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"Think Tank" Of Chinese Filament Weaving Takes The Lead And Demonstrates

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Filament Weaving

On May 20, the third fourth council of China Filament Weaving Association and the third sixth executive council expansion meeting were held in Wangjiangjing Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Duan Xiaoping, Vice President, Wang Jiayi, President of China Filament Weaving Association And other leading guests attended the meeting, where local governments of industrial clusters, experts and scholars, directors of China Filament Weaving Association and key member units, etc. gathered to discuss the topic of "innovation leads new quality development".


   Upholding integrity and innovation, enabling the construction of modern textile industrial system with new quality productivity

At the meeting, Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation He made a theme report entitled "Keeping Honesty and Innovation - Empowering the Construction of Modern Textile Industrial System with New Quality Productivity". He pointed out that the current textile industry is in a critical period of transition to a more advanced form and a more rational structure, and is facing new challenges of changing the development mode, optimizing the industrial structure, and changing the growth momentum. The new quality productivity is the strategic choice for the textile industry to achieve transformation and upgrading and the practical need to resolve pressure and challenges, which is realistic and necessary.

As for how to develop new quality productivity, Sun Ruizhe said that he could find answers from the integration of data and reality, green transformation, integration and innovation, cultural creativity, and global cooperation. "Enterprises should strengthen the application and exploration of AI technology in the industry, build new advantages with systematic and professional digital innovation; deeply promote the integrated development of" carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and growth ", and build new advantages in sustainable development with green and low-carbon industrial structure and production mode; Give full play to the continuity and integrity of the technological ladder, and promote the balanced and echelon development of basic industries, emerging industries and future industries with the coordination and linkage of all links; Give play to the role of cultural empowerment, and form Chinese style with differentiated and characteristic value symbols and cultural products; With a more open pattern and more inclusive attitude, integrate global resources, carry out global layout, solve global problems and achieve global development. "

"Filament weaving has its particularity and importance in cultivating new quality productivity." Sun Ruizhe stressed that the filament weaving industry is the basic support to ensure the scale advantage and system advantage of the textile industry, an important engine to drive material innovation and equipment innovation, and a key force to maintain the stable operation of the global textile industry chain supply chain, It plays a special role and has important value in the development of new textile productivity. In recent years, filament weaving enterprises adhere to the principle of manufacturing first and innovation first, and have achieved fruitful high-end and intelligent transformation. They have successfully upgraded scale advantages to value advantages and scope advantages.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that under the new situation, the filament weaving industry should maintain steady growth and further broaden the new vision and new realm of new quality productivity. We should find a foothold, consolidate the foundation of manufacturing, promote the synergy between strengthening the foundation and innovation, and make stock and increment develop simultaneously; Find the balance point, optimize the spatial layout, balance the relationship between the original upgrading and industrial transfer, and develop new quality productivity according to local conditions; Find the connection point, make good use of value leverage, grasp the relevance and coupling degree between capital and market, and deepen industrial and financial cooperation; Find breakthrough points, accelerate digital intelligence transformation, and improve the application level of digital and intelligent equipment.

   Wang Jiayi, President of China Filament Weaving Association The fourth session of the third session of the Council of China Filament Weaving Association and the industrial development report entitled "Innovation leads new quality development" were made. He pointed out that since 2024, the filament weaving industry has been moving forward in the recovery, and the quality and efficiency of its operation have improved steadily, achieving a good start. From January to March, the industrial added value, operating revenue and total profit of filament weaving industry (enterprises above designated size) achieved a rapid double-digit growth, of which operating revenue increased by 14% year on year and total profit increased by 49.6% year on year. The export of foreign trade was stable and good. From January to March, China's total export of chemical filament fabrics was 5.41 billion meters, up 8.1% year on year, and the export value was 4.73 billion dollars, up 6.2% year on year, 4.2 percentage points higher than the overall textile export growth.

China's filament weaving industry is an industry with global comparative advantages, and is in a critical period of transition to a more reasonable structure and higher quality development. How to speed up the development of new quality productivity, explore new momentum in building and breaking, and promote intelligent, green, high-end and integrated development of the industry, Wang Jiayi pointed out that the first is to improve strategic positioning and strive for world-class. The enterprise must have the determination to "break" and the courage to "establish", raise the "striving to become a world-class enterprise" to the height of enterprise development strategy, benchmark the industry's top enterprises, strengthen the construction of modern enterprise systems, and improve from products, technology, management, talent and other aspects. Second, innovation drives high-quality development of filament weaving industry. Strengthen product innovation and expand application boundaries; Strengthen technological innovation and lead industrial upgrading; Strengthen management innovation and consolidate the industrial foundation. The third is to enrich the green connotation of new quality productivity. Continuously optimize water-saving and emission reduction measures; Accelerate the construction of green and low-carbon cycle system; Improve the construction of green production standard system. The fourth is to build a new workforce that matches the development of new quality productivity. Cultivate application-oriented talents who can skillfully master the means of production of new quality, innovative talents who can adapt to the market of new quality productivity to realize value, and strategic talents who can create new quality productivity. Fifth, accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing industrial clusters, develop new quality productivity according to local conditions, improve development efficiency, and create modern industrial clusters.

"The textile industry in Wangjiangjing Town is a well deserved pillar industry of Wangjiangjing, and also a sunrise industry with great potential and key support from Wangjiangjing." Shen Wuyan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Candidate for Town Mayor of Wang Jiangjing Town express. At present, Wang Jiangjing is seizing the development opportunity of the national high-tech zone and the planning coordination zone of the Yangtze River Delta Ecological and Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone, the window period of large-scale equipment renewal policy, accelerating the intelligent transformation of traditional textile enterprises, and building an international first-class fashion textile advanced manufacturing cluster.


Strive to build an open collaborative innovation system of industry, university and research

At the meeting, experts and scholars focused on the topic of "innovation leads new quality development", and expressed their opinions one after another to contribute wisdom to the innovative development of the textile industry.

   Wang Hongtao, associate professor of the College of Carbon Neutral Future Technology of Sichuan University and founder of Yike Environmental Technology From the professional perspective of LCA, combined with specific cases of filament weaving industry, the policy and application of product carbon footprint management system were thoroughly interpreted. He said that the textile industry should pay full attention to the carbon footprint of products, plan the layout in advance, establish carbon neutral management throughout the life cycle of enterprises, and reduce carbon emissions.

In the speech entitled "Macroeconomic situation and enterprise countermeasures", Ni Yunhu, Professor of Zhejiang University This paper thoroughly explains the macroeconomic development situation, future development opportunities and challenges, analyzes the development trend of financial stock market, bulk raw material market and other fields, and puts forward practical, targeted and guiding development suggestions for enterprises to adjust their strategic layout in combination with the actual situation of the filament weaving industry.

   Chao Gang, Professor of School of Business Administration, South China University of Technology and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center He made a report entitled "Corporate Culture Management". He focused on traditional culture practicing enterprises and elaborated on the research ideas and contents in recent years. He pointed out that building a "family culture" is the key to the prosperity of enterprises, and called on the entrepreneurs of silk weaving to inherit excellent traditional culture in practice, adhere to the corporate culture concept of "people first", fulfill social responsibilities, and effectively promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

   Mei Tao, Associate Professor of Wuhan Textile University The report entitled "Development and Application of Smart Fiber in Filament Fabrics" introduced the research and development background of smart fiber and the characteristics and excellent performance of smart sensing color changing fiber, smart driving fiber, smart sensing fiber, smart temperature regulating fiber and other fibers. He said that smart fibers have been widely used in such fields as stimulus response discoloration, human thermal management, flexible robots, and intelligent wearables. He predicted that with the expansion of the global smart fabric market, the lifestyle of consumers in leisure and entertainment, energy, consumption and medical care will also be changed in the future.

   Zhang Yang, Director of Supply Chain Center of Jiangsu Junlin Textile Technology Co., Ltd He shared the successful experience of product innovation and coordinated development of the industrial chain. He proposed that the realization of the strategic goal of the industrial chain must develop new quality productivity, and the strategic direction is product innovation. He said that enterprises can gradually achieve their strategic goals through compliance management, rapid delivery capability, quality control, talent cultivation, data collection, application and analysis, corporate culture cultivation, etc. At the same time, the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain need to develop a common strategic goal and plan synchronous strategic management.

   Shao Bilu, General Manager of Hangzhou Junchen Robot Co., Ltd In the speech entitled "Application of intelligent cloth dropping and AGV technology in filament weaving enterprises", the cloth robot handling system Application of intelligent new technologies such as AGV forklift system in filament weaving enterprises. They provide full stack engineering solutions for chemical and textile industries through intelligent transformation of traditional processes. He said that intelligent equipment can effectively alleviate industry problems such as labor shortage and enable high-quality development of the industry.

At the meeting, we also reviewed and passed the proposals of the fourth session of the third session of the Council of China Filament Weaving Association on the addition of directors and vice presidents, and the proposal of the sixth session of the third session of the Standing Council on the Initiative to Promote Green Development of the Industry, and released the 2023 Top 50 Economic Benefits of China Filament Weaving Industry.

(Source: Tao Hong, Textile and Clothing Weekly)

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