wear, which has been adhering to the concept of "Made in China Jacket", is one of the important forces for inheriting Made in China and making progress towards Chinese creation.
   It is worth noting that Hong Boming, as the leader of "Powerful Three Generations", the post-90s generation, and CEO and creative director of Powerful Men's Wear, led Powerful Men's Wear to release the strategy of "high-end new domestic products" on the Great Wall in September 2021 and confidently voice "Powerful Manufacturing of Chinese Jackets" through multi-dimensional strategic innovation from a unique artistic aesthetic perspective. Behind this action is a profound insight into the rise of national strength, market demand and Chinese consumers. It is the strength accumulation of more than 40 years of concentration on industry, and it also conforms to the national development plan for national brands.

Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men's Wear, drew a "dragon pattern".
   "High end" does not necessarily mean excessively high price. For Jinba Men's Wear, high-end means providing consumers with more than expected consumption experience to help them become better themselves; "Domestic products" are products that can represent Chinese cultural symbols and tell Chinese stories in the future. Among them, Chinese jackets suitable for both business and leisure are probably the most representative. The new era of Jinba men's wear, focusing on the consistent high-quality, high-quality, international, fashionable, and content based ingenuity creation, has begun to meet the new era dress needs of Chinese men in business leisure and other diverse scenes with new colors, new silhouettes, new materials, and new styles since 2022.
   For 43 years since its establishment in 1980, Jinba Men's Wear has continued to expand the category creation and style creation of Chinese jackets, and has embarked on a path of "creation in China" with jackets as the core category, connecting with the international perspective, and demonstrating the confidence of Chinese culture and the style of a big country; It inherits the 5000 year civilization and humanistic spirit of China, gathers innovative Chinese fashion forces, makes clothes with ingenuity and inclusiveness, integrates oriental humanistic aesthetics into clothes, conveys national cultural confidence, and works hand in hand with Chinese people to advance the road of "high-end new domestic products" with high quality and sustainable development.
   With clothing as the medium, jade and etiquette are everywhere. With respect and piety to China's millennium culture, Jinba Men's Wear resonates and blends in the international top fashion stage with modern fashion design as the medium. With the etiquette and charm of "reciprocity of courtesy", it brings the beauty of oriental culture, design and etiquette from the east to the west, and to other parts of the world and far away.
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