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Craftsmen Of Xinjiang Production And Construction Corps Show Xinjiang'S "Old Stories" With Their Skills Of Embroidering And Modeling Puppets

2023/2/7 15:41:00 2

Xinjiang Corps; Embroidery And Plastic Puppet Technique

Wang Ju (left) explains the creation skills of embroidered puppets to others. Photographed by Wei Wei

Old people selling cantaloupes, dancing girls, farmyards in the 1960s and 1970s, and herdsmen riding horses

These scenes with a strong sense of life were vividly displayed by Wang Ju, a craftsman of Hongshan Farm of the 13th Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, with the art of embroidered puppets.

"Since I was young, I like to do handcraft. Later, I came into contact with the art of embroidery and plastic puppets, which opened a new door for me," said Wang Ju.

During the Spring Festival this year, Wang Ju was not idle, and was invited to show her works of embroidered puppets. In the meeting room of Hongxing Road Community of Hongshan Farm, residents are constantly coming to appreciate the embroidered puppet works.

"Transition" restores the scene of my family's transition. "" The house layout in Time is exactly the same as my home when I was a child. "

Listening to the words of the residents, Wang Ju felt that her efforts were not in vain, and that she was busy taking care of her family.

Wang Ju, 45, is a famous local craftsman. When I was a child, I was fascinated by needlework when I watched my mother magically sew large and small calico into her and her sister's beautiful dresses. But she never thought of turning needlework into art.

In 2018, Shan Xiumei, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, was funded by the National Arts Fund project to hold a training class for Xinjiang embroidery and plastic puppet art creation talents. Wang Ju was lucky to become a student by inheriting her original embroidery and plastic puppet art.

In the training class, Wang Ju, a talented artist, attracted Shan Xiumei's attention and was accepted as a disciple.

Embroidering puppets is a new skill created by Shan Xiumei. The materials used are mainly cotton and cloth. It uses embroidery techniques to shape the five features of the puppet on the carcass made of high elastic material PP cotton, and then matches the clothes and props with Xinjiang style to make the puppet. This combination of embroidery and sculpture is called embroidery and sculpture technology.

Since the late 1990s, Shan Xiumei has been engaged in the creation of embroidered puppets. Today, his works have become the most representative folk handicrafts and tourist souvenirs in Xinjiang.

Under the guidance of Shan Xiumei, in October 2018, Wang Ju completed his first embroidered puppet work Transition.

In the work, a family of five people, men, women, old and young, are riding horses, driving sheep and camels, marching on the transition road, and the strong local flavor is coming. The lifelike scene makes everyone who sees the work seem to be in it.

Wang Ju said that she lived in Hongshan Farm when she was young and was very familiar with the life of local herdsmen. The inspiration for her works came from this.

This work also won the "Hundred Flowers Cup" Silver Award for Chinese Arts and Crafts at the 19th China Arts and Crafts Masters Works and Handicrafts Expo.

The affirmation from teachers and the public has gradually strengthened Wang Ju's creative direction. "Art comes from life, and the people and things around me are the source of my creation," said Wang Ju.

At present, Wang Ju is making a work with the theme of garrison reclamation and border defense. In order to make this work well, she looked through many old photos and consulted relevant materials.

"I grew up in the regimental field when I was young, listening to the stories of the old army reclamation. I hope to show more people the spirit of the older generation of soldiers who are not afraid of difficulties and have the courage to contribute, tell the stories of the soldiers through their works, and carry forward the spirit of the soldiers," said Wang Ju.

(Source: China News Network)


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