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Powerful Jacket Has Landed On The Official Agenda Of Milan Fashion Week Seven Times For Five Consecutive Years

2024/6/21 14:30:00 1

Powerful Tyrant

   From June 11-14, 2024, Milan time, and June 17, 2024, Powerful Men's high-end series KB HONG will perform the "Two Cities" in Florence, Italy, and Milan at the same time, making its debut at the global fashion event Pitti Uomo Men's Wear Exhibition while landing on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week for seven consecutive times.
   From the show to the market, this time, with five years of exploration, Jinba Men's Wear will first appear on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week in 2020, and the "vigorous oriental aesthetics" initially formed by the practice of the interpretation of contemporary dress design of oriental aesthetics will be presented on the international fashion stage in two distinctive exhibitions, with Pitti Uomo Men's Wear Exhibition facing the market and buyers, Show more practical KB HONG FW24 and SS25 series; At the same time, through the top professional platform of Milan Fashion Week, continue to present KB HONG SS25 to the industry. The audience can really observe and experience the high-end products of Powerba from a short distance and for a long time, and immerse in the ingenuity and quality of each garment.
   "From 2020 till now, Jinba Men's Wear has been inheriting and innovating with clothing as the carrier, and activating oriental aesthetics with modern and international design. With the in-depth thinking, practice and expression of "vigorous oriental aesthetics" in recent years, we choose a static exhibition form that can let the audience watch, stay and experience more closely. It is also a close acceptance of the Milan Fashion Week industry platform and the market side of Pitti Exhibition, and closer to the market, buyers and consumers, I hope to move from show recognition to market recognition step by step. Two cities and two exhibitions enable you to use your senses to understand the high-end texture and exquisite craftsmanship of Powerba. For us, it is a challenge to our own quality and a good opportunity to prove our strength. At the same time, shouldering the mission of high-end new domestic products, we insist on representing Chinese fashion on the international stage, so that Chinese brands can continue to expand their influence in the world fashion circle. " Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Powerba Men's Wear, said.
   From the show to the fashion exhibition, from the show to the actual wear series, making the high-end fashion more suitable for wear
   This year, Jinba Men's Wear was honored to join many outstanding Chinese designers and brands as a member of the "CHINA WAVE" CHIC at Pitti Uomo 106 Chinese clothing brand exhibition group to enter Pitti Exhibition for the first time, bringing KB HONG FW24 and SS25 series. The style elements of the series and shows in the same season have both echo and fusion, as well as differential interpretation. Step off the runway show, and integrate more market-oriented and high wear materials, silhouettes, and elements into the series, making the version more suitable and easy to match. In the upper body series of the store, consumers can feel the high-level experience like a model wearing a catwalk.
Chen Dapeng (third from left), Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China Garment Association
Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti ImmagineUomo (second from left)
Hong Boming (first from left), CEO and Creative Director of Powerba Men's Wear
   The seventh static exhibition on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week selected the "Royal Waiting Hall", the largest railway station in Europe - Milan Central Station, which is rarely open to the public, and presented a high-level fashion feast with the theme of "Space Traveler Identity". Entering the exhibition space, the Chinese art aesthetic layout collides with the eclectic architectural style. National rhyme calligraphy leaps on the huge cultural treasure screen, writing the spring and summer chapters of the 24 solar terms. Sound goes before body moves. Listen, Chinese musicians play the melodious sound of the erhu on the spot and join the western avant-garde music rhythm. The sound is heard, opening the curtain for the static exhibition
   Mr. Liu Kan, Consul General of China in Milan, once again came to watch KB HONG Milan Static Exhibition. He congratulated China Powerful Men's Wear on its seven consecutive landing on the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week, affirmed KB HONG's practice of integrating and highlighting Chinese cultural elements in the brand design concept and the launch site, and hoped to show the oriental aesthetics and the unique charm of Chinese brands through Milan Fashion Week.
Liu Kan, Consul General of China in Milan (right), Hong Boming, CEO and Creative Director of Powerba Men's Wear (left)
   Massimo Foroni, the design director of KB HONG, the high-end men's wear series of Jinba, described the inspiration of the new season show: "KB HONG men are time-space travelers who always keep their original intention, enrich themselves with rich experience in the past, and are full of curiosity and yearning for the future. When oriental aesthetics meets Italian elegance again, it strengthens KB HONG's DNA and unique charm. The beauty of traditional and modern craftsmanship has created a new elegant and poetic expression of men's clothing. "
   KB HONG SS25 shows continue and strengthen the classic silhouette, tailoring and design elements of previous seasons, and highlight the integration of traditional oriental aesthetics and modern Italian elegance. With new configurations, patterns, materials and colors, it pays homage to the unique "landmark" DNA, and at the same time brings a new modern texture.
    The design of overlapping collar is enduring, unique silhouette and tailoring redefine the spatial relationship between body and clothing
   The activation and interpretation of asymmetric and double-layer collar continue and innovate KB HONG's signature overlapping collar design, and create new Chinese overlapping collar suits, jackets, vests and other big trend pieces.
   This season's independently original "Seagull Collar" came out, and the jumping board was designed to play a beautiful melody between the necks.
   Creative tailoring allows Italian suits to wander between formal and casual temperament. The front is the three-dimensional cutting of formal suits, and the back is the silhouette of the shirt hem, interwoven into KB HONG's unique hybrid structure, which tests the cutting skills and the quality of the material itself.
   Inspired by the Chinese clothing shape and ancient oriental architecture, the silhouette of the samurai Han suit, sleeves, and the panes of the ancient houses in southern Fujian were transformed into Chinese structure, texture, and decorative elements, which complement the Italian fabric and style design.
   Versatility and practical wear have become the key words of this season. The simple silhouette is a neutral style, and the luxury sports jacket is also brilliant when worn alone and stacked together. The same pattern is made of different fabrics, giving consumers more diverse choices.
   The bottoms with oriental characteristics are also very colorful. The oversized, loose and comfortable wide leg pants shape and the striking pleated loose leaf details are as flexible as breathing when moving.
   Chinese made high-quality fabrics and Italian luxury fabrics complement each other to meet the audience's close viewing
   It is self-evident that close exhibition will test the fabric. The KB HONG SS25 show will not hesitate to use Italian fabrics that are exclusively customized and supplied in the same season for luxury goods. At the same time, the audience can see some luxurious Chinese made fabrics on the show. Following the trend of hot men's wear, the low-key and elegant vertical stripes, special texture materials, different materials of leather and other fabrics, etc., bring a different temperament to the elegant and refined modern men's wear.
   100% pure silk, high-purity wool, more smooth beating cotton, high-quality technology and natural fiber blend, all give the clothing a distinctive high-level luster. Relying on the combination of decoration with exquisite flower patterns, it becomes the unique label of KB HONG, which connects the audience's senses infinitely and stimulates their desire to feel closer.
   Original orchids, three foot golden crow and other high-level flower patterns are created, which are impressionistic of oriental beautiful culture
   Orchid, in Chinese culture, gives people a sense of elegance and purity, with yellow, gray and camel colors as the main tone, bringing poetic and delicate flower patterns, combining full printing, single/double jacquard, large positioning printing and other process applications, which can not help but associate with the exquisite decorative paintings in traditional oriental architecture.

   "The golden black sea has just flown in, and Zhu Hui has scattered the green clouds". The divine bird "three feet golden black", which symbolizes the power of the sun in the Book of Mountains and Seas, also climbed onto the new SS25 dress with a fashionable and artistic image, and depicted beautiful meanings for jackets, shirts and other items with a gentle feather posture, demonstrating the cultural confidence of Chinese brands.

   The matching rule of high-order monochrome series has been upgraded again, and the new expression of harmonious and bright impact vision
   The application philosophy of the whole monochrome system, the simple and luxurious pure black, white and rock brown, and the cool and advanced transitional colors highlight the high-end taste of the first choice KB HONG men.
   The gentle and elegant salmon color brightens the color. This season's new color, prunus mume, has an outstanding purple texture. The mint green, which fits the Mint Manbo trend, is fresh and natural, supplemented by a half yellow summer tone... The bright colors highlight the purity of the clothing contour, bringing a proper visual balance to the new clothes in spring and summer.
   The two cities and two exhibitions of Jinba men's wear in Italy made Jinba Oriental Aesthetics more vivid in front of the market, industry and consumers. It was also the self breakthrough of high-end new domestic brands after they entered the official agenda of Milan Fashion Week for seven consecutive times. Depart, arrive and set out again. If you live up to your original aspiration, you will always be there.
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