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Industrial Cluster: Several Swimwear Clusters Hold Their Ground In Summer

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   The swimwear market, which is over 40 billion yuan, is warming up with the summer. According to Google's trend, the popularity of the search keyword "swimwear" has gradually climbed since March and April, and reached its peak in June. The current swimwear market not only gathers several swimwear clusters to stick to their positions, but also has many fashion brands to cross the border, constantly cut into the market with new selling points, and attract consumers' attention with different product concepts. Then, let's explore the latest development trend of the current domestic and even global swimwear market.

   Embrace yourself and choose inclusive swimwear

   With the deepening of public self-awareness, people are more and more daring to face themselves and embrace themselves, especially female consumers, who are bravely challenging the traditional aesthetic concept and abandoning the demanding body shape, making the swimwear market no longer blindly pursue the display of "perfect body". According to statistics, since 2019, the use of descriptive words such as "slimming" and "slimming" in swimwear has decreased by 32%, replaced by the more humanistic concept of "inclusiveness".

   No matter what the shape of consumers is, they prefer products that can bring comfortable wearing experience. Shape is the soul of clothing. For swimwear that is close to sports, its requirements for shape are more stringent.

   Master Liu, a garment pattern maker of Xingcheng Sanqi Garment Co., Ltd. who has more than 20 years of experience in pattern making, said that in recent years, the demand for fashion elements and special features of swimwear has become more and more, which has brought great challenges to pattern makers, who need to constantly learn new ideas and try again and again. Master Liu stressed that the best pattern designer is not able to design the most fashionable pattern, but can ensure that every swimsuit has a comfortable wearing experience.

   "Although there are many swimwear of the same style and different prices on the e-commerce platform, people usually buy one at a lower price when they see that the style and size are the same, but in fact, the manufacturer is different, the pattern maker is different, and the wearing effect is completely different." Master Liu said that the comfort and inclusiveness of the upper body is the basis of the buyback, and the brand effect is done little by little.

   High tech, specially developed for swimwear

   As a clothing with sports attributes, swimwear industry always shines with the light of scientific and technological innovation. Nowadays, in addition to high elasticity and bacteriostasis, advanced technologies such as acceleration, glow in the dark, and waterproof have also been gradually applied to popular swimwear, breaking the exclusive boundaries of athletes' swimwear. In addition, swimwear with sunscreen function is also increasingly favored by the market.

   Modibodi, a professional physiological period care brand, is actively entering the swimwear field, and has launched swimwear designed for women's physiological period. This swimsuit adopts the unique Modifier Swim technology, and has the functions of liquid absorption, antifouling, odor prevention, etc. The design of the quick drying layer ensures the freshness and comfort of wearing, which brings good news to female consumers who want to swim in their physiological period.

   Vanderan brand has won widespread recognition in the market with its scientific and technological body shaping swimwear. This swimsuit adopts the body shaping lining Coverlim technology independently developed by Vanderbilt, which effectively shrinks the abdomen and presents a three-dimensional curve. At the same time, its unique honeycomb shape breathable mesh design not only ensures the comfort of the body, but also forms a double-layer compression effect; The appearance of the breast and waist stitching design makes this swimsuit a classic of the brand.

   Multiple scenes, one swimsuit for vacation

   In the past, the use of swimwear was relatively limited, making people need to carry more clothes when taking vacations. That's why. More and more swimwear enterprises have begun to develop swimwear that can be applied to a variety of occasions and activities.

   Today, some swimsuits on the market have realized the matching and splitting of different functional areas, which can not only meet the water needs of surfing, boating, beach activities, but also apply to leisure scenes such as hot springs, yoga, etc., so that a swimsuit can meet the needs of vacation.

   At this year's Canton Fair, WAVE, a swimming and diving brand, appeared in the exhibition, attracting the attention of the audience with its scene based clothing. The person in charge said: "WAVE is committed to creating multi scene DIY swimwear. Its products can not only be worn in swimming, surfing, hot springs and yoga, but also can be used as daily fashion, which solves 80% of consumers' worries about seaside vacations."

   Taking the Triple Cloud series as an example, he introduced that this series is "sports top+small black skirt+sunscreen sleeve shoulder". When exercising on the beach, he wore a full set, and when swimming, he took off the sleeve shoulder. In addition, the sports style split swimsuit is not limited by the scene. It can be used in yoga and running, and enjoy the leisure time.

   There is a strong demand for swimwear for young and old

   In the field of swimwear, the demand for swimwear for the elderly and children is on the rise. According to BNPL experts, the elderly aged 60 to 80 are becoming a new force in swimwear consumption. In recent years, their sales growth is amazing, even surpassing the momentum of "Generation Z".

   Fuma, a famous Japanese swimwear manufacturer, keenly caught the market change this spring and launched the "buoyancy swimwear" designed for the middle-aged and elderly. This swimsuit is designed to solve the problem of insufficient physical strength of the elderly during swimming exercise. Although its appearance is similar to that of ordinary swimwear, its buoyancy is 19 times higher than that of ordinary swimwear.

   This is due to the widely used "Titanium Alpha" material in this swimsuit. This 1mm thick material has a five layer structure. The use of special rubber layer enables it to store air and make the body easier to float in the water. Once the product is launched, the sales situation is far more than expected, and the stock quickly runs out.

   At the same time, the purchase of children's swimwear has attracted much attention all the year round, and its topic is even more popular than that of adult swimwear.

   Some time ago, a video on TikTok reminding parents to avoid buying blue swimwear quickly became popular, and the number of views quickly exceeded one million. The video points out that the swimsuit in soft colors such as blue is not conducive for parents to identify the position and status of their children in the swimming pool. Therefore, the striking colors of children's swimwear such as fluorescent orange and pink have gradually become the first choice of parents.

   In the eyes of mothers, all major children's swimwear brands are also competing fiercely. Li Ning children's swimwear is favored for its high-quality workmanship, good elasticity and fast drying fabrics; TOSWIM stands out because of its childlike style and high cost performance; Decathlon's swimsuit is highly praised for its large package area, cold water resistance and easy on and off; Vander'an has won market recognition by virtue of a variety of long sleeved swimwear and a strong sense of design

   Take a look at the first opportunities of swimwear in this exhibition

   The rapid development of swimwear market is inseparable from the vigorous and diversified market demand. According to the data of Guanyantianxia, since 2022, China's swimming supplies market has reached 40 billion yuan, and is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% by 2026.

   At present, the domestic swimwear market is mainly concentrated in Xingcheng, Liaoning, Jinjiang, Fujian and Yiwu, Zhejiang. These swimwear industry bases not only occupy the main share of the domestic market, but also actively sell their products overseas. Among them, Liaoning Xingcheng has become the largest swimwear production base in China with its huge industrial scale and influence. It has more than 4000 registered swimwear production enterprises, with an annual output value of up to 15 billion yuan, creating rich employment opportunities for the local area, and becoming an important force to promote the development of China's swimwear industry.

   In Xingcheng, the high-profile 2024 Northeast Asia (Xingcheng) International Swimwear Expo will be grandly opened from July 13 to 15. As the focus of swimwear industry and fashion industry, the Expo has gone through 14 years. This Expo will focus on demonstrating the personalized, high-tech and multi scene product ecology of China's swimwear industry, and present the regional layout, industrialization and market-oriented development results of the swimwear industry.

   The Expo has 13 exhibition areas, including brand exhibition area, online celebrity products exhibition area, national style swimwear exhibition area, original design exhibition area, fabric and accessories exhibition area, children's clothing exhibition area, e-commerce platform exhibition area, intelligent technology equipment exhibition area, school enterprise cooperation exhibition area, supporting services exhibition area, supply chain finance exhibition area, underwear exhibition area, live broadcast exhibition area, with a total area of 10000 square meters, It is expected to attract more than 800 upstream and downstream exhibitors in all categories.

   If you want to appreciate the latest trend of swimwear trend, harvest massive orders and seize the opportunity of swimwear market this summer, this grand event is undoubtedly a destination you can't miss.


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