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Beauty Of Costume "New Chinese Style" Clothing Charm Appears

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New Chinese Style

"China has great etiquette, so it is called Xia; the beauty of clothing is called Hua." From the "Dragon Year's Battle Robe" to "the first skirt in spring", the horse face skirt is popular "out of the loop". Caoxian County, Shandong Province, an important processing town for performance costumes in China, is once again concerned by the shortage of horse face skirts. Whether walking on the catwalk, entering the theater for display and performance, or appearing in parks, temple fairs, or on occasions where ordinary people commute to go shopping, visit relatives and friends, "new Chinese style" clothing is increasingly appearing in people's daily scenes.

The traditional clothes, which have been elegant for thousands of years in the history, are now transformed into "new Chinese style" clothes and are once again active in the lives of young people. Behind the young people's recognition and love of Chinese aesthetics is a firmer cultural self-confidence. The return of Chinese aesthetics not only makes the public's daily wear more abundant and personal value expression more diverse, but also looks more refined, more primitive and more elegant than the stereotyped public clothing. Wearing it, it seems that we are going to a feast of national style to talk with the ancients and exchange with history. The excellent traditional Chinese culture also has strong vitality and influence in this "ancient and modern covenant".

From the perspective of artistic reproduction and innovative design, dressing is the basic need of daily life, which should not only meet the needs of comfort, but also conform to the behavior or use scene of servants. It can be seen that most of the "new Chinese style" costumes are not completely retro in shape, and are closer to modern life in design, echoing the fashion trend. The "new Chinese style" not only pays attention to the "leather appearance" of the design - such as the pursuit of the fabric technology of silk and fragrant cloud yarn and the standard design of stand collar, plate buckle, etc., but also pays attention to the "bone appearance" of the presentation elements - such as the integration of traditional oriental clothing elements such as belly pockets, cheongsam, Chinese knots, etc. into modern fashion, realizing the deep link between tradition and modernity, so as to fully display the oriental flavor.

The explosion of "new Chinese style" clothing seems accidental but inevitable. The traditional dress is the cultural identity of "wearing". Each country has its own unique cultural symbols and symbols, and clothing itself is an important carrier of culture. Chinese traditional costumes can not only show people's aesthetic taste, color preference, shape preference, but also infiltrate a society's cultural mentality, values, spiritual beliefs and living customs in a specific historical period. Wearing traditional clothes, to a certain extent, means putting traditional culture, traditional etiquette and traditional craft on the heart, which conveys people's national feelings and cultural identity deeply rooted in the blood. "New Chinese style" clothing has become a fashion trend for thousands of years and an effective carrier for modern people to inherit traditional culture. The young generation of consumers' love for the "new Chinese style" reflects their unique aesthetic pursuit: connotation but not thickness, beauty but not publicity, which reflects their open and rich spiritual realm and firm cultural self-confidence, and consciously become the inheritors and promoters of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

"New Chinese style" has become the first choice of fashion experts, and the sales volume is rising, which is also the result of the increasingly mature and perfect business environment, business model, e-commerce format, industrial chain and other joint effects. Take Song brocade as an example. It has a history of thousands of years, but the weaving of traditional Song brocade is like a systematic project. From silk reeling and dyeing to weaving into products, it needs more than 20 processes. The cross stitch knots need to be drawn by hand, and the process is extremely complex. One pattern may take several months. As a result, the traditional Song brocade was once in decline, and its production skills were almost lost. Nowadays, people can use jacquard CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to draw patterns and use rapier looms with computer programs to weave, which greatly improves the productivity, gives more opportunities and possibilities for Song brocade to appear in daily life, and contributes to the "new Chinese style craze".

According to the data of China Textile Industry Federation, the market size of "new Chinese style" clothing has reached the level of 1 billion yuan in 2023, and the total trade volume of related products has increased by more than 100% in the past three years. The upsurge of national style represented by "new Chinese style" clothing has also driven the popularity of many cultural and tourism activities such as national style photography and ancient city tours. A variety of consumption scenes have been creatively connected, realizing the diversified and immersive interaction between clothing and application scenes. "new Chinese style" clothing is not only accepted by the public as a cultural symbol, It has also injected new momentum into the development of cultural and tourism markets around the country. It is expected that the "new Chinese style" and other national trends will promote more new fashions, meet people's more diverse consumption needs, and enrich our lives with the beauty of the excellent traditional Chinese culture in a richer form. (Sun Zhaohong)

(Source: Guangming Daily)

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