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Zhang Dongyuan: Without His Own Brand, He Will Be Subject To Others For A Long Time

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Zhang Dongyuan

   Swimsuit is a sense of ceremony to welcome summer.
   Without its own brand, it will be subject to others for a long time!
   To be an enterprise is a point, and the enterprise is its own; To be an association is one aspect, and the association belongs to everyone. One private, one public, and to be an association needs a "public heart" and the spirit of serving everyone.
   My goal is to build a cloth production base belonging to Xingcheng swimwear industry, and realize the whole industrial chain from textile, weaving, printing and dyeing to clothing and swimwear.
   In the process of constantly developing new categories, there will be enterprises in the corresponding supply chain that will emerge as a new force and become the best in the industry, which is another opportunity for Xingcheng swimwear industry in the future development.
   Nowadays, the domestic live broadcast with goods has become very mature, but I think foreign live broadcast e-commerce may become an opportunity for export enterprises in the future. ——Zhang Dongyuan
   In the picture of China's textile and clothing industry, the Yangtze River Delta, as the origin of modern textile industry, has been highlighted. Fujian and Guangdong after the reform and opening up have been carefully delineated, while the small and beautiful characteristic clusters in the Northeast are an indispensable finishing touch - from the fur clothing in the ice and snow to the international fire in the Northeast, the industrial chain covers swimwear, suits, cotton padded clothes, pants Leather, fur, socks, outdoor sports, protective clothing and other categories. In particular, the winding and beautiful coastline in the southeast corner of the three eastern provinces has produced an unparalleled ultimate temptation to the cold north and even the Far East. This seaside resort has also bred a wave of fashion starting from Xingcheng, Liaoning, and sweeping all beach resorts around the world.
   Today, the swimwear of Xingcheng, Huludao, Liaoning is absolutely well known, and even in the global market, it has long been well known. Taking the development of Xingcheng swimwear industry as the background, the popular TV play "Riding the Wind and Stepping on the Waves" tells the story of several generations of swimwear people's innovation and entrepreneurship. It is said that many characters are entrepreneurs in Xingcheng, including Zhang Dongyuan, chairman of Xingcheng swimwear Industry Association in Liaoning Province and chairman of Starway Group.
   first! Xingcheng standard swimsuit factory was born
   After graduating from English major in 1996, Zhang Dongyuan went to work in a company engaged in foreign trade of swimwear. Now, it seems that the choice of first employment has already laid the foreshadowing for Zhang Dongyuan's career direction.
   "Russians, who are always in cold weather, are looking forward to the arrival of summer. It is precisely because of the short summer that their desire for beach swimming pools becomes stronger. Swimsuits seem to be a sense of ritual for them to welcome the summer." Zhang Dongyuan recalled that his experience working in a foreign trade company helped him understand the overseas market, especially the Russian market. There is not only a great demand for light industrial products in China, but also a geographical advantage that we have the advantage of getting the best of everything. Zhang Dongyuan has accumulated experience in foreign trade business.
   In December 2001, China formally joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) and continued to expand its opening up, which activated the surging tide of China's development and also blew up the spring water of the world economy.
   Zhang Dongyuan is very open-minded, always able to skillfully take advantage of market opportunities and take corresponding measures. He felt that the time had come. This year, he resigned from the foreign trade company and decided to go it alone!
   Not satisfied with simple foreign trade, he borrowed 50000 yuan from relatives, rented a workshop factory, and started an entity with a team of 30 people; When the scale slowly grew larger, he began to move to a larger place again with his hard work and aggressiveness... In 2002, Huludao Starway Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was officially established.
   The turning point occurred in 2006. At that time, the swimwear industry in Xingcheng was still dominated by family workshops, and people would not invest heavily in building factories. Zhang Dongyuan accidentally heard from his classmates that there was a piece of cheap industrial land covering more than 10 mu, which made him itch. He often travels around and has seen a real textile factory. He knows that building a standard factory can not only expand the scale, but also attract more high-quality merchants and talents. But he also knows that his humble purse does not have the ability to invest heavily in assets.
   "At that time, I thought a lot, and I was in a very ambivalent mood. Later, I still wanted to work. I borrowed a lot of money, and I often couldn't sleep well." At that time, Zhang Dongyuan, who had started from scratch, was only in his fifth year in the industry. He was still a novice, and he was not rich in funds. This time, he had some courage to break the ice. However, under great financial pressure, he built two buildings with a total area of more than 6000 square meters - one factory building and one office building.
   It is said that after completion, Zhang Dongyuan's factory will become the most "face" swimwear factory in Xingcheng. When the government department has a visitor who needs to see the enterprise, they will go to his factory, because there is "something to show".
   After the plant was completed and put into production, Zhang Dongyuan's worries about capital were solved, business began to improve, and the number of employees reached nearly 300. He recalled that in 2005 and 2006, the largest order of the enterprise was tens of thousands of pieces, but with the expansion of other overseas markets, orders began to come like snowflakes.
   "The first time I went to Rome, Italy, the customer said that he would make an order for hundreds of thousands of pieces, and soon they really came. When they arrived at the factory, they saw every sample and thought it was good. At that time, our previous order was 1000 sets of one style, and this customer had 10000 sets of each style. I felt very exaggerated and felt like a dream." Zhang Dongyuan said with a smile, You can imagine the excitement at that time.
   Oversea gold rush to build a flag carrying enterprise in the whole industry chain
   In 2009, China replaced Germany as the world's largest exporter. In the previous years, the "first" competition between China and Germany was very fierce, reflecting the competition between small profits and quick turnover and winning with quality. Although Chinese foreign trade enterprises at that time had made the first bucket of gold, in the process of participating in the global market, a feeling has become increasingly strong: without their own brand, they will be subject to others for a long time!
   Zhang Dongyuan also experienced firsthand that the sailing on the seemingly beautiful shore is full of thorns. In order to further expand overseas, this year, he raised nearly 4.9 million dollars to acquire INGEAR Clothing Co., Ltd., and obtained the franchise rights of several well-known brands such as INGEAR "Playboy", which further opened the markets of the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain and other countries. At the same time, he did not forget to cultivate his own brand. In recent years, the independent brands such as "Ouyi", "Ziyu" and "Xishiwei" under Starway have begun to gain recognition in the domestic market.
   While campaigning in overseas markets, Stevie also kept a low profile and practiced his internal skills. In order to develop into an enterprise with more competitive advantages, it is necessary to complement the weak points and improve the industrial chain. Zhang Dongyuan decided to extend his business scope to the upstream and downstream of swimwear, and new business forms such as swimwear fabrics, printing and dyeing, foam, etc. have emerged one after another.
   In 2018, Xingcheng swimwear industry cluster ushered in a historic transformation and upgrading. Zhang Dongyuan once again took a forward-looking view to invest in the construction of the Starway swimwear Super Industrial Park project in the start-up park of China Xingcheng swimwear town, aiming to build the world's largest swimwear distribution center, an exchange center for cutting-edge design, and an authoritative window for fashion release.
   Since 2023, Starway has integrated more than 120 "small workshops" swimwear enterprises in Xingcheng, with an annual output of 20 million pieces, a total output value of 1 billion yuan, and an export earnings of 15 million dollars. The total output of major swimwear products reached 30000, the brand building of the enterprise reached 121, and there were 9000 professional talents.
   After more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, Starway, with the core value of "the wise man is the master, and he should take advantage of his strength and power", has now become a comprehensive enterprise integrating swimwear manufacturing, sales and e-commerce logistics, towering in the industry like a banner in Xingcheng. And Xingcheng, a famous swimwear city in China, is the support of Zhang Dongyuan, a distinctive advantageous industrial cluster. Xingcheng swimwear has the advantage of accounting for more than 25% of the international market share and 40% of the domestic market. It is this high-quality soil that has fostered such excellent enterprises as Starway, and under the leadership of such leading enterprises as Starway, it has also built a solid foundation for the development of the cluster.  
   From point to surface, a "public heart" to do association
   In 2022, 48 year old Zhang Dongyuan will usher in a new life transition. This year, he was elected the chairman of Xingcheng Swimwear Industry Association. From being responsible for their own enterprises to contributing to the industrial cluster with more than 1300 swimwear enterprises, the burden on their shoulders is self-evident. When asked what is the difference between these two identities, he said frankly: "To be an enterprise is one point, and the enterprise is its own; to be an association is one aspect, and the association is everyone's. One is private, one is public, and to be an association needs a 'public heart' and the spirit of serving everyone."
   At the New Year's party of Xingcheng swimwear industry in 2024, Zhang Dongyuan used 11 "this year" to review the work of the association in 2023, and each "this year" is a powerful action of the association to consolidate the industry.
   Since taking the office of President, Zhang Dongyuan has deeply considered how to make Xingcheng swimwear go to a new level. Of course, he has been thinking about the problem that has restricted the development of Xingcheng swimwear industry for a long time - raw materials are out. "There has always been a problem of purchasing swimwear in Xingcheng. My goal is to build a cloth production base belonging to Xingcheng swimwear industry and realize the whole industrial chain from textile, weaving, printing and dyeing to clothing and swimwear." Zhang Dongyuan hopes that this problem can be solved within his own term of responsibility. He told the reporter that the biggest obstacle was in the printing and dyeing sector. Now, the feasibility report of the printing and dyeing industrial park has passed the expert review of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association. He hoped that the industrial chain could be supplemented and extended as soon as possible.
   The reporter learned that there are 1300 production enterprises in Xingcheng swimwear industry at present, including 15 enterprises above designated size, 300 large-scale enterprises with an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan, and 300 supporting enterprises, including fabrics, printing and dyeing, cups, digital printing, automatic bed cutting and other types. There are about 160000 swimwear practitioners, with an average annual output of about 200 million pieces (sets). The annual output value of the cluster is about 15 billion yuan. One out of every four swimsuits in the world comes from Xingcheng, and the products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
   At present, 80% of Xingcheng swimwear enterprises have their own brands, with 548 registered trademarks, including 3 national well-known trademarks, 28 famous trademarks in Liaoning Province, and brands such as "Diezi", "Vanderon", "Kaidilong" and "Bonis" are registered in Italy, France, Russia, South Korea and other countries.
   For the future development of Xingcheng swimwear industry, Zhang Dongyuan hopes to cultivate more swimwear brands, whether manufacturing brands or product brands, to a higher level. "Brand building is actually a big investment, but there will be gains if there is investment, and brand needs a long-term and continuous investment and operation. In the future, we hope that our export brands will be closer to the big brands, because with the growth of time and the accumulation of brands, our brand will have more and more opportunities to become bigger and stronger."
   Of course, his promotion of Xingcheng swimwear industry goes far beyond this: promoting the application of the collective trademark of "Xingcheng swimwear", hosting the Northeast Asia (Xingcheng) International swimwear Expo, inviting 13 domestic and international home appliance business platforms to gather in Xingcheng for investment promotion and e-commerce new game forum, signing the "Long term Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Talent Cultivation" with Dalian University of Technology, the grand opening of Xingcheng swimwear flagship store Hold professional skills competition, plate making and sewing events, go to the countryside, and carry out "student aid, dream building, and casting" funded education activities
   As we all know, swimwear is a category with very strong seasonal attributes, and the industry also has obvious off peak seasons, which is very similar to down jacket enterprises, except that the peak season is in summer and winter. Is there any new expansion of Xingcheng swimwear beyond the swimwear category? In this regard, Zhang Dongyuan said that in addition to developing the market in the southern hemisphere, which has an anti seasonal difference, in recent years, Xingcheng swimwear enterprises have already begun to break through the category.
   "We are already making clothes such as yoga clothes, fitness clothes, cycling clothes, and even some knitted clothes to shorten our off-season time as much as possible. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 enterprises have started horizontal expansion of the product chain." Zhang Dongyuan also predicted that in the process of constantly developing new categories, there will be corresponding enterprises in the supply chain emerging, To become a leader in the industry is another opportunity for Xingcheng swimwear industry in the future. His statement is full of confidence, which can not help but make people have new expectations for Xingcheng.
   Digital intelligence adds wings, swimwear cluster goes out of the road of integration of two technologies

   The continuous deepening of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform has profoundly affected the industrial development model and competitive ecology, and promoted the evolution of traditional offline industrial clusters to offline online collaborative digital industrial clusters. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we should vigorously develop the digital economy, promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and create a digital industrial cluster with international competitiveness.

   Zhang Dongyuan, who is extremely active in thinking, is more sensitive than ordinary people and can always touch the pulse of the times. Similarly, he seems to have a natural perception of the Internet.
   Xingcheng swimwear is the first group of e-commerce clusters in Northeast China. What's different is that they have a more distant vision and are looking to the international market of "cross-border e-commerce". In 2014, the first cross-border e-commerce platform in Northeast China was born. At the same time, Stevie's overseas swimwear warehouse was put into use, which shortened the cross-border logistics time of swimwear by 87%, reduced the cost by 40%, solved the after-sales service problems in the international market, significantly enhanced the competitiveness of products, and made a historic contribution to promoting and promoting the development of the country's foreign trade and the revitalization of the Xingcheng swimwear industry.
   From traditional trade to e-commerce trade, and then to today's cross-border e-commerce, Xingcheng has steadily taken every step. As for the future opportunities in the e-commerce field, Zhang Dongyuan pointed out: "Now the domestic live broadcast with goods has become very mature, but I think foreign live broadcast e-commerce may become an opportunity for export enterprises in the future."
   It is not only the sales side that touches the "electricity". Xingcheng swimwear has begun to integrate with the Internet in terms of design, manufacturing and even consumer experience.
   It is reported that more than 30% of Xingcheng's more than 33000 sets (sets) of production equipment use extremely advanced imported equipment. Sewing machines with computer automatic thread breaking function, automatic cloth laying machines, automatic cutting machines and other advanced equipment are widely used. CAD and other advanced technologies are mostly used in swimwear design, grading and nesting. At present, more than 90% of swimwear enterprises above designated size use digital cutting beds, cloth laying machines, digital printing and other equipment, and the level of production equipment is among the forefront of the same industry in China.
   The industrial Internet identity resolution technology built and operated by Liaoning Xingbiaoyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Starway, has also started large-scale application and investment in Xingcheng swimwear enterprises. By scanning the two-dimensional code on the tag with a mobile phone, you can have a panoramic view of production materials, production technology, product certification, enterprise qualification and other information. "It gives each product a digital 'ID card' through its logo. By scanning the logo code, it can analyze every detail of the whole product's life cycle, including 3D fitting and 3D design." Zhang Dongyuan told reporters that the industrial Internet logo analysis is an important component and "nervous system" of the industrial Internet, Each physical entity on the industrial Internet can be given a globally unique code. The analysis system can provide basic support for applications such as cross system, cross enterprise and cross region supply chain whole process management, tracking and traceability, and network precise collaboration, which will be the only way for industrial Internet.
   In the 28 years that Zhang Dongyuan has devoted himself to the swimwear industry, he can feel that he is receiving, learning and implementing new things in the new environment at every stage, and using the perspective of entrepreneurs and industrial people for my own use. This is the secret of Stevie's longevity and the charm of Xingcheng swimwear on the world stage.

   Reporter's notes
   "Where there is sunshine in the world, there will be Xingcheng swimwear" - this is the goal set by Xingcheng swimwear industry.
   To realize the whole industrial chain, improve the industrial competitiveness and make Xingcheng swimwear brand famous in the world - this is the goal set by Zhang Dongyuan for himself.
   The two complement and rely on each other.
   During the interview, the reporter deeply felt that every choice and persistence of Zhang Dongyuan reflected his profound insight into the industry and his firm pursuit of ideals. Zhang Dongyuan, who is neither humble nor overbearing, seems to be unsmiling in life, but he can see in his eyes a kind of ambition that is hard for others to see through.
   It is believed that under his leadership, Xingcheng Swimwear Industry Association will not only play an indispensable role in promoting industry innovation, improving product quality, maintaining industry image, but also continue to lead the healthy development of the industry, bringing more high-quality and fashionable swimwear products to global consumers.
   With a leader like Zhang Dongyuan, the craftsmen in Xingcheng will surely put the most romantic and gorgeous lace on the global beaches
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