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Twinkle Mall Returns On Double 11? These 10 Are Just Right Now

2023/11/27 16:40:00 1021

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A few days ago, my friend sent me a message: "When will the Double Twelfth begin?"

I asked her why she had to wait after the Double 11 Double Twelve She said she was busy shopping for cats on the Double 11 Festival and forgot about herself

In fact, even as a list editor, I often encounter this situation every year on the Double Twelfth Day. Either I forget to place an order or I don't remember it. After knowing that the price has become more expensive, I can only wait for the Double Twelfth Day if I bear to place an order.

However, recently, I found a turning point - there was a great deal of generosity in the Diaoyin Mall this year. The Double 11 single product return activity is in hot progress, and many hot brands have participated in it. For example, I and my friends who forgot to buy something, we don't have to wait or buy it at the original price, so we can take advantage of the return!


According to the official activity introduction of Fandianyin Mall, there are a wide range of categories, including men's and women's clothing, clothing, shoes and bags, household appliances, food and beverage. They are all well-known brands and the prices are very cheap.

Send the news to the friend immediately. This is a suitable return event, no longer like Double 11 The rush to buy is so intense that you can buy the brand's famous brand products at high prices. It's really beautiful to your heart! I also recommend it to you today, so that you can "check and fill the gaps" and hurry to get the good things you haven't bought in time~


Dithering Mall Double 11

Analysis of the Top List of Back to Market Expenditures

There are 10 categories in the Double 11 comeback list of Douyin Mall, covering women's clothing, men's clothing, outdoor sports, parent-child life, luxury life, food health, 3C Digital, household appliances and other major industries can be imagined. Each category has officially listed a dozen pieces of products with high sales reputation, which are full of references. If you buy according to this list, you can't buy them wrong.

When looking at these lists, I also selected one super value item from each category to recommend to everyone. The price of each item is super suitable, including seasonal items such as long down jacket, thermal underwear, and outdoor travel necessities such as assault jacket and UAV!

You can buy it based on the list, my introduction and your own needs.

   The girls who are warm in winter,

Favorite coat and down jacket

Not surprisingly, the women's clothing list is basically dominated by down jackets, overcoats and sweaters, and the proportion of domestic products is extremely high. Not only domestic old brands such as Duck, Bosideng, and Xuezhongfei are among the best, but even in the clothing field, we can see domestic high-end brands such as Gofan, Zhihe, and so on. Indeed, "Chinese people know Chinese people best".


Among so many best-selling women's clothes, I recommend Yaya's down jacket.


No sister can refuse a long down jacket? It can cover up to below the knee, without fear that the leg will be frozen! The color matching of pure black can also lengthen the vision, make it look taller and thinner, and is resistant to dirt and easy to wash. I don't need to emphasize that

Of course, when we buy down jackets, we don't just choose samples, but also the lining. This down jacket contains more than 90% down With goose down filling, you can rest assured of the warmth retention effect. The water cleaning standard is higher than the national standard, and there will be no strange smell.

It is also for lovers. If you have a partner, you can buy one for each other. The final price is only 599 yuan.

   Men's shoes and bags,

Buy enough at one time

In the list of men's shoes and bags, down jackets, sweaters, sweaters, Martin boots, jeans, inside and outside, are declining. Children in need can prepare all winter clothes at one time and buy enough at a discount.

  ps. There is a girl's boot bag in the men's shoe bag. Don't miss it, sisters!


I recommend the warm underwear suit that flies in the snow.


What kind of thermal underwear can you buy for 79.9 yuan today, when a pair of autumn pants can cost more than 100 yuan?

The old domestic brand Xuezhongfei has given a more than expected answer. 79.9 yuan, thermal underwear suit, also gives consideration to comfort and warmth - no one likes bulky thermal underwear, Xuezhongfei passes A-side cashmere silk fabric+B This light, thin, breathable and super warm thermal underwear suit is made by heating fiber.

Although it sells cheaply, its family has also made great efforts in tailoring, and each joint has been specially designed for the human body to ensure that it can still move freely after wearing thermal underwear.

Looking back at the price, there is no reason not to choose thermal underwear for those who need it!

   Outdoor sports,

Both men and women love!

In recent years, outdoor sports have become too popular. Even in winter, climbing, skiing, fishing and hiking can not stop people from rushing to the outdoors.

This is reflected in the list. The jacket, yoga pants and outdoor down jacket are particularly popular, and they are loved by both men and women regardless of gender.


I have chosen a good style of assault jacket to recommend to you, because no matter what outdoor sports you do, assault jacket is a must-have item.


Some people always say that cheap submachine jackets are not good looking. Come on, let the camel show you what is cheap and beautiful, warm and comfortable. No wonder Camel has become the benchmark brand of the year in Douyin Mall, and its monthly sales of assault clothes have reached 600000 pieces, very exaggerated, but reasonable!

Safety in outdoor sports comes first. As the outermost layer of protection, submachine jackets have high requirements on the fabric. They should be wear-resistant, tear resistant, waterproof, and able to provide adequate protection in extreme weather.

ENFO-TECH selected for camel jacket The technology shell fabric has such characteristics. The fleece in it can also efficiently reflect the heat of the human body, and the warmth effect is good. With the windproof collar cap, double protective placket, and retractable hem, the material and design are perfect.

There are many colors to choose from. The black, green and blue of men's clothes are the normal operation, while the fresh pink, purple and white of women's clothes are the highlights. And this kind of men and women love the assault jacket, which is only 399 yuan!

   Family C children,

Don't buy too much

The list of parent-child life is rich in content, including skin care and moisturizing kits, children's shampoo, milk bottles, wet paper towels!

On the one hand, they show how worried parents have to be when raising children. On the other hand, they also show the beauty of parent-child life from a small perspective.


In this list, I recommend a down jacket for children.


Recently, the flu is very serious. No matter adults or children, remember to keep warm. Children have weak resistance and need to wear thick clothes when going out.

The children's down jacket of Balabala family takes into account the weak physique of the children, and makes great efforts in the warmth retention. The 202g filling capacity, 80% The content of down makes it much warmer than ordinary children's down jackets. The official even calls it "walking down quilt".

It can operate at - 15 ° - 5 ° C It can provide enough warmth for children in most cities and regions in China. The tailoring design is also careful. The long style is enough to wrap the child below the knee. The hat, collar, and cuff are all designed with protection. It can be seen that the designer really considers the child.

Therefore, Balabala is the first brand in the mother and baby category of the Diaoyin Mall with sales exceeding one million. Its price is also very good, the price is only 439 yuan.

   Health is an eternal theme

I think health includes two aspects. One is to eat healthily and pay attention to health preservation. The other is to enjoy a relaxed mood properly. So you can see a variety of health care products in the list, as well as snacks and drinks - no matter which, it is good to be moderate.

I recommend walnut, sesame and black bean flour from the grain mill.

My mother told me to eat more black food since I was young. They are nutritious, have antioxidant function, and have many benefits for health.

Looking at the ingredients list, you can also feel the nutritional value of this walnut, sesame and black bean powder: select fresh walnuts from 10 places in 4 countries, plus black sesame, Kia seed, black quinoa, black soybean and black rice It is difficult to grow black food materials and add oats, yams and dried dates.

What's more commendable is that it is completely attractive by the flavor of the ingredients. There is no sugar, and the calories are extremely low. Each serving is only equivalent to the calories of an apple, and dieters do not have to bear the burden.

In the morning, I didn't have time to eat breakfast. I drank a cup of hot walnut, sesame and black bean powder, and it was comfortable to go out with warm body.

   3C digital,

Chinese brands are unstoppable

In the 3C digital field, no one is unfamiliar with the good performance of domestic brands. In addition to Huawei Xiaomi OPPO in the mobile phone field Vivo, in other categories, there are also many brands that have won good reputation from consumers through their products, such as Dajiang and Pacers.

This year's tourism is hot, and Dajiang UAV has attracted everyone's attention with its unique shooting effect, and several products have been on the list.

We recommend Dajiang's UAV to you.

Many people are willing to take more photos and videos when they travel to leave beautiful memories behind. Everyone hopes to make blockbusters, but when they do, they will find that it is not easy to make blockbusters.

For those who have not studied photography but want to take different photos and videos, consider UAV, because it can provide an immediate effect that other devices do not have - changing the shooting angle.

The most important feature of good looking photos is the sense of strangeness. UAVs can make people feel different perspectives through aerial photography, which is easy to produce films. Don't think how difficult it is to control the UAV. With the built-in intelligent shooting function of Dajiang, Xiaobai can easily shoot blockbusters. You don't need to learn too much photography knowledge and operating skills. The most important thing is to take it with you and go out.

The mini 4 Pro is a small and light UAV, which is easy to take out. The picture quality is not ambiguous at all. It can provide 4K 60 The lossless vertical screen image quality of frames can meet the requirements from recording life to professional shooting.

It is priced at 4788 yuan after discount in the Tiaoyin Mall.

Who doesn't want luxury life?

No one does not love beauty. For example, skin care products, cosmetics, accessories, they are not only functional, but also emotional - I always think that when we apply masks, make up, and dress ourselves, we should not only pursue the results of beauty, but also "want to change our beauty" mentality, which is more important.

So in this list, we see all kinds of beautiful things, such as skin care products, jewelry, household care, etc., each of which has super preferential prices.


I recommend the classic model, which is also for my own use, the fifth generation of Estee Lauder small brown bottle eye cream.


The care around the eyes is more troublesome than other parts, and can't completely rely on moisturizing. Since I was in my mid twenties, I have found that my periocular state has become worse. Dark lines, dark circles and bags under my eyes have become increasingly obvious, and the fight against early aging is imminent.

Later, I always used small brown bottle eye cream. Estee Lauder's patented technology "Rhymopeptide" can activate the CLOCK of keratinocytes Genes, so as to reduce the pressure of ultraviolet rays on cells, improve the self-healing ability of the skin around the eyes, and also have a good effect on dark circles and darkness around the eyes.

As a member of the Communist Party of China, I believe that these technologies are supported by the paper patents, and the subjective feeling is that they are indeed effective. After the skin around the eyes becomes more stable, the corners of the eyes become moist, elastic, and the fine lines fade away. The whole person is in a better state than before, so it has been used for several years.

In the return activity of the Douyin Mall, 15mL small brown bottle eye cream was only 550 yuan, and 10mL sample plus 15mL cherry blossom water was sent.

   Popular household appliances,

I bet you want everything

The happiness brought by home appliances cannot be rejected by men, women and children. The floor sweeping robot that lazy people like best, the refrigerator with huge capacity, the big TV with clear picture quality, and the air conditioner with cold and warm functions... The good things on this list are loved by everyone.

I also suffered for a long time, so I just chose one of these items to recommend. I chose to add a floor washer.

With the integration of suction and drag, dry and wet garbage can be handled, and the characteristics of self-cleaning and self drying, the floor washer has been on fire for many years. The floor is easy to get dirty if there are children at home, or the old people just like to clean by hand. The floor washer is undoubtedly a new tool that is convenient and easy to use.

As the leading brand in this category, Tianke has a strong product force. Its fuselage has greatly reduced its weight, and the ground can be cleaned easily when a dog walks around the house with it. It also has its own heating, with 70 ° C The mop can clean the floor thoroughly, and the effect of self-cleaning and self drying is also very good.

It is not just a floor washer. The main machine is detachable and can be turned into a vacuum cleaner in an instant. It works well with different brush heads to clean the dust on corners, desks and bedding.

The original price is 5290 yuan, but the current price of the Diaoyin Mall is only 3090 yuan, which is free of interest for three periods and free of gifts worth 1000 yuan. The two in one price of floor washer+vacuum cleaner is very favorable!

Home decoration,

Focus on one comfort!

Contemporary people have more and more profound understanding of the word "comfort". Especially today, when the word "house" is in the forefront, everyone needs to enjoy life to relax.

Look at the list of the most popular home furnishings, pillows, mattresses, toilet sofas, knee pads and waist protectors. Everyone will enjoy life!


Among many good things, I choose Yaduo's deep sleep memory pillow as my recommendation. At any time, a good sleep is the basis of the quality of life.


Among contemporary young people, nine and a half of the ten have cervical problems. On the one hand, sedentary office work is naturally harmful to the cervical spine. On the other hand, what is often overlooked is the choice of pillows.

Although it is called a pillow, its most important function is to support the neck and cervical vertebra. It needs appropriate height, support and softness to keep the cervical vertebra in a natural and relaxed curvature to dispel the fatigue of the day.

Yaduo Deep Sleep Memory Pillow is the sixth generation product iterated by his family. It is divided into two layers. The upper part is soft to fit the curve of the head and cervical spine, and the lower part is memory cotton, which has strong support and does not collapse. Side R The font design further ensures the head posture during sleep, and can avoid or reduce the fall of the pillow and snoring.

The pillow surface is still huge, and those who sleep dishonestly need not worry about tumbling affecting the sleeping position of their heads.

   The computer can't forget,

Both productivity and entertainment

The computer is the guy who eats, but it's really too difficult to choose a computer. Anyone who sees so many parameters will have a big head.

The recommendation list of computer digital blockbusters should be able to give some references to people who do not understand computers. In addition to popular computers, headsets, chargers and projectors are also worth seeing.

I have been reading this list for a long time. Every product is very classic, and the price is appropriate. So I don't recommend it. If there is a corresponding demand, you can pick and buy it.


Double 11 returns to the broadcast calendar, watch the live broadcast~

In addition to the return list, there is also a live calendar of the Diaoyin Mall to share with you.

Small partners who like watching live broadcast can pay attention to them during the event. Each studio will have different kinds of good things and discounts.

The live broadcast of girl baby on November 27th and 29th, please don't miss it! There will be super beautiful ELLE and MAXRIENY Knits and coats, I have set the alarm clock, ready to stay in the studio!


That's it Dithering Mall After reading the list, I feel that today's consumers have really changed a lot compared with the past.

After so many years of the "Double 11" National Congress, people began to pay more attention to the quality of goods, and more hope to buy reliable good things at a lower price. I think it is particularly good to pursue the cost performance ratio, and make your life better.

I hope that you can refer to this list and use preferential prices to find, explore and experience more cost-effective products, so as to make your life more comfortable and better.

Don't forget the time of the event. During the period from 11.12 to 11.30, Douyin Mall Double Eleven There are many discounts for returning activities!

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