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Exploring The Special Step Intelligent Factory: From Hands Liberation To Brain Liberation, There Is A New Breakthrough In The Intelligence Of The Clothing Industry

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New Quality Productivity

   New quality productivity, new consumption, new energy system In the 2024 government work report, a series of "new" issues attract attention. The report lists "vigorously promoting the construction of modern industrial system and accelerating the development of new quality productivity" as the top priority. New quality productivity is accelerating the "innovation" from the aspects of creating demand, fashion and environment, and promoting profound changes in consumption. Healthy consumption, sports event consumption, and "trendy" consumption of Chinese goods are generating new growth points of China's economy, but also forcing enterprises to innovate new development models, create new demand, and increase consumption momentum.
   As the leader of the domestic sports shoes and clothing industry, Tebu Group has long adhered to the "consumer centric" business strategy, and continued to gain insight into changes in consumer demand and consumption behavior. Consumers' wardrobes are becoming more and more abundant, and specific clothes should be worn in the subdivided scenes; Fashion, personalization and comfort requires garment enterprises to build a flexible quick reaction system.
   The special step (Anhui) intelligent factory located in Bengbu independently developed the flexible full control intelligent manufacturing solution "Boundless", broke the boundaries of data barriers between different systems, 100% digitized all processes of clothing production, realized that a single production line broke the category limit, truly achieved flexible quick reaction, and accurately met consumer needs.
   On May 15, the reporter of Textile and Garment Weekly was invited to the production factory in Bengbu, Anhui Province.
   Flexible fast reflexes, clothing plus "counting" run
   In Bengbu, Anhui, there is a street called "Tebu Avenue", where Tebu (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is located. Before entering the plant area, you can see rows of neat and tall plants from afar. The big characters "Let the sport be different" on the roof shine in the sunlight, which is the production base of Special Step in Bengbu, Anhui.
   When entering the garment factory, there is a huge display screen on the front wall. The order production progress, the production situation of the day, the equipment operation, and the quality inspection situation are clear at a glance.
   "Dozens of production lines are connected to the same brain. According to all kinds of orders of Tebu, whether it is T-shirts in summer or cotton padded clothes in winter, the brain can freely combine different production lines as needed to achieve flexible quick reaction, which is the first in the industry." Wang Jian, general manager of the manufacturing business department of Tebu Group, said, "The traditional assembly line is a single module, and the intelligent factory is a modular collaboration. From cloth laying, cutting, batching, sewing, ironing to packaging and boxing, each link is like an auto part, which performs its own duties in different spaces." Boundless "connects all links, and people, hardware and software cooperate organically to simplify unnecessary processes, and greatly improve output value, profit and human efficiency, The overall production efficiency increased by nearly 20%. "
   The high degree of intelligence of each link is an important pillar for the "unbounded" smooth operation.
   AGV intelligent database, self access in "black light" status
   In the intelligent cutting workshop, the reporter saw that each bundle of cloth has its own "ID card" starting from the fabric. After completing the process of intelligent cloth laying and cutting, employees only need to issue a key command, and the pieces with the "ID card" will automatically enter and exit the cutting warehouse. Even in the "black light" state, the AGV (automatic guided vehicle) intelligent library system can help each piece find its own position accurately. It is also thanks to the AGV intelligent database system that cutting can take the "high-speed railway" to the next station.
   Intelligent hanging system enables clothes to sit on the "high-speed railway"
   In the 3-storey factory, the most eye-catching is the intelligent suspension system like the high-speed rail track. Pieces of cloth are hung on the clothes rack, as if they are on the "high-speed railway", going to the sewing workshop to make ready to wear clothes, passing through the quality inspection and ironing links, and finally packaging and delivery. The situation of manual handling and random stacking of cloth no longer exists. The scientific production line layout of "centralized hanging+intelligent transportation" helps speed up the single line beat time to 18 seconds.
   Robot arm intelligent sorting, "zero distance" oriented to consumers
   The palletizing robot in the outbound link is very popular for e-commerce warehouses, but the garment production factories in the industry have not yet used it. Special Step (Anhui) intelligent factory will arrange intelligent sorting in advance to make full preparations for multi-channel orders such as service retail and e-commerce in the next five years, and direct delivery will be "zero distance" for consumers.
   New quality labor force, establishment of craftsman mechanism
   The achievements of new quality productivity development also benefit every front-line employee.
   On the one hand, intelligent production has reduced the labor load rate. Physical labor such as handling and sewing in traditional garment factories has been replaced by mental labor such as three-dimensional typesetting. Employees have changed from operators engaged in repetitive and tedious work to technicians who research and control machines and equipment; On the other hand, through the productized employment mechanism, integrating achievements, people, career development and other factors into the factory management will also better stimulate the production enthusiasm of the new generation of industrial workers. A craftsman mechanism that understands technology and is good at innovation has been gradually established to boost the release of the potential of new quality productivity.
   According to the output and quality data of each employee, the system will automatically assign work to each employee. Every time an operation is completed, the system will automatically count pieces. After work every day, the wages of employees will be calculated automatically. It is clear how much money you earn in a day. Special employees said that they really felt the benefits of intelligence.
   A "social phobic" young man after the 100s, he was liberated because of intelligence. She doesn't like to get along with the group leader. Under the traditional operation mode, the team leader assigns processes to employees, and there is a situation of eating by relationship. Now, if she finishes her own process, the system will automatically push her to other processes to avoid the embarrassment of asking the team leader for work.
   In order to further increase employees' sense of happiness, the Special Step (Anhui) Smart Factory strives for medical subsidies for employees, solves the problems of school attendance and travel and recuperation subsidies for employees' children, and improves food services and lodging services to make employees eat and live well. It is understood that over the past three years, a total of 340 million yuan has been invested in employee care.
   Realize landing in one year and achieve the ultimate transformation speed
   Behind the high-quality and efficient collaboration, there is a large amount of investment in digitalization. In the process of preparation for the establishment of the special step intelligent factory, 500 coordination meetings and nearly 200 hours of training were held, which only took one year to implement, accelerating the transformation of the industry.
   It is reported that the whole special travel Anhui Park, including the intelligent factory, with a total floor area of nearly 140000 square meters, is a large sports goods manufacturing base integrating sports shoes, clothing, logistics and upstream and downstream supporting facilities. This smart factory has also become a benchmark for the transformation of the traditional industry's "smart" manufacturing product force, and won many awards such as "2023 National Supply Chain Innovation and Application Demonstration Enterprise", "2023 Anhui Intelligent Factory and Digital Workshop", "2023 China's Best Practice in Intelligent Manufacturing" and so on.
   For a long time, the clothing industry has the following pain points: First, on the consumer side, it is more and more difficult for brands to obtain customers and the accuracy of offline traffic is becoming increasingly obvious. Second, on the product side, with the change of consumers' preferences, the demand for quick turnover of small orders and double orders is increasing, and flexible production can effectively meet consumer demand. Third, at the supply chain end, the mismatch between production and demand is the lifeblood of many garment enterprises. Fourth, on the management side, employee management and internal collaboration are also related to the ceiling of enterprise development.
   In order to solve the above pain points, we began to explore digitalization in 2011. We are the first company in the footwear industry to cooperate with SAP. From 2011 to 2017, the preliminary business datalization was completed by building a business SAP system independently. Since then, we have established a unified business middle office with Alibaba Cloud to break through 63 business system barriers, achieve common sharing of business data, and improve the quick reaction capability of the supply chain by 15%. In 2019, the multi brand and globalization strategy will be launched in a special step, which needs to smooth the communication barriers caused by time difference, language and cultural differences in three continents and four regions (the United States, France, Taiwan and mainland China). To this end, a set of globally unified ERP system supporting multi regions, multi brands and multi formats has been specially established to realize zero cost, real-time and smooth communication and feedback. In 2021, we will further clarify the "consumer centric" business policy to guide the business development of all sectors, and start the digital construction including consumer operation platform (CDP) and commodity intelligence system. In April 2024, Tebu officially signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Huawei Cloud to carry out full scene digital cooperation and management reform around research, production, supply, marketing, service and other fields, and build an efficient and intelligent freight platform and a model of AI innovation and development.
   Lin Jun, assistant vice president of information and digital system of Tebu Group, said that the IT department is an enabling organization supporting the company's strategy and digital transformation, and is one of the company's core competitiveness. In the context of digital transformation, the IT department has upgraded to a digital organization, but its positioning remains unchanged, which is to continue to create value for the business and help the company's business continue to grow.
   As an important part of the digital transformation of the product end, Tebu (Anhui) intelligent factory came into being. Next, Tebu (Anhui) Smart Factory will be committed to manufacturing a diversified business model of digital service consumers, practicing green and low-carbon corporate social responsibility, implementing new energy photovoltaic power generation, helping enterprises to achieve sustainable development, continuously tapping new consumption potential, and painting the green background of new quality productivity.
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