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Xinjiang Machine Picked Cotton Processing Technology Was First Granted Australian Patent

2023/10/23 12:54:00 144


A few days ago, Tian Liwen, a researcher from the Economic Crops Research Institute of the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, developed the machine picked cotton processing technology "a low mechanical damage machine picked cotton processing production method", which was authorized by the Australian Patent Office, achieving a breakthrough in China's application for invention patents in this field in Australia.

It is reported that the cotton production in Xinjiang has a high content of impurities and foreign fibers due to the widespread use of dwarfing and dense planting technology, and the ginning process has to use repeated high-strength cleaning to reduce cotton impurities. This will inevitably lead to serious mechanical damage to machine picked cotton fibers, limit the overall quality improvement, affect the supply of raw materials for high-end cotton textile products, and limit the development of downstream textile industry.
"A low mechanical damage production method of machine picking cotton processing" takes the impurity content, foreign fiber rate and moisture regain of the seed cotton to be processed as the constraint indicators, and takes the lead in using the compound foreign fiber cleaning machine with dual channel winding roller structure that operates alternately on the basis of redesigning the processing technology, key equipment and working parameters of machine picking cotton The super large roller bell cleaner with a diameter of 860 mm to 900 mm and other advanced equipment can effectively clean the impurities in raw cotton, effectively solve the mechanical damage of cotton fiber and foreign fiber pollution caused by the traditional ginning process, so as to improve the overall quality and spinnability of machine picked cotton.
"Better meet the demand of Chinese textile enterprises for high-quality raw materials." Tian Liwen said that the raw cotton fiber length, breaking strength, uniformity and other indicators produced and processed by this method have significantly improved, and the content of heterosexual fibers has significantly decreased. The quality of raw cotton produced by him is expected to be comparable to the high-quality cotton recognized in the industry, namely, Australian Sicot and American SJFACALA.
Previously, "a machine picked cotton processing and production method with low mechanical damage" was granted a Chinese invention patent and popularized in Awati County, a high-quality cotton production area in Xinjiang.
"This year, the team applied for patents abroad and successfully obtained the authorization, fully demonstrating the advancement of Chinese technology and international recognition." Tian Liwen said that Australia is an internationally recognized strong country in cotton quality management, and the patent authorization of this method in Australia will ensure that relevant technologies are protected by intellectual property rights in Australia. More importantly, it is technically proved that Xinjiang cotton has reached the world-class quality control capability and production and processing level, which will further improve the international popularity and brand competitiveness of Xinjiang cotton.
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