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Keqiao Summit, Gathering Industry Elites, Was Held Grandly

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The year 2024 is beginning, and the global textile and clothing industry is standing at a new starting point where changes and opportunities are intertwined. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, subtle changes in the geopolitical pattern and China's growing international influence have jointly brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to this traditional industry. How to adapt to and control these changes to ensure the continuous growth of the industry has become the focus of common concern in the industry.

In order to discuss this issue in depth, strengthen industry exchange and cooperation, a grand event gathering industry elites - "2024 Textile and Clothing Standards and Quality Management Conference · Keqiao Summit" was held on May 7, aiming to build a platform for industry exchange and cooperation, gather industry wisdom, and jointly discuss how to adapt to the requirements of the new era, Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the textile and clothing industry.

The Summit was hosted by China Textile Information Center and the People's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, undertaken by the Testing Center of China Textile Industry Federation, the Standards and Testing Professional Committee of China Textile Engineering Society, the Construction Management Committee of China Light Textile City, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, the Testing Center of China Textile Industry Federation, the Standards and Testing Professional Committee of China Textile Engineering Society Shaoxing Keqiao District China Light Textile City Construction Management Committee supports.

Under the theme of "new quality productivity and high-quality development", the conference gathered a number of authoritative guests in the industry, focusing on "building the 'bottom' with quality: building the industrial foundation with quality as the shield", "moving toward 'new' standards: breaking the standards and regulatory barriers of export-oriented economy", "global integration": improving the ability of regional economy to integrate into the market with quality " And other core issues to share their latest research results and practical experience in textile and garment standards and quality management.

  Yuan Xiaowen, member of the Standing Committee of Keqiao District Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of China Textile City In his speech, he said that Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, the shining pearl in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, is not only the intersection of modern commerce and trade, but also the treasure of history and culture, which combines the reputation of "Pearl in the South" and "House of Silk". As a global textile distribution center, China Textile City is leading the trend of the textile industry with its outstanding strength and wide influence. In 2023, the total turnover of light textile city market will exceed 360 billion yuan, and Keqiao District has made remarkable achievements in the textile market, industry and scientific innovation. The cluster actively participates in the formulation of international and domestic standards to promote high-quality development of the industry. Facing the new requirements of consumers for quality and technology, textile and garment standards and quality management are becoming increasingly important. The theme of this conference is "new quality productivity and high-quality development", which will continuously promote the high-quality development of Keqiao textile industry.

   Yan Yan, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation In his speech, he pointed out that in 2024, the global textile industry is facing multiple challenges such as technological revolution, geopolitical reshaping and green trend. China's textile industry responded positively, taking new quality productivity as the core, integrating technology, culture and green elements, and striving for transformation and upgrading. The government work report emphasizes the importance of developing new quality productive forces. With the theme of "new quality productivity and high-quality development", the Conference on Textile and Garment Standards and Quality Management brings together industry elites to discuss development plans. Keqiao, Shaoxing, as the host city, builds a platform for global textile industry exchange and cooperation based on its textile industry foundation and open market environment. We should take an open and innovative attitude to jointly respond to challenges, promote the textile and clothing industry to move towards high-quality and sustainable development, and create a new chapter in the industry.

   Fu Guangwei, Chairman of China Textile Engineering Society and Director of China Textile Industry Federation Testing Center He made a keynote speech on the theme of "new quality productivity and high-quality development", and deeply analyzed the relationship between the two. He believed that the new quality productivity not only reflected the characteristics of the times driven by scientific and technological innovation, but also triggered profound changes in the traditional production mode in the industry. This change covers many dimensions such as quality, efficiency, sustainability and social responsibility, and injects new vitality into the development of the industry. In his speech, Fu Guangwei elaborated on the four pillars of the new quality productivity: scientific and technological productivity, fashion productivity, green productivity and responsibility productivity. The introduction of scientific and technological productivity has brought technological innovation to textile production. The rise of fashion productivity has promoted the integration of design and technology. Green productivity helps the industry achieve green transformation, while responsible productivity emphasizes the social mission and sustainability of enterprises.

In addition, Fu Guangwei also shared in depth the mutually reinforcing relationship between new quality productivity and high-quality development. He believes that the new quality productivity provides a continuous source of innovation power for high-quality development, and high-quality development constantly enriches the connotation of the new quality productivity in practice. This mutually reinforcing relationship will promote the textile industry to develop in a higher quality and more sustainable direction.

On May 7, the establishment and licensing ceremony of the Light Textile Branch of China Association for Inspection and Testing was held at the 2024 Conference on Textile and Clothing Standards and Quality Management · Keqiao Summit.

   Yang Xiaodong, full-time vice president of China National Garment Association According to the title of "Analysis of the current situation and trend of the development of the clothing industry", in recent years, with the new positioning of "science and technology, fashion and green", China's clothing industry has adhered to innovative development, and its industrial system and scale advantages have been constantly strengthened. From the perspective of production, although the clothing output will decline in 2023, the beginning of 2024 will show a warming trend, and the output of enterprises above designated size will increase year on year. The domestic market also showed a strong performance, especially the continuous growth of online retail sales, which reflected consumers' pursuit of fashion and quality. At the same time, as an important support for the industry, exports continue to maintain a steady trend.

In the future, China's clothing industry will focus on the "14th Five Year Plan", further promote the construction of a fashion power, improve the application level of science and technology, strengthen brand building, and innovate the sales model to achieve the world's leading production capacity, scientific and technological level and sales model. At the same time, the industry will also actively assume social responsibility, promote green manufacturing and sustainable development, and contribute to creating a beautiful and fashionable life.

   Wang Jianping, consultant and professor level senior engineer of Intertek Group The theme was "Opportunities and challenges to maintain the stable growth of China's textile and clothing exports under the new situation". He said that China's foreign trade has been booming in recent years, especially in the textile and clothing industries. In 2021, import and export hit a new high, and in 2022, it will rank first in global trade in goods. Although the export volume will decline slightly in 2023, China still shows strong resilience and supply chain advantages in the face of trade protectionism, geopolitical and other challenges. In terms of textile and clothing exports, ASEAN has become the largest market, and its exports to countries along the "Belt and Road" have grown significantly. Despite the challenges of "decoupling" policy and regional conflicts, emerging markets have huge potential. China is strengthening international standards cooperation to enhance its position in the global textile and clothing trade.

In the global economic uncertainty, Guan Chunhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Aime Group and the national first-class plate maker In the theme sharing of "quality helps to focus on consumer demand", the strategy of enterprises to win the lasting trust and follow of consumers was proposed. As a leading enterprise in the field of personal clothing, Aimer always adheres to the consumer demand as the core, and focuses on all-round optimization from design and research to quality assurance. Through fashionable design, exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials, Love brings excellent wearing experience to consumers. At the same time, through diversified brand promotion means, enhance brand awareness and reputation. It emphasizes that quality is the key to win the lasting trust of consumers. Aimer is uncompromising in terms of quality assurance. From raw material procurement to production, it strictly follows national and industrial standards to ensure the high quality of each product. This persistent pursuit of quality has made Love stand out in the fierce market competition and won the trust and support of consumers.

   Cai Tao, President of China Textile Industry Research Institute Sharing under the title of "Research and Practice of Quality Standards Based on Practical Application Scenarios and Consumer Experience": As an important think tank in the textile industry, the Institute actively builds an industry university research platform and provides services such as consultation, science popularization, technology incubation and standard certification. Through four major directions of technology research and development, technology docking, textile clothing display and science popularization exchange, the Institute has built a perfect service platform, with multiple professional laboratories and exhibition areas. It emphasized that quality and standards are crucial in the clothing industry, covering national standards, industry standards and other levels. The research not only focuses on the use value and functional value of clothing, but also deeply explores its emotional value and asset value. By simulating the actual consumption scenario and experience, the research institute strictly evaluates the product quality to guide product research and development and improve the consumption experience. In the fields of thermal clothing, electrostatic evaluation and tactile comfort, the Institute has demonstrated specific practical cases, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

   Li Haoran, Senior Vice President and Founder of Zhiyi Technology and Haoran Fashion Focusing on the fashion industry, the theme of "fabric trend data analysis" was shared, which focused on the impact of new fabric technology and future digital economy on the industry, and introduced the technological characteristics of innovative fiber fabrics such as organic cotton, ice oxygen bar fabric, Sorona, Lyocell fiber, ice oxygen cotton and nylon. At the same time, it also describes the development of AI technology in economic forms, production tools and key applications, such as chat robots, picture generation, marketing writing and video generation tools, showing how AI can change the decision-making process and create new possibilities. Finally, Li Haoran concluded with "organic in danger, the future is coming", emphasizing that the challenges and opportunities facing the industry coexist, and the future is full of hope.

In the afternoon of May 7, the Summit also organized the docking meeting of fashionable women's clothing and functional textiles. At the event site, more than 30 suppliers were precisely connected for exhibition.

At the women's clothing matchmaking meeting, we gathered down jacket fabrics, knitted T-shirts, sweater fabrics, winter knitted pants, embroidered cotton and linen fabrics, shirt fabrics, baseball clothing fabrics, and winter clothing fabrics suitable for young ladies. The functional textile docking meeting brought together high-quality supply chain enterprises such as trouser fabrics, new fabrics, T-shirt fabrics, casual wear fabrics, sunscreen and functional fabrics.

(Source: China Textile Xiao Ying)

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