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Industry Stock Market: Revenue Increased 5.5% Year On Year, Hubei Meierya Released Its Annual Report For 2023

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Recently, Hubei Meierya Co., Ltd., a listed enterprise in the clothing industry, released its 2023 annual report, which shows that the operating revenue in 2023 will be 453997393.11 yuan, up 5.5% over the same period of the previous year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was -59459182.66 yuan, which narrowed the range of losses.

Business model

The clothing business of domestic companies includes production, processing and sales, involving brand men's clothing, women's clothing and supporting clothing products. Meierya men's clothing mainly includes suits, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, overcoats, casual clothes, pants, etc. The products are positioned as middle and high-end business and political men's clothing. Among them, "Meierya" suits are the company's traditional competitive products, recognized as "China's Famous Trademark", and once won the "China Garment Annual Award - Quality Award", occupying a major position in the company's domestic sales. "Meierya" brand women's clothing mainly includes four series of professional clothing, dress, fashion and casual clothing. The product is positioned to serve professional women and focuses on the style of business fashion women's clothing.

The company's domestic marketing channels mainly include retail, group purchase customization, online shopping, etc. The retail business is dominated by direct stores, franchise stores, and shopping malls, and is operated by the combination of self operation mode and distribution mode; Group buying mainly includes undertaking the group processing and customization business of men's and women's various brands of clothing, and providing customized business and professional clothing for finance, power, telecommunications, government agencies, schools and other enterprises and institutions. The existing products cover men's and women's suits, trousers, waistcoats, skirts, shirts, coats and other full categories of clothing; Online shopping mainly sells products of different categories compared with physical stores through JD, Tmall, Tiaoyin and other channels, which has played a certain role in improving the company's offline marketing network.

Analysis of core competitiveness

1. Deep cultivation of main industry, with excellent product quality

After years of development strategy adjustment, product and market structure optimization, the company has gradually formed a pattern of processing trade (including processing with supplied materials and processing with imported materials), general trade and independent brand operation. According to the different market and business models, it can be divided into foreign trade production and processing business in foreign markets and the production, processing and sales business of "Meierya" brand in domestic markets. The stable product quality comes from the company's development credo of "establishing a career based on quality", advanced technology and quality control system, as well as industry-leading process advantages and product design and development capabilities, which make the company's products widely recognized in the market in terms of quality, high-quality customized services, etc.

2. Significant professional qualifications and brand advantages

For a long time, "Meierya" brand suits are favored by consumers because of their exquisite workmanship, high-end quality, fashionable pattern and perfect after-sales service. The products of the enterprise have won many honors such as "Quality Award" and "China Famous Trademark" issued by the China National Garment Association for many times. The company has also been rated as a "Red List" enterprise by the General Administration of Customs and obtained the "Double A" level certificate from the customs.

3. Excellent management team and advanced management concept

The company's management team has advanced management concepts and clear management ideas, and has professional ability and rich experience in strategic development, production and operation, financial management, corporate governance, etc. In addition, the company further releases the vitality of operation and management and improves management efficiency by optimizing and improving the performance appraisal and incentive mechanism.

Foreign trade processing business mainly includes processing with supplied materials, processing with imported materials and general trade. Based on the strong production organization ability and on-site refined management, the company has formed a business model focusing on foreign trade processing with supplied materials and processing with imported materials relying on the company's marketing network and order channels. At the same time, based on the steady development of processing trade markets in Japan and Southeast Asia, the company also actively uses its production capacity and foreign trade business channels to expand general trade markets in Europe and the United States, so as to adjust and enrich the company's products and market structure.

The company continues to strengthen the research on new models and channels of e-commerce, and strives to improve online channel coverage and market share; All business units in the domestic market focus on business positioning, take customer demand as the guide, innovate marketing methods, expand product portfolio, expand business areas, adjust product structure, strengthen application technology services, scheme marketing and strategic cooperation, and promote key key customer solutions; The international market grasps supply chain changes to ensure business stability.

Profitability of each brand

Physical stores

Profitability of direct stores and franchise stores

Profitability of online and offline sales channels

Business plan

The business planning company adheres to the long-term development strategy, comprehensively considers the market situation, and constantly improves the market competitiveness of the company's products and the company's core competitiveness; Strengthen market promotion and customer expansion, actively explore new market opportunities, and improve the company's market sales scale; Constantly strengthen the company's management level and talent team construction, and encourage employees in various ways.

In the new year, the overall business objective of the company is still to maintain stable growth of operating income and improve profitability. The business objective is uncertain, and the company will make appropriate adjustments to the business objective according to the macroeconomic environment and market development trend, which does not constitute a performance guarantee for the company. In order to achieve the business objectives, the company, on the basis of consolidating the original business, will comply with the national development strategy and industry development direction and be bold in innovation, promote the active exploration of innovative business fields, and cultivate new business growth points of the company.

First, we should further change the concept of development, adhere to more pragmatic and steady development, and make it better, stronger and bigger. Further return to the nature of the industry, pay more attention to the improvement of efficiency and efficiency and the change of adaptability, pay attention to lean management, take a new road of specialization, refinement and constantly forge toughness.

The second is to improve the comprehensive ability, to further internalize technology, fashion and green into the operation of enterprises, and to comprehensively improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, cultural creativity and sustainable development. Actively digest and absorb new technologies, thus promoting the improvement of agile flexibility, organizational coordination and value creation capabilities, thus bringing about the transformation, transformation and reengineering of enterprises.

The third is to adapt to the new business logic. Further study the changes of consumers and channels, shift from the past competitive orientation to consumer orientation and stakeholder orientation, and integrate enterprise value, consumer value and social value, so as to achieve sustainable development.

Source of data and content: 2024.05.07, Meierya 2023 Annual Report

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