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Jiangnan Cloth Clothing "Zero Waste Regenerated Wool Coat" Won The Innovation Award

2023/11/27 20:22:00 0

Jiangnan Cloth Clothes

   Recently, the 2023 World Garment Conference organized by China Textile Industry Federation, China Garment Association, China Textile Information Center, etc. was successfully held in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
   At this grand event, after the qualification and form review, consumer voting and expert evaluation by the Productivity Promotion Department of the China Textile Industry Federation, Jiangnan Clothes' "zero waste regenerated wool coat" won the "2023 Top Ten Textile Innovative Products · Green Low Carbon Products" by virtue of its sustainable development concept and innovative fabric development and application.
Jiangnan cloth clothing "zero waste regenerated wool coat" won the top ten categories of textile innovation products in 2023 - green low-carbon products
   Recycle and reuse of zero material "recycled wool" fabric to expand sustainable fashion
   The selection, design and innovation of fabrics are crucial in sustainable fashion. Jiangnan Clothes fully considers the application of sustainable fabrics in the whole life cycle management of products, focuses on purchasing certified and traceable raw materials, implements the concept of sustainable fabric design, reduces fabric consumption through innovative research and technology, and improves the quality of recycled products, Contribute to the sustainable development of the environment and society.
   The innovative development of "recycled wool" sustainable fabric is one of the characteristic projects of sustainable fashion of Jiangnan cloth clothing. The project effectively reduces the demand for new wool by recycling the leftovers of wool fabrics in the process of garment production and converting them into high-quality fabrics after technical treatment, thus indirectly reducing the resource consumption of sheep breeding, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water resource consumption, and having a positive impact on the environment. The "zero waste regenerated wool overcoat" recognized by the industry this time is made of regenerated wool. Its production process reduces the use of chemicals and environmental pollution, while retaining the natural advantages of wool, such as warmth retention, breathability and durability.  
Jiangnan cloth clothing "zero waste regenerated wool overcoat"
   At present, this waste free recycled wool overcoat of Jiangnan Clothes has been launched, and member experience activities will be held in Haxi Wanda Plaza on November 25 and Xi'an Saige International Shopping Center on December 16, respectively. At that time, consumers will have the opportunity to deeply understand the unique sustainable fashion charm of "recycled wool" overcoats.
   Fashion innovation and environmental protection are integrated, and sustainable raw materials lead the future of the industry
   China is the world's largest textile producer and consumer. As an important area of promoting carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China's textile and clothing industry has been constantly exploring ways to promote the reform of green fashion industry. As a Chinese designer brand fashion enterprise, Jiangnan Clothes is committed to the overall realization of pollution reduction and carbon reduction in the whole industrial chain. In the 2023 ESG Report released in September this year, it was disclosed that Jiangnan Buyi had set a clear goal of sustainable development: by the end of fiscal year 2025, the proportion of sustainable raw materials in the total weight of raw materials procurement would reach 30% (inclusive). In the 2023 fiscal year, the proportion of Jiangnan Cloth Garment's sustainable raw material procurement reached 16.6%, compared with 6.3% in the 2022 fiscal year, the company's sustainable raw material consumption increased significantly.  
Proportion of sustainable raw material procurement from 2022 to 2023
   Among the new products in autumn and winter, Jiangnan Cloth Garment not only launched this "zero waste regenerated wool" coat in JNBY brand, but also applied a variety of sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton, flax, tussah silk and other natural fiber materials in other brands, including LESS, sketch and Pogma. Its characteristics are that it can significantly reduce the consumption of water resources and reduce the use of chemicals, It is beneficial to maintain soil health, while reducing carbon footprint and easy to degrade. In addition, Jiangnan Cloth also uses a large number of recycled fiber materials such as recycled polyester, bio based polyester, recycled nylon, and artificial cellulose such as Lyocell, which greatly reduces the waste and consumption of energy and environmental pollution.
   Under the multiple challenges of global climate, environment, resources and so on, the implementation of the ESG concept is a conscious effort to follow the trend, but also a future oriented exploration. As an influential designer brand fashion company in China, Jiangnan Cloth Garment, with the vision of "creating sustainable fashion with Jiangnan Cloth Garment Characteristics" as its sustainable development, constantly explores the R&D and application of innovative sustainable fabrics, brings more fashionable and environmentally friendly boutique clothing choices to consumers, and also lays a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.
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