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Yinglin Shangpin Won The Title Of "One County, One Product" Of 2023, A Great Country'S High-Quality Goods, And Built A Famous City Of Swimwear Industry In China

2023/11/24 17:11:00 1230

Yinglin ShangpinSwimsuitSwimsuit Show

On November 17, 2023, The 30th China International Advertising Festival Great Powers Good Goods Quality National Products Festival The grand opening was held in Hall B1 of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Fujian. With the core theme of "Patriotic Tide, Patriotic Goods", this year's Great Power Goodwill Quality International Goods Festival gathers domestic well-known brand enterprises and regional characteristic brands of "One County, One Product", covering the livelihood fields of "clothing, food, housing, transportation", and so on. It shows Chinese brands through multiple dimensions, and tries its best to promote the healthy development of Chinese brands.

Yinglin Town, Jinjiang, the "famous city of swimwear industry in China", brought swimwear, fitness clothes, yoga clothes and other new products to the Rural Revitalization Exhibition Hall to show the exhibitors their R&D strength and exquisite craftsmanship. These products not only have originality in design, but also strive for perfection in material selection and manufacturing process. Once they appear, they have attracted the attention of the audience and are widely welcomed.

In addition, Yinglin Town has also carefully prepared a new trend with full charm Swimsuit show , perfect integration of fashion and swimwear. Under the light of the stage, the models wore various swimwear with unique design and novel style, walked gracefully and confidently on the runway, showing the charm and fashion of swimwear. The audience was attracted by the performance on the stage, and from time to time they gave warm applause and cheers. This trendy swimwear show not only shows the charm of "China's swimwear fashion town", but also shows that Yinglin Town, as an important base of China's swimwear industry, is leading the new trend of global swimwear fashion.

Pursue high quality, innovate and develop new products

Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City is one of the three major swimwear production bases in China with relatively complete industrial chain. Over the years, Jinjiang swimwear enterprises have actively embraced the trend of consumption upgrading, constantly strengthened independent research and development and product innovation, and enriched and expanded the variety and quality of swimwear products.

"Yinglin Shangpin" is a regional brand in the fashion industry of Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City, including Swimwear , underwear, yoga, fitness, outdoor sports and many other sports clothing categories, focusing on product design, fabric development, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects, through the integration of regional textile enterprises, swimwear enterprises to promote the construction of sports clothing brands, create regional brands and corporate brands to develop together.

The successful appearance of "Yinglin Shangpin" at the Great Power Goodwill Fair is not only a recognition of the quality of Jinjiang's swimwear industry, but also a praise for its efforts to constantly pursue high quality, innovate and develop new products. It not only shows the strength and charm of Yinglin Town enterprises to the world, and shows the vitality and potential of Jinjiang swimwear industry, but also makes people see the possibility of coordinated development of regional brands and corporate brands.


   "Yinglin Shangpin" won the title of "One County, One Product", a good product of great country in 2023

On the evening of the 17th, at the 30th China International Advertising Festival“ Big country brands ”At the advertiser's night, "Yinglin Shangpin" won the title of "One Country, One Product", a characteristic product of great country's good products ". The success of Jinjiang swimwear enterprises lies not only in their technical strength and product quality, but also in their keen insight into market trends and deep understanding of consumer demand. It is this dedication to quality and the pursuit of innovation that has made Jinjiang swimwear enterprises achieve remarkable results in the domestic and foreign markets, and also helps to enhance the reputation and influence of the regional brand of "Yinglin Shangpin".

In the future development, Yinglin Town of Jinjiang City will continue to be committed to promoting Swimwear Industrial development, strengthen technological innovation and brand building, and improve product added value and market competitiveness. At the same time, the region will also actively expand the international market, strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, and constantly enhance its influence and position in the global swimwear industry.

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