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Enterprise News: Anta Group Hong Kong Stock Exchange Announced The Change Of Company Logo

2023/11/3 12:15:00 0


Anta, the evening of October 31 Announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that, in order to coordinate with the consistency of the corporate image of the Group, the Company changed its logo and took effect immediately.

Compared with the old logo, the new logo adds Anta brand English spelling ANTA, and the overall effect of the new logo is more full and colorful. The announcement said that the new logo will be printed on the company's corporate documents, including but not limited to interim and annual reports, announcements, circulars, press releases and promotional publications, and will be used on the company's website.
In the bumper harvest season of "nine golden years and ten silver years", Anta Group was frequently reported or actively released good news, which can be described as continuous good news.
First, in September, an insider said that Amer Sports, a subsidiary of Anta Group, had applied for IPO in the United States and planned to go public at the beginning of next year, with an estimated value of $10 billion. At present, the IPO goal is to raise more than $1 billion.
In October, Anta, through an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into several sales agreements with several shareholders of Maya Clothing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to conditionally purchase 75.13% of the equity of Maya Clothing. Maya's business has formed a certain market influence among female consumers, especially in yoga sports. Anta's move is considered to fill the gap in the group's layout of professional women's brands and further strengthen the group's brand portfolio.
Interestingly, on the second day of the acquisition of Maya News, Anta Group held a global investor conference themed "multi brand synergy and value" and released its development plan for the next three years (2024-2026). The Group said that it would adhere to the development strategy of "single focus, multi brand and globalization", and strive to build three core competitiveness of "multi brand collaborative management capability", "multi brand retail operation capability", "global operation and resource integration capability" with three growth curves of professional sports brand group, fashion sports brand group and outdoor sports brand group, Strive to achieve the strategic goal of ranking first in China's market share by 2025 and leading the world by 2030.
From the published performance of Anta Group, the retail sales of Anta brand in the third quarter of 2023 achieved a high single digit growth compared with the same period, and the retail sales of Fiele brand achieved a 10% - 20% growth over the same period; Retail sales of all other brands increased by 45% - 50%. Among them, the brand of Cologne performed well, with a year-on-year growth of 65% - 70%. As an official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee for 16 years, Anta brand enjoyed a great reputation at the recently concluded Hangzhou Asian Games. It helped nine national teams, including swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics and boxing, participate in the Asian Games, and designed the Chinese delegation's award-winning clothes and shoes.
This change of logo of Anta Group is generally considered as a positive signal for the company to further deepen its globalization strategy. From the perspective of communication, the new logo is easier to identify, and the spelling of the upper pattern and the lower pattern is the common use of many international brand logos, which is beneficial to deepening the brand value.

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