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"Cartier Female Entrepreneur Award" Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

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Recently, the "Cartier Women's Initiative" officially announced the list of winners in 2024, continuing the previous theme of "Forces for Good", reiterating the firm commitment to women entrepreneurs and promoting business excellence. This year's "Cartier Female Entrepreneur Award" has 11 awards, including 9 regional awards and 2 theme awards, namely, "Science and Technology Pioneer Award" and "Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Award". A total of 33 winners won the top three of each award. In this East Asian regional award, Yu Xiaodan, the founder of "Jiang Hao" brand from China, and Du Xintong, the founder of "Children's Language Workshop" became the winners of this competition. After 17 years of development, the "Cartier Women Entrepreneur Award" has gradually developed into a comprehensive global entrepreneurship support project to empower women entrepreneurs and promote their enterprise development. At present, the award has helped 330 female entrepreneurs from 66 countries to support their common belief: to solve the world's pressing problems and challenges. Following Dubai and Paris, this year's "Cartier Female Entrepreneur Award" will come to Shenzhen, China for the first time. The award ceremony will be held on May 22 to witness the achievements of 33 winners.

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in March, the total retail sales of domestic consumer goods reached 3902 billion yuan, up 3.1% year on year. The retail sales of clothing, shoes and hats, knitwear and textiles, cosmetics and gold, silver and jewelry increased by 3.8%, 2.2% and 3.2% respectively. From January to March, the total retail sales of domestic consumer goods increased by 4.7% year-on-year to 12032.7 billion yuan. The retail sales of clothing, shoes and hats, knitwear, cosmetics, gold, silver and jewelry increased by 2.5%, 3.4% and 4.5% respectively.

On April 18, Swarovski held a ribbon cutting ceremony during Milan Design Week, officially opening its first major flagship store in Italy. The flagship store is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the main shopping and tourism avenue in Milan, covering an area of 5940 square feet, including four spacious windows in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. The flagship store in Milan sells Swarovski's series of products, from crystal jewelry, watches and home decorations to glasses, tableware and limited edition products; Cooperation with global brands such as Aquazzura and Golden Goose, as well as Swarovski's high quality artificial diamond jewelry series, these series first appeared in the laboratory diamond cultivation salon in Europe.

Brunello Cucinelli released the first quarter financial report of 2024. The data shows that the company's revenue increased by 16.5% in the first three months as of March 31. Sales reached 309.1 million euros, and revenue increased by 17.9% at a fixed exchange rate. By region, sales in Europe, including Italy, increased by 13.9% to 108.8 million euros, accounting for 35.2% of the total sales, which benefited from a more diversified tourist group, mainly American tourists in the previous few quarters. Italian sales increased by 26.8% to 35 million euros, accounting for 11.3% of the total sales. Sales in the Americas reached 114.2 million euros, up 19.5% from last year, accounting for 36.9% of the total sales. Revenue in Asia increased by 15% to 86.1 million euros, accounting for 27.9% of total revenue. The region's performance in the quarter was driven by growth in China, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East. Retail sales increased by 15% to 188.6 million euros, accounting for 61% of the total sales. Brunello Cucinelli, executive chairman and creative director of the company, vigorously promotes the potential of the region.

From eye-catching organza skirt to 3D three-dimensional flower accessories, this series has launched 11 pieces. Inspired by nature, the series aims to explore the power of imagination and invite people to enter a surrealist dream world& Other Stories created a limited time experience space of "Dream Blossom" in XC273, an avant-garde fashion retail space, to present this co branded cooperation series in an immersive dream atmosphere. Continuing the style of the co branded series, the space design takes purple as the main tone, and the halo dyeing transits to indigo and grey powder. In the center of the site is a pool device embedded on the ground. Purple water waves flow and flicker under the reflection of light, and light and shadow are intertwined and swaying. Above the pool, delicate pink and purple flowers hang like drops of water, reappearing the scene of transparent flowers blooming in Susan's dream, and echoing the flower elements in the series of works from afar, like a series of fantasy and reality. Sandhill like decorations of sandalwood and purple are scattered all around, and the sculptural shape adds a surreal delicacy to the whole space. Susan Fang&Other Stories "Dream Blossom" limited time experience space will open from April 17 to April 30. At the same time, the co branded cooperation series was launched simultaneously on April 18 in the official flagship store of&Other Stories Tmall, the boutique store of small programs, the official flagship store of Tiaoyin and offline stores.

A few days ago, Erdos Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Show was lightly presented in Shanghai Star Art Museum. With the theme of "Flowing Flower", Erdos explored the infinite possibility of light in cashmere and other natural materials in the free flowing fashion expression. The whole show connected the light cashmere knitting and romantic color changes with the key clue of flow, and presented the symbolic element of flower through multiple design languages, completing a new spring summer style writing between the virtual and the real. Spokesperson Liu Wen, actor Ma Yili, Song Yi and Han Dongjun appeared in the customized spring and summer fashion series, together with many fashion bloggers, media and friends from all walks of life, to a romantic and flexible spring and summer fashion appointment. At the same time, the experience link outside the show and CanU launched a sustainable handicraft workshop to vividly convey the brand's sustainable fashion concept. The women's clothing part revolves around flowers and flow, starting from cashmere, spanning the workplace, vacation, outdoor scenes, and finally moving towards a dream dress chapter. "New" is the consistent concept of Erdos men's wear. This new concept is a new idea to break through the inherent style, and also a new idea to retain the brand texture in multiple scenes. Erdos held the spring and summer fashion show for the first time, taking the initiative to break the labels of representative brands such as autumn, winter and cashmere, presenting a new light and relaxed temperament.

The latest financial report released by Beiersdorf shows that the group's sales in the first quarter reached 2.6 billion euros, with an organic growth rate of 7.3%, and the sales of consumer goods business increased by 10% to 2.2 billion euros. Among them, the sales of Nivea (including Labello) increased by 12.6% and achieved growth in all regions, Eucerin and Aquaphor increased by 10.2%, and La Prairie resumed growth, with an organic growth rate of 1%. The company said that its luxury beauty brand is accelerating its turnaround from loss to profit and is expected to further accelerate its growth in the second half of the year. At the same time, the company raised its annual performance expectations. It is expected that the organic growth rate of sales will be between 6% and 8%, while the profit margin before interest and tax (excluding special factors) is expected to be slightly higher than the level of the previous year.

Recently, Decay, a sports goods retailer, opened the first coffee corner in China - Coffee House in Wujiaochang, Shanghai, China. The coffee corner provides coffee, sports drinks and baked goods. In terms of products, the menu shows that the price of coffee and specialty drinks ranges from 12 yuan to 26 yuan, and there is a surprise price for members. In terms of sports specialty drinks, there are special products including electrolytes, L-carnitine and protein powder. Decathlon integrates food, sports and social activities to create a coffee space. According to Decathlon coffee applet, 1000 limited edition camping cups will be given away for the store opening benefits.

WWD has learned that recently, Gucci announced that it will hold a series of early spring 2025 shows at Tate Modern Art Museum in London on May 13. This will be the first cruise line launched by creative director Sabato De Sarno since he took the helm of the luxury brand last January. It is reported that Gucci will also establish a three-year cooperation relationship with Tate Art Museum to support the "Electric Dreams" exhibition held in autumn.

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