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Industry News: The 14Th Asian Chemical Fiber Conference Opens In South Korea

2024/5/24 18:08:00 2

Asian Chemical Fiber

On May 23, the 14th Asia Chemical Fiber Conference, the biennial highest level professional conference in the Asian chemical fiber industry, was held in Seoul, South Korea. The theme of the conference was "Cooperation in the sustainable development of the Asian chemical fiber industry", which came from mainland China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan Representatives of chemical fiber associations from nine countries and regions, including Taiwan, China and Thailand, attended the meeting.

The delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association is composed of representatives from chemical fiber related enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and associations such as Tongkun Group, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber, Shenghong Group, Hengshen Group, Xinfengming Group, Hengli Group, Huafeng Chemical, etc., and the president of China Chemical Fiber Association Chen Xinwei Serve as the head of the delegation. Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation End small flat Be invited to attend the meeting.

Figure | Delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association

Opening ceremony: Haesang Jeon takes over the rotating chairman of the new Asian Chemical Fiber Alliance

According to the Articles of Association of the Asian Chemical Fiber Industry Alliance, the rotating chairman of the Asian Chemical Fiber Alliance and the chairman of the Japanese Chemical Fiber Association Ohya Mitsuo President of Korea Chemical Fiber Association Haesang Jeon Succession of the rotating chairman of the Asian Chemical Fiber Industry Alliance and the chairman of the Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association Sri Tan Thian Poh Vice President of the Alliance, Vice President of the Korean Chemical Fiber Association Jingyu Kim Secretary General of the Alliance.

Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, member of the Senior Strategic Industries Special Committee Ja Geun Koo , Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea KyungSung-Kang Speech respectively.

Figure | Heads of delegations and guests from chemical fiber associations of various countries and regions

Chairman of CFA Alliance Hoesung Lee He made a keynote speech and introduced the relevant actions taken by South Korea to address climate change. South Korea has established the "Carbon Free Alliance" (CFA) and launched the "Carbon Free Energy" (CFE) initiative. The mission of the initiative includes: expanding access to carbon free energy; Establish a global unified carbon free energy standard; Narrow the gap between developed and developing countries in carbon free energy technology and application.

Frederic Van Houte, President of the European Chemical Fiber Alliance, made a special speech, introducing the EU sustainable fiber and textile regulations, including the EU green agreement, EU chemicals policy, waste regulations and circular economy policy, sustainable supply chain policy, carbon boundary adjustment mechanism, etc. He said that various regulations formulated by the EU will affect the global textile and chemical fiber supply chain system, and he expected countries and regions to strengthen exchanges and better realize carbon neutrality by improving technology and fair competition.

Market report: development of Asian chemical fiber industry

Figure | Chen Lei, Chairman of Tongkun Group

   Chen Lei, Chairman of Tongkun Group On behalf of the delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association, he introduced the current development situation of the industry, and looked forward to the operation and development trend of the industry. In general, China's economy will recover and develop in 2023, showing a recovery trend, and supply and demand will steadily improve, providing important basic conditions and positive support for the smooth operation and development of the textile chemical fiber industry chain. Under this background, the annual economic operation of the chemical fiber industry shows a positive trend: first, the industry production and marketing are basically stable, and the market is relatively stable; Second, chemical fiber exports grew steadily; Third, the operation of the industry has gradually improved, especially the benefits in the second half of the year; Fourth, the industry of high-performance fibers and bio based fibers has continued to develop steadily. With the continuous recovery of China's economy and the steady improvement and optimization of market supply, it is expected that the operation of China's chemical fiber industry will be basically supported by recovery in 2024.

In addition, representatives of the Chemical Fiber Association of India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea made a key introduction on the development status, structural adjustment and challenges of their respective textile and chemical fiber industries, and looked forward to the future development of their respective industries.

S C Kapur, secretary-general of Indian Synthetic Fiber Association, pointed out that the rapidly rising middle class and the widespread adoption of digital payment have promoted the continuous expansion of the Indian market. In addition, India also strongly supports the circular development of the textile industry, including that the recycled products have separate tariff codes to identify and track the recycled components in the textile trade; Pay attention to source identification and tracking for better control and supervision; Gradually establish a waste recycling system.

Figure | Delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association

At present, Indonesia has formed a textile industry chain from the upstream (synthetic fiber) to the downstream (clothing). For future development, President of Indonesian Fiber and Filament Manufacturers Association Redma Gita Wirawasta He said that Indonesia will strengthen its capacity planning and achieve self-sufficiency of polyester fiber by 2025; Strengthen import substitution policies and trade relief measures to ensure the market of Indonesia's upstream, midstream and downstream products and help increase investment; Promote the greening of products and production processes, the development of advanced textiles and the digitalization of Industry 4.0.

Vice President of Japan Chemical Fiber Association Kudo Koshiro This paper introduces the relevant situation of Japan's chemical fiber industry and the progress of Japan's FTA, and emphatically introduces the sustainable development strategy of Japan Chemical Fiber Association, which involves PET recovery system, "fiber to fiber" recovery system, bio based chemical fiber, coping with micro plastic problems, striving to practice carbon neutrality, chemical substance management, etc.

Figure | Delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association

Vice President of Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association Regina Leong The development of Malaysian economy and chemical fiber industry is introduced. In the future, Malaysia will intensify its efforts to carry out technological innovation in the chemical fiber industry.

Chairman of Pakistan Polyester Staple Fiber Manufacturers Group Rizwan Afzal Chaudhry He said that the future development of Pakistan's textile industry will focus on five aspects: advocating and supporting monetary, energy and tax policies; Focus on sustainable and traceable products; Support the new development of test services and standardization; Reduce carbon footprint and develop environmentally friendly production methods; Cultivate local brands to go global.

Secretary General of Taiwan People's Fiber Association Yu Linghua It is pointed out that the future development direction of Taiwan's chemical fiber industry is: focusing on polyester fiber and polyamide fiber, developing low-carbon recycling and textile reproduction core technologies, and establishing the textile industry cycle value chain; On the basis of ESG, apply digital management to develop towards high value, product diversification, differentiation, multi-function and multi-function; Expand international participation and build a reliable and resilient supply chain.

Figure | Delegation of China Chemical Fiber Association

President of Thailand Human Fiber Industry Association Shesh Naresh Gupta When introducing the development of Thailand's textile and chemical fiber industry, it was pointed out that, on the whole, Thailand's textile and clothing exports would decline by 11.9% year on year in 2023, mainly due to the decline in demand from China, Indonesia and Japan. It is estimated that Thailand's textile and clothing industry will develop steadily at a compound growth rate of 2.03% from 2024 to 2028.

Vice President of Korea Chemical Fiber Association Jingyu Kim He said that high function, high value products and environmentally friendly materials are the direction of its efforts for sustainable development. In terms of increasing demand and expanding market, Jingyu Kim proposed that the demand could be increased by formulating relevant laws and regulations; Analyze and respond to requirements through cooperation with each process; Expand relevant markets by developing environmentally friendly materials and promoting recycling.

Figure | All representatives of the 14th Asian Chemical Fiber Conference

The Asian Chemical Fiber Conference is the highest level professional conference in the Asian chemical fiber industry held every two years. The first conference was held in Japan in 1996. After that, each conference is divided into mainland China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan A total of nine countries and regions in Taiwan, China and Thailand hold the event in turn.

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