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New Quality And New Fiber | Technology And Design Bring More Possibilities For Fiber

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   The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, especially with subversive technology and cutting-edge technology to promote new industries, new models, new driving forces and develop new quality productivity.
   For the textile industry, to develop new quality productivity, new materials should be used to expand new space. In the past 13 years, the release of China's fiber fashion trend has driven fiber enterprises to continuously increase their investment in independent research and development, significantly promoted the improvement of the number and quality of fiber varieties, and become a breakthrough for downstream enterprises to layout and develop a new track, tap development vitality and potential, and improve development toughness.  
   In order to help the textile industry develop new quality productivity, this magazine has set up a series of columns of "new quality and new fiber" to comprehensively report the development and application of popular fibers around the activity of "Release of Chinese fiber fashion trends".
   The cool fiber that challenges the limit of cool feeling, the green and environmentally friendly composite functional fiber with multiple properties, the polyamide elastic fiber with spiral structure, the ginger protein fiber that pioneered the double bacteriostasis of animals and plants, and the cutting resistant fiber with more powerful performance... In recent years, Tongkun · China Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025 released the fiber in raw materials, production process, performance The appearance and other aspects have been upgraded obviously, meeting the needs of the times in the development and change, co existing with ecology, function and emotion, and constantly extending more potential forward.
   Empower fiber with technology and design
   With the rising temperature, cool functional textiles will enter the best selling period. In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, cool fiber is also constantly upgrading.
   Among the cool fibers released by Tongkun · China Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025, a profiled antibacterial polyamide 56 fiber was evaluated by experts as challenging the cool feeling limit. Heilongjiang Yipin New Material Co., Ltd. and Aseptic Era Composite New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. have developed such fibers with their own unique technologies.
   Cool feeling mainly refers to the "cool feeling at the moment of contact". The definition of the cool feeling property of textiles in the standard is that when the skin contacts with the fabric below its temperature, it causes the rapid loss of heat on the skin surface, the temperature drops instantly, and then reflects the cool feeling to the brain through the temperature sensing nerve endings in the skin. Cool sense fiber is generally made by adding mica, jade and other materials with heat conduction and heat dissipation functions, which are micronized after special processing, and then added into the spinning solution in a certain proportion for spinning.
   The cool fiber released this time is an innovative use of aluminum nitride nano powder and modified zinc oxide nano powder. Aluminum nitride is the material with the highest thermal conductivity known at present, which is more conducive to heat transmission. In addition, the raw material used for this product is bio based polyamide. Its unique molecular structure makes the fiber cross section, which is conducive to moisture absorption and quick drying, creating a cool, fast drying, continuous cool, bacteriostatic, green and environmentally friendly "close fitting" polyamide 56 fiber.
   Zheng Wenchang, General Manager of New Materials Business Department of Ningxia Yipin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced that Yipin New Materials Co., Ltd. has been working in the field of bio based polyamide fiber for many years. The Qmax value (cooling sensitivity value) of the cool shaped antibacterial polyamide 56 fiber developed this time can reach 0.2-0.3, far exceeding the national standard of 0.15 or more. At present, this product has been widely used in sunscreen clothing and highly recognized by the market. Moreover, the product has good spinnability and dyeability, which solves the pain point of single functionality of similar products in the past.  
   The cool profiled antibacterial polyamide 56 fiber developed in the sterile era, with the brand name of "jelly cool", gives people a cool feeling. Yan Jun, the founder and chairman of the Aseptic Age, said that 48% of the raw materials of jelly cold fiber are derived from biomass materials, which have natural affinity for skin, and also have excellent functions such as cooling, bacteriostasis, and UV resistance. It is a new type of functional fiber that integrates high-performance, multi-function, and high value.
   Zhejiang Huilong New Material Co., Ltd.'s cool sense solution dyed polyethylene fiber was also selected for this release. Pan Yanhua, the relevant person in charge of the company's marketing department, introduced that this product integrates the solution coloring technology to solve the problem of difficult dyeing of polyethylene fiber. It can customize full-color, colorful, high saturation products with good wear resistance and durability, It is widely used in summer clothing, underwear and summer mats.
   In this release, in addition to cool functional fiber, multi-functional composite fiber is also very interesting. The ginger animal protein composite modified cellulose fiber developed by Yibin Huimei Fiber New Materials Co., Ltd. has created a precedent for dual bacteriostasis of animals and plants. Huang Jinhong, R&D director of the company, said that curcumin in the product has excellent antibacterial effect, can also regulate the activity of phagocytes, and has a strong inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The NH+in collagen is positively charged and can be adsorbed on the fiber surface to form a polymer film, which plays a role in bacteriostasis and sterilization. It is understood that this product has established cooperation with Luolai Home Textile, Lansiyu Home Textile, Mercury Home Textile and other terminal brands.
   Suzhou Jiahai Special Fiber Co., Ltd. has developed a multifunctional polyester fiber with antibacterial, flame retardant, anti-static, anti ultraviolet and other composite functions. Yin Wei, the relevant person in charge of the company, said that the product contains environmentally safe natural ores, and the compatibility between inorganic materials and polymers was solved through in-situ polymerization technology. Next, the company will plan to develop functional fibers that can be recycled to meet a broader range of consumer needs.
   Polyamide can also play and has more green value
   Among many functional fibers, elastic fibers can give the human body a good sense of contact, playing an irreplaceable role in clothing comfort, bulky warmth and other aspects. "No bullet, no cloth" has almost become the industry consensus. When it comes to elastic fibers, the most familiar ones in the industry are polyurethane elastic fibers, polyolefin elastic fibers and polyester elastic composite fibers. Their use performance and application range are different. Among the elastic fibers released by Tongkun • China Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025, polyamide fibers appear.
   Nyla fiber jointly declared by Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Jinsheng Textile Co., Ltd. was selected as the product of this trend release. Liu Xiangdong, manager of the Market Development Center of Xinhui Meida Sales Department, introduced that Nila fiber is a bio based two-component polyamide filament. Its principle is to spin two kinds of modified polyamides by special composite spinning to form an elastic fiber. The crimp structure obtained due to the difference in the shrinkage properties of the two polyamides forms an elastic effect, and the single fiber exists in a state of spring like spiral crimp.
   "This product is independently researched and developed in China. Since its launch, it has attracted wide attention in the industry because the yarn does not contain spandex but has excellent elasticity." Liu Xiangdong introduced that the most significant feature of Nylon fiber is moderate elasticity, and its aging resistance and elastic durability are better than spandex. Nyla fiber can also be dyed at low temperature, and can be woven together with wool, silk, acrylic and other fibers. At present, this product has been applied in knitting, weaving, wool spinning and other fields, and some related well-known brands are gradually pushing to the clothing market.
   In addition, more attention should be paid to the recyclability of Nyla fiber. Nyla fiber contains two kinds of fibers that are polyamide filaments, which makes the subsequent products easier to recycle. And one of the fibers comes from corn straw, which is in line with the green development trend and has broad prospects in the future. "At present, the most recognized place for this product in the downstream is the excellent hand feel, skin affinity, environmental protection, slight mechanical elasticity, cool feeling, and improvement of fuzzing and pilling." Liu Xiangdong introduced.
   The profiled bicomponent polyester/polyamide composite elastic fiber developed by Jiangsu Jiatong Energy Co., Ltd. is a heterogeneous polyester and polyamide fiber with a cross section of orange petal shape. It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, easy dyeing of nylon and shape retention and straightness of polyester. Wang Guozhu, the chief engineer of the company's polyspinning process, introduced that the production of this product uses components with special structural design and profiled hole spinneret, which makes the fiber monofilament thinner. By improving the component control technology and the brocade supply process, the fiber dyeing performance is good and more stable.

   It is understood that this product has the characteristics of high fiber elongation, good moisture absorption and permeability, soft and delicate feel, and easy care. After processing and weaving, it can be made into suede, knitting velvet, fiber opening velvet, peach skin velvet, towel velvet and other fabrics, and finally used for luggage, leisure shoes, jackets, windbreaker, suits, pants, eyewear, sofa bag cloth, bedding bag cloth, sweatshirts and pants Production of household clothes, dresses, down jackets, autumn and winter dresses, shirts, towels, bath towels, handkerchiefs, floor towels and other products.

   Extreme upgrade of high-performance fiber
   In the field of industrial textiles, the traditional anti wicking polyester industrial yarn often leads to liquid ingress at the edge due to the siphon effect during use, which affects the appearance of textiles, even causes mildew of textiles, reduces the performance of materials, and then threatens the service safety of materials. Such products are often treated with fluoride, which will have adverse effects on the environment in the process of production and use.
   The fluorine free anti wicking polyester industrial yarn released by Tongkun • China Fiber Fashion Trend 2024/2025 has successfully solved this problem. This product is developed by Zhejiang Youfu High tech Fiber Co., Ltd. Song Minggen, deputy general manager of R&D of the company, said that after technical research and engineering verification, Yufu has achieved stable batch production of this product, which can be used to manufacture various textile fabrics that need frequent contact with liquids, such as inflatable boat materials, swimming pool fabrics, building membranes, liquid storage membranes, and environmentally friendly application membranes.
   The anti cutting ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber with the brand name of diamond wire developed by Shandong Xingyu Chengyang New Material Co., Ltd. was selected for this release. It is understood that this product uses the organic inorganic covalent bond cross-linking technology to combine the high strength of carbon fiber with the high toughness of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, so that the cutting resistance can reach the American Standard A6 level. At the same time, it also has the advantages of soft, skin friendly and good wearability, as well as good fastness to rubber glue.
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