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Xiqiao Textile: Look At The Transformation Of "Wisdom" In The Workshop

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Walk towards "new" and weave the future. On May 15, the symposium on transformation and upgrading of textile industry in Nanhai District was held. Representatives of government and enterprises gathered in Xiqiao to investigate several textile enterprises and talk about the new trends, new demands and new trends of the development of Xiqiao and even Nanhai textile industry.

The textile industry is Xiqiao's traditional pillar industry, important livelihood industry and manufacturing advantage industry. It is accelerating transformation and upgrading development. Nanhai District has carried out research on this for many years. Gu Yaohui, secretary of Nanhai District Party Committee, said that the transformation and upgrading of Xiqiao textile industry will be accelerated again. Nanhai will adhere to the principle of keeping abreast of technology and culture, support "Xiqiao Textile" to improve industrial ecology, strengthen scientific and technological support, strengthen cultural empowerment, increase resource integration, and further improve quality and efficiency.

   In the workshop, "intelligence" changes and transforms

Lisheng Textile has built the workshop into a "black light factory". It uses AI large model tools to realize automatic production in the industrial scene of multi process, multi model and multi cooperation. It also uses photovoltaic power generation to realize power generation for its own use. Wanjun · South India Textile Intelligent Park synchronously promotes project regulation, development and reform project approval and park investment promotion, with the goal of becoming a demonstration park of the whole textile industry chain. Foshan Mingjie Textile Co., Ltd. promoted the whole chain of "production upstairs", and also built a "air catwalk" on the roof of the intelligent building. It will explore the combination of new products to hold fashion activities such as catwalk shows.

During the activity, representatives of Nanhai District's ecological environment, publicity, development and reform, economic promotion department, Xiqiao Town's economic development and textile office, as well as representatives of several textile enterprises in Xiqiao formed a research group, which went to the above three research points to talk about the "new" of Xiqiao's textile industry.

The "smart" change and upgrading of workshops and green development are hot topics. Han Kaizhou, the chairman of Foshan Lisheng Textile Co., Ltd., believes that it is imperative for Xiqiao Textile to increase the "number" upgrade and break through the employment bottleneck. Ouyang Xiao, deputy general manager of Foshan Zhixing Textile and Garment Co., Ltd., said that Xiqiao Jeans is a famous regional industrial brand, and expected the government to strengthen support for enterprises, especially denim textile enterprises, to strengthen wastewater collection and treatment, and accelerate green development.

There is also the accelerating pace of "going to sea". Huang Jiewen, president of Nanhai District Textile Industry Association and chairman of Mingjie Textile Industry Association, introduced that since May this year, the Association has organized 15 enterprises from Xiqiao Textile Industry Base to participate in the third phase of the 135th Canton Fair. Many Xiqiao textile enterprises have also participated in the Dhaka Jeans Clothing Fair in Bangladesh, which has yielded fruitful results.

   Government and enterprises gather to promote industrial upgrading

Up to now, Xiqiao has more than 840 textile enterprises, with an annual production capacity of 4 billion meters of various textile fabrics. The township textile industry is taking "green, innovative, efficient, fashionable and open" as the key word, and constantly accelerating transformation and upgrading.

Kuang Yingxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Xiqiao Town, said that in recent years, Xiqiao has insisted on vigorously supporting the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, and the three research projects of Lisheng Textile, Wanjun · Nanyin Textile Smart Park, and Mingjie Textile have achieved representative results in technological innovation, chain extension, space renewal, and cultural empowerment. In the future, Xiqiao will continue to shoulder its responsibilities and strengthen this town brand industry in line with the needs of enterprises.

Nanhai District has carried out research on the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry for many consecutive years. Gu Yaohui said that the transformation, upgrading and efficiency increase of Xiqiao textile enterprises have further strengthened the confidence and determination of Nanhai to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. Nanhai insists on keeping abreast of technology and culture, and makes greater efforts to promote the upgrading of traditional industries. "This is especially important for the textile industry.".

Specifically, Gu Yaohui said that Xiqiao textile and even the textile industry in the South China Sea should further improve the industrial ecology, attract more high-quality resources, and extend the chain to both ends of the fashion design, production and marketing of finished products and other industrial chains; We should strengthen scientific and technological support, make better use of more precise policies, and implement more energy conservation and consumption reduction projects and cost reduction and efficiency improvement projects; We should strengthen cultural empowerment, seize the opportunities such as the South China Sea Land Art Festival, and actively explore the joint cooperation of "artists+scientists+entrepreneurs" through "art and enterprise peers" to improve the added value of products; We should strengthen resource integration, further improve environmental protection work such as sewage treatment, and promote sustainable high-quality development.

(Source: Nanfang Daily)

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