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Live Broadcast With Goods Is Still A Dynamic Part Of E-Commerce

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In 2022, live streaming with goods will still be a dynamic part of e-commerce. In particular, with the entry of leading brands and the gradual improvement and maturity of self broadcasting, live broadcast with goods has become a long-term brand operation position.

In the past six months, what changes have taken place in the brand self broadcasting pattern of Diaoyin E-commerce? Which dark horse brands are going strong? What are the structural opportunities for live delivery in 2023?

According to the data provided by "Feigua Data (Guoji · Feigua Data Dithering Edition)", an inventory of the general list of dithering self broadcasting from July to December 2022 and the list of 20 vertical categories (ranking by dithering sales) shows that:

Sports and outdoor brands and clothing and underwear brands almost split up the self broadcast general list of Diaoyin brands, among which the ranking and number of clothing and underwear brands are rising.

In the Diaoyin self broadcast general list, Adidas and Filo have been on the list for six consecutive months, Romon has dominated the list for six consecutive months, Yaya and Yalu have been on the list for five consecutive times, China Gold has been on the list for three consecutive times, and China Gold has made a comeback for three times. Feike, Cat Man, Barabara, etc. have also entered the general list, and some brands have rushed to the top.

If we move our eyes from the general list to the vertical category, we will see a completely different landscape - some of the seats in the vertical category list are hard to shake, while others are changeable and often have dark horses.

These dark horses include both * * *, which entered the self broadcasting late, and new brands that are constantly emerging. As for their sources, there are both industry and industry belt brands and new consumer brands. The following are our findings in the vertical list:

The self broadcast list of food and beverage, furniture, personal care, fresh food, gifts, cultural creativity, agricultural materials, green plants and other vertical brands has changed greatly, and seats often rotate.

In the category of shoes, boots, suitcases and bags, the brand "Saturday" has climbed up all the way and has been on the list for two consecutive times.

Balabala dominated the mother and baby pet category for six consecutive months, and entered the general list.

Concubine fish has been listed in the second-hand idle category for three consecutive months, and the estimated sales volume is far higher than the top two, forming a fault advantage.

In the category of "Personal Care", Arthur and Jialiqianshi are two wig brands on the list.

The changes in the vertical list indicate that there may still be structural new opportunities for emerging dark horse categories, which will also be the focus of businesses and brands in 2023.

01: Which brands dominate the list for a long time? Which categories are more likely to be hidden?

The pattern of the general list of self broadcast sales of Douyin brand is relatively stable, and sports outdoor and clothing underwear brands occupy an advantage, but the brands and categories that occupy the list still have a large change, indicating that the competition between heads is fierce.

From July to September 2022, the total number of self broadcast sales of Tiaoyin brands will be top 10. Sports outdoor and apparel underwear brands will occupy 7 to 8 seats. In October and November, these two brands will occupy the total number of top 10.

On the general list, the self broadcast number of clothing and underwear brands grew rapidly; The ranking of apparel and underwear brands on the list has changed greatly, involving more brands and more opportunities to make the list.

For example, in August 2022, the duck duck brand of down jacket entered the general list, and its ranking continued to rise; Bosch has been on the list for three times and entered the TOP 3 in December; The underwear brand Cat Man once made it to the general list and achieved a good result of TOP6.

If we move our eyes from the general list to the vertical category, we will find that the war situation is much more complicated.

First of all, there are 8 categories of brand self broadcast lists that are relatively fixed, namely beauty makeup, jewelry and games, 3C digital appliances, mother and baby pets, clock accessories, books and videos, virtual recharge and local life, but there is still room for internal rankings to fluctuate.

For example, in the top 5 beauty category, you can often see Perrier, Estee Lauder, Huaxizi, L'Oreal and Natureshop; The Natural Science Hall ranked top 5 in September, and rose to top 2 in November.

Secondly, compared with the above eight categories, the self broadcast list of brands in another six sub categories has changed greatly, and there are many new face brands on the list, including food and beverage, furniture supplies, personal care and household cleaning, fresh food, gifts and cultural innovation, and agricultural green plants. For example, within 4 months, 13 brands appeared in the top 5 food and beverage category.

Finally, when we checked the list, we found some brands that dominated the list.

For example, Warrior has won the category of shoes, boots, bags and bags for six consecutive months. During the same period, Balabala listed the category of mother and baby pets 1, and became the next brand in this category to enter the general list; Bears with cups won the category of cultural and creative gifts from September to November; Concubine fish, which mainly sells second-hand luxury goods, has dominated the list of second-hand idle categories for three consecutive months, with an estimated sales of 75 million to 100 million yuan.

02: Multi matrix and high live broadcast frequency make vertical brand self broadcast numbers stand out

If you look closely, some brands in the vertical list are particularly eye-catching.

Balabala and imperial concubines are at the top of the list. Arthur and Jialiqianshi, two new brands in the category of home cleaning, also broke through the big brands and entered the top 5. Why can these brands stand out from the self broadcast numbers of vertical brands?

Balabala is a children's wear brand under Sima Garments, which has been established for 20 years since 2002. At the beginning of 2020, Barabala will enter the dithering e-commerce. During the "Double 11" period in 2022, Barabala's sales performance in the Diaoyin Mall grew rapidly year on year. According to the information of Feigua data, from the composition of live broadcast with goods, the self broadcast of Balabala brand contributed more than 60% of the sales.

The search found that Balabala has 108 brand self broadcasting numbers, covering a wide range of regions, forming a brand self broadcasting matrix of "brand official number+store account+category account", which can be called "carpet" coverage. In the same category of clothing, there are 45 self broadcast numbers for noble birds, and only one self broadcast number for leisurely fairy tales.

With "Balabala" as the key word, we can find many certified blue V accounts such as "Balabala flagship store", "Balabala official baby store", "Balabala children's clothing store", "Balabala Hubei children's clothing store", "Balabala Xiantao children's clothing store", and "Balabala Lingnan store".

Feigua data shows that in the past month (up to January 3, 2023), there were 3171 live broadcasts of 92 self broadcast numbers in Barabala, and the self broadcast GMV estimated that RMB 100 million to RMB 250 million, with a total of 636 videos released. During this period, the single account of most brands kept more than 20 live broadcasts, while "Balabala Children's Clothing" broadcast 106 live broadcasts.

Balabala and more brand self broadcasts show that adopting carpet coverage of brand self broadcast matrix and increasing the frequency of live broadcast are still one of the more effective strategies of brand self broadcast.

03: The particularity of the commodity determines the self broadcasting strategy. The vertical anchor focuses on professionalism and staffing

In addition to multi matrix and high live broadcast frequency, another strategy that stands out from the crowd is the professionalism of the anchor and account positioning.

Feiyu is a second-hand luxury platform, which was founded in 2016. At the beginning of 2020, it began to build a brand account matrix in Diaoyin, forming a combination matrix of talent number and store number. At present, Concubine Fish has 14 talent numbers and 19 store numbers on its dithering voice, mainly selling goods live broadcast by small foreign luxury consumers.

The particularity of the commodity determines the brand self broadcasting strategy of Concubine Fish.

For example, the number of Concubine Fish's talent is different from the personal IP orientation of the general voice talent. Each account of Concubine Fish is a store. The role of Concubine Fish's anchor is to guide shopping in the store, which requires excellent professional knowledge. Each anchor's name should be prefixed with "Concubine Fish" to highlight the attributes of the brand.

In fact, the overall number of fans of Concubine Fish's brand accounts is small. Many accounts have only hundreds of thousands of fans, but they can generate millions of sales. This is due to the professional quality and account positioning of the anchor.

At present, Feiyu has more than 100 self owned anchors, more than 10 million fans and 8 million users. Concubine Fish attaches great importance to the compatibility between anchors and the luxury industry, and often chooses anchors with backgrounds such as luxury tellers and TV station shopping anchors.

In terms of account positioning, Concubine Fish will distinguish product prices and categories, and accurately reach the target customers of different luxury goods. For example, "headmaster Fei Yu Luo" focuses on carrying watches, while "the oldest brother of Fei Yu" sells luxury bags.

During the "Double 11" period in 2022, the live broadcast room of Concubine Fish has attracted more than 40 million users.

04: Is there a chance to surpass the blue moon industrial belt brands in the vertical ranking?

Taking stock of these emerging self broadcast brands, we found that some industrial brands are also impacting the vertical list.

For example, two new brands, Jialiqiansei and Arthur, appeared on the list of home care and cleaning. The survey found that Jialiqiansei and Arthur are the industrial belt brands from Xuchang.

We have previously introduced that the total import and export volume of Xuchang hair products industry belt is about US $3 billion every year, which not only gave birth to Rebecca, a hair products production and sales enterprise (with sales of about 1.8 billion yuan in 2019), but also created e-commerce companies such as Longqi, Longyi and Longshengyuan.

Jiali Qiansi and Arthur exclusively sell wigs and accessories, with only one brand self broadcasting number, which contributes more than 90% of the sales. Thanks to the popular wigs, they were successfully listed in the Top 5 category of Personal Care, and Jiali Qiansi entered the list in October, surpassing the Blue Moon.

Jiali Qiansi and Arthur entered the list, indicating that the industrial belt brand has great opportunities and potential in the field of self broadcasting. In addition to Gehujiaqing, there is still much room for the industrial belt brand to expand in the fields of food and beverage, furniture, fresh food, agricultural materials and green plants.

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