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A "Dark Horse" Ran Out Of The New Live Broadcast Room

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New Live Broadcast Room

Recently, Taobao Tmall's clothing industry is trying out a new type of live broadcast room, and several "dark horses" have sprung up from it.

It is understood that from October 2022, several brands, including clothing brand D'zzit and Teenie Weenie, have launched a new "brand selection live broadcast room" in addition to the brand store live broadcast room: start with zero fans and achieve sales of more than 10 million yuan in just one month. Such achievements are eye-catching in the talent broadcast room, especially in the field of shop broadcast.

Most brands and stores regard shop broadcast as standard configuration. If the official flagship store is the second official website of the brand, the live broadcast room of the store is a private channel for the brand to communicate with the regular customers, and the "selection live broadcast room" is the second live broadcast room of the brand, but it is a new live broadcast form to obtain more new customers by means of direct drop of popular products and grass planting of talent content.

This model was summarized as "1+1+N" by Qiao Qiao, the head of Taobao clothing industry, that is, a brand store+a store broadcast room+a new selection broadcast room. Together, they provide channels and tentacles for different users of brand hierarchical operation. It is reported that after the successful trial run of the selection studio, it has accepted the open registration of merchants from the initial invitation system, and more than a dozen brands have started testing.

If we summarize the reasons for the success of the trial run of the new live broadcasting room, it is very simple: first, it has changed the function of the traditional shop broadcasting that mainly serves the old customers, bringing more new customers to the brand; Second, by polishing the content and goods of the live broadcast room, the brand has improved the transformation efficiency and received the traffic from the public domain of Taobao live broadcast.

Since Tmall Taobao put forward the strategy of "from transaction to consumption" in 2022, content has always been put in an important position as a gear. The testing and incubation of the new live broadcast room is the vertical landing of this strategy by the apparel industry.

Qiao Qiao said that at present, there are four types of clothing broadcast rooms of Tmall. com on Taobao. In addition to the content based innovation of selecting broadcast rooms, the other three types are as follows:

The main purpose of the regular brand store broadcast room is to serve regular customers and realize re purchase;

Live broadcast room is set for people. For example, Cloud Dad, Zu Lijian and others invited the middle-aged and elderly anchors, which are special broadcast rooms for the middle-aged and elderly and other specific consumer groups;

Professional and vertical personalized live broadcast room. Most of the anchors are industry leading businessmen or experts, who may specialize in certain fabrics or materials such as fur and silk, and attract consumers by virtue of their professional knowledge in the live broadcast room.

Recently, I interviewed Qiao Qiao and learned how the selection studio can bring new customers and sales growth to businesses, as well as the exploration process of the clothing industry in terms of content.

A "dark horse" ran out of the new live broadcast room

On October 11, 2022, when the D'zzit selection studio opened its first live broadcast, only 53400 people watched. But half a month later, with the steady launch of five high-frequency broadcasts a week, the new broadcast room of this clothing brand ushered in a peak of traffic, and the audience reached nearly 600000.

In the following month, D'zzit selection studio not only maintained an average audience of more than 500000 people - more than the number of audience in the official studio of its store, but also brought more than 10 million yuan of transactions.

Why can a newly opened live studio bring such eye-catching growth?

When the shop broadcast is regarded as a private domain tool of the brand, it is often used to launch new products and serve old customers. For example, D'zzit does not only pursue the sales of its shop broadcast, but also pays more attention to the number of audience to judge how many customers it has served. However, a live broadcast room aimed at re purchasing old customers is difficult to attract a large number of new customers for the brand.

"There are two live broadcast booths, one is used to promote innovation, and the other is used to promote re purchase. The broadcast method of re purchase and promotion must be different." Liu Bin, e-commerce director of D'zzit's parent company, Disu Group, told us that the purpose of the new selection of live broadcast booths is to promote innovation and fill the gap of shop broadcast.

The D'zzit selection live broadcast room is different from the regular store live broadcast room, including anchor, goods, live broadcast script, frequency and time of broadcast:

In the more than one month of preparing for the selection of the live broadcast room, D'zzit has tried many anchors, and selected talents who match the tone and style of the brand.

At the same time, the official broadcast room mainly focuses on new products, targeting old customers who are familiar with the brand. In the selection studio, there are about 50 pieces of top-notch goods and popular products on the shelves for each live broadcast, which is only half of the official studio, and the number is mainly "flash purchase and direct drop off". The popular products and competitive price power that have been verified by the market are more attractive to new customers.

In addition, the D'zzit flagship store has two live broadcasts a week, while the selection live broadcast room has six live broadcasts a week, which is also better at capturing the traffic on holidays.

The change in the content of goods, anchors and live broadcast rooms has made D'zzit selection live broadcast rooms independent from shop broadcast. Viki, the person in charge of Star Chain * * *, the operator of the live broadcast room, said that the selection of the live broadcast room did not affect the data of the official live broadcast room, but also brought a large number of new customers, which was really a new increment.

More importantly, the selection studio is using "matching" to bring more joint sales to businesses. In the past, in the form of image and text sales, only 1-2 selling points can be displayed on one screen, and the page skip rate is high. In the live broadcast room, an excellent anchor can not only continuously explain the selling points around the scene, such as the fabric, printing, touch, etc. of the clothes, but also show the way of matching multiple sets of clothes, so that consumers can see the practicality of a dress, or even plant more than one commercial product at a time.

It is reported that the D'zzit selection studio will open a price every 7-8 minutes, and about 10 items will be sold. One hour live broadcast can sell dozens or even hundreds of clothes with high customer price.

Another exploration of content

Throughout the history of apparel e-commerce, the relationship between one buy and one sell has not changed much, but the "content" throughout has always been a big variable.

In 2004, the originator of online celebrity "Choke Mouth Pepper" became popular on the Internet. At that time, when Taobao was just a year old, most consumers were still skeptical of online shopping. Few people would think that in the next few years, "the same style of choking chili peppers" would become a "drainage tool" for a large number of Taobao clothing stores.

The "Taobao Girl" launched on Taobao in 2010 has not yet revolutionized the clothing industry chain. It only takes photos and models for Taobao stores, but has also made a large number of young and beautiful girls rich. They model for Taobao stores, bringing a more vivid and direct imagination to a dress, replacing the white tiled commodity map on Taobao before.

Then, from 2014 to 2016, online celebrities took photos all over the world with their suitcases, and sold them to their fans by integrating their own personal settings, clothing and scenes.

After that, it is the rise of the dress studio. If online celebrity e-commerce has changed the way people choose clothes, the live broadcast room has changed the interaction between businesses, goods and consumers, and even improved the speed of business measurement, which has a considerable impact on the production side. Clothing has thus become one of the categories with high penetration in the live broadcast industry.

Especially for D'zzit, a commercial design brand with a high customer list, although it covers many offline shopping malls and has a loyal audience, as a brand that relies on design rather than price to win, its online advantages were not obvious before - clothing fabrics, design elements and other selling points are difficult to fully rely on traditional graphics and text to display, Live broadcast is an intuitive and three-dimensional form of expression.

The importance of content has been mentioned and exemplified by businesses, e-commerce platforms and securities companies. It can be said that whoever takes the lead in mastering the content advantage will be likely to be seen by more consumers.

But what exactly is "good content"?

In the middle of last year, Taobao Live changed the traffic distribution mechanism from the main indicator of transaction to the dual indicator of transaction and content. The live studio with good content and high conversion will get more public domain traffic. Generally speaking, if a live studio can attract a single user to stay longer and bring higher transaction efficiency, it means that its content may be better.

Under the mechanism of selecting live broadcast booths and Taobao Live to encourage good content, the platform and D'zzit and other businesses have adopted a "wager" approach - after the platform provides a certain amount of PV (page views) for the brand selection live broadcast booths, if the brand can achieve a certain level of turnover, the platform will continue to provide more exposure and traffic. High quality content and flow support form a flywheel running in the positive direction.

The evolution of content presentation forms comes from the unintentional behavior of online celebrities to send photos, while some are the exploration of the platform and businesses. But in essence, they are changing in the direction of consumer needs, and businesses can obtain more consumers at a lower cost.

Qiao Qiao said that the success of D'zzit selection studio in the long tail and diversified clothing industry can only represent one of the commercial design brands. In addition, whether it is Zulijian, Cloud Papa who invites elderly anchors to dance square dances or practice martial arts in the live broadcast room, or the industry belt merchants who are quite familiar with goods and raw materials, they all present completely different content directions.

In 2023, content will become the basic capability of merchants

Since Tmall Taobao put forward the strategy of "from transaction to consumption" in 2022, the importance of "content" has been constantly mentioned.

As one of the advantageous categories of Taobao Tmall, the clothing industry is always the first industry to explore content. Since last year alone, the apparel industry has launched XR super live show, magic ruler, matching, digital style and other innovations.

The XR Super Live Show brings ordinary consumers to the front row of the virtual show, enabling consumers to buy when they see it, magic ruler and matching, respectively solving the problems of consumers' size selection and "how to match". Digital style provides short-term fashion trend guidance for businesses.

In all kinds of innovation attempts, although magic ruler and matching can't bring direct sales to merchants in a short time, they are all improving consumers' online shopping experience - and ultimately pointing to merchants.

Qiao Qiao said that after the launch of this product, it has witnessed the continuous increase of PV (click rate). At present, an average user will click on 11-13 matching sets. This means that consumers can change from "buying a dress" to "buying a suit", which can bring higher customer price and associated sales for businesses, and also promote businesses to make more matching content. More matching products have also appeared in search, recommendation and other fields of Taobao App.

"The content is divided into two parts. One is the ability to broadcast high-level content such as the selection studio, but because it requires some costs and capabilities, it is not suitable for all businesses. The other is the basic capabilities such as stores and detail pages. Next year, Taobao will strengthen the basic content capabilities." Qiao Qiao said.

However, whether it is content innovation from businesses or changes brought about by the platform through technology, in essence, they are just a tool to let more businesses know how to present a product more stereoscopically, so that consumers can know at a glance what the fabric and material of a dress is. The seemingly trivial changes point to the innovative power of e-commerce in the clothing industry.

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