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Market Research: Don'T Blindly Follow The Trend To Buy Online Celebrity Weight Loss Clothes

2024/5/21 13:46:00 0

Weight Loss Clothes

At present, yoga pants, sweating clothes, body shaping clothes and other products have become the favorite clothes of fitness and weight loss experts. Business related publicity is also dazzling and bewildering. In order to help consumers understand and consume scientifically and rationally, on May 10, Changde Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Committee of Hunan Province issued a consumption tip, reminding consumers to beware of false propaganda by merchants, and to lose weight scientifically, consume rationally and not follow blindly.

Choose the right fabric. At present, the mainstream fibers in the market are nylon and spandex. Nylon, also known as nylon, has good wear resistance, while spandex is an elastic fiber. As sportswear, good elasticity and wear resistance are essential. It is recommended that consumers choose products made of nylon, spandex or polyester fiber fabrics. In order to achieve better comfort and body shaping effect, yoga pants are recommended to choose products with 10% or more spandex content. When shopping for sweating clothes, try to choose products that are light and weightless.

Rational understanding of moisture absorption and quick drying performance. Moisture absorption and quick drying performance refers to the ability of clothing to quickly absorb sweat generated by the body, discharge it to the outer layer as far as possible and volatilize it as soon as possible, so as to keep the body dry. Because the inner side fabric of sweating clothes is coated, which is close to the skin and has poor hygroscopicity and quick drying performance, consumers should not blindly believe in the business promotion when shopping. In addition to the functions of temperature rise, moisture absorption and heating that the seller verbally claims, it is also necessary to carefully identify whether the product itself is clearly marked.

Do not believe in body shaping products. Most body shaping clothes on the market are made of strong elastic fiber, which has a certain effect of lifting buttocks and shrinking abdomen. However, the principle of body shaping clothes is to squeeze fat through tight fabric, which can not really reduce body fat, so as to achieve weight reduction. (Reporter Yu Zhidu)

(Source: China Consumer News)

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